Harry Potter's Independent Destiny

Ch.1 - Dumbledore's Mistake

Disclaimer: Weasleys & Dumbles bashing (Percy, Arthur and the Twins are okay) and Dursleys major OOC, Eventual H/Hr, also let me make this clear...I H8 THE DURSLEYS! But I thought I could write a story with them in a positive light. Also there is not a single fanfic on this site to my knowledge of the Dursleys treating Harry like family that did not include Harry becoming a Slytherin. Adopted from: cornholio4.

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Albus Dumbledore sat in his office smiling. The night before the Potters had died at the hands of Voldemort-just like he thought. He knew from the prophecy that they would. He even made sure of it by having a spell to make the Potters change their secret keeper to Peter Pettigrew who he knew was a traitor. Their now orphaned 1 year old son had survived Voldemort somehow making his powers vanish as Albus knew would happen. This boy would be his weapon to stopping Voldemort. He had it all planned out: he will spend 10 years with his magic hating uncle and aunt where he will most certainly be hated and abused and then when he comes to Hogwarts he will be a scared and frightened boy easy for him to control and manipulate. Also love was also the strongest magic and he did not want Harry to be raised by a loving family because he may become too powerful for him to control.

Also Mr. Arthur & Mrs. Molly Weasley were in on the plan. When Harry would come to Hogwarts their son Ron would befriend him gaining his and the Weasleys trust and they would take him in as a surrogate family. Then they would have him fall in love with the Weasleys newly born girl Ginny so she can get his money. Then when as the prophecy predicts Harry would face Voldemort. If Voldemort kills Harry, Albus would defeat Voldemort and take the title of his defeater and savior of the Wizarding World. If Harry defeat him he would have to either kill him and take the title of savior or have him arrested as a dark lord having him the title of savior.

Either way he would win. And as savior he would be able to get the Wizarding World to do anything he wanted and may even become the Minister of Magic. He and the Weasleys would also be free use the Potter fortune any way they wanted. Mrs. Molly Weasley was keen on the plan sick of living in poverty. Arthur Weasley did not like the plan not wanting to manipulate a child but fallen victim to his wife's temper he reluctantly agreed.

Albus was so cocky and arrogant he was so sure his thought out plan would work.

"My brain surprises even myself" Albus chuckled to himself evilly.

He did not know of course a conversation Mr. & Mrs. Dursley had a few days ago. A conversation which will undoubtedly send his plan crumbling down to pieces.

Vernon Dursley returned home from work at Grunnings to see his wife Petunia looking at an old family album.

"What is that Petunia?" Vernon asked sitting on the couch next to her.

"Oh-nothing" Petunia said and before she could hide it Vernon grabbed the album and saw it was full of old photos of Petunia and Lily as children.

"You miss your sister don't you Petunia" Vernon said sympathetically

Petunia nodded. "Oh Vernon we were so close! I became so jealous and angry when she got that letter! I am ashamed of the way I treated her..."

Vernon hugged her and said "I don't think that she and her husband are abnormal as |I began thinking about it weeks ago! There may not be such thing as normal after all!"

Petunia said "I thought of something just now! If something happened to her and her husband! If we had to look after her son Harry-"

"We would gladly treat him as family" Vernon smiled and Petunia did too.

That night as Albus and Minerva saw Hagrid leave Harry on the Dursleys they left to join a feast. Albus thought it would be best not to tell Minerva of the plan. Only he and the Weasleys must know. If word got out what he was up to Minerva, the Order and the entire Wizarding World would hate him forever and never trust anything he said ever again.

Albus could not know that once the Dursleys take Harry in his entire plan would fall to pieces. Thinking the Dursleys will mistreat him would be the worst mistake he would ever make.

That morning when the Dursleys found baby Harry at their doorstep they took him inside. Then they read the letter Dumbledore left them and after Petunia finishes grieving over her sister's death.

"Vernon" Petunia asked her husband and he nodded showing he was listening.

"That conversation we had days ago! Were we serious about what we would do if something happened to Lily..."

"Every word Petunia!" Vernon said seriously.

Soon they put both baby Dudley and baby Harry on the carpet to watch them play and they smiled.

This is my way of saying sorry Lily Petunia thought in her head as she watched.

Unbeknownst to them from the window the invisible spirits of Lily and James were watching happily.

"Looks like Petunia will take care of Harry after all!" ghost Lily said "I just know he will be safe and happy now!"

"I love to see the look on Dumbledore's face years in the future when he finds out his plan has failed!" James said to his wife.

The couple took one last look at their son through the window and disappeared to the spirit world.

That's the end of chapter 1! Don't worry Harry will not become a spoiled brat and will be the same old Harry only independent!