E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100 each

Challenge word: Hurt

Warnings: Spoilers for Devil's Trap. Three connected blood soaked drabbles for Deangirl1's birthday. Many happies, me duck!

So much blood.

Rich deep carmine, streaming down his chest, soaking his shirt and staining his jeans.

Turning his whole world red.

He could see from the terror in Sam's tear-filled eyes it was bad.

He thought he might be dying.

But none of that hurt as much as the razor-sharp verbal claws the Yellow-Eyed Demon had sunk deep into his soul.

Squeezing light and life out of his spirit with each cruel word delivered in his father's familiar voice.

You fight and you fight for this family, but they don't need you, not like you need them…

Perfect. Beautiful.

A droplet of blood flew, catching the lamplight, a single gleaming ruby.

Pain was etched into every line of Dean's body as he was pinned against the rough boards.

Azazel's satisfaction was acid burning John's soul. He was helpless as his bête noir ripped into his eldest son, tearing into Dean's body and spirit.

It was a world of hurt for all three Winchesters.

Then - a moment of distraction, a window.

"Stop. Stop it."

John had control, tears filling his eyes. No time to repair damage, to grieve.

Just "You shoot me in the heart, son! Sammy…"

Sam gripped the Impala's steering wheel as if it was the only thing connecting him to reality. His father's disapproval barely registered over the terrifying sight of Dean's white face drenched with red blood, strobing through light and dark in the mirror as they sped past each street light.

Trauma upon trauma. Hurt upon hurt.

Would it never end?

Sam could only see one possible way. Setting the barrel of the colt between that demon bastard's yellow eyes and watching the light snuff out when he pulled the trigger.

Next time, he wouldn't hesitate.

For Mom. For family.

For Dean.


A blast from the past, or just an excuse to rewatch Salvation and devil's Trap? :D