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Proper Licks

She'd bitten down a little too hard. That's how it started. She had taken his nipple in her teeth, and that little flash of pain… it had set him off. It had just done something for him. A surge of stimulation chasing down his spine, deep arousal ripping through him. She'd noticed it, he thought, because when she moved to kiss him, she'd bitten his lower lip and tugged on it with her teeth. He couldn't disguise the aching moan that it drew from him, or the wild bucking of his hips.

It was something he hadn't even known about himself, but considering that she was his first truly regular partner, and the types of sexual experiences he had before her, he shouldn't be surprised that a lot had gone undiscovered. Probably the last thought in those girls' heads would be whether there was something the could do for him. Well, one thing was for certain, and even more so when Abby's palm slapped down on his arse to spur him on and her short nails raked across his back… Connor Temple liked it rough.

He was never good with words, and when it was something like this where the mere thought of broaching the subject made him all twitchy and frightened… so much worse. Abby wouldn't make fun of him; he was sure of it. He didn't think she'd object either… she seemed to get off on giving the little spikes of pain as much as he did on receiving. The problem was, he didn't know how to go about bringing it up. The idea stayed with him, niggling at the back of his mind.

That evening, they settled in with a film and cold beer. She snuggled up against him, her body warm against his. They had the next day off (provided no anomalies interrupted them), and Connor planned to take full advantage of the evening. He figured he'd never get used to the fact that Abby actually was with him; it seemed too good to be true. He still thought he'd wake up any moment. He hoped he wouldn't go and spoil it by asking for things he maybe had no right to ask for. He should just be satisfied with what he had, because who wouldn't be?

Abby glanced over to where Connor was sat beside her; he'd been oddly silent all evening, and for Connor, that meant something was bothering him. He was even gnawing on his bottom lip. She smiled to herself… she hoped he'd shake this off, whatever it was. She had plans for those lips later on.

"You're awfully quiet," Abby remarked, tired of watching him brood.

He laughed nervously and took a deep swig of his Corona, "Just thinkin' how lucky I am."

She smiled up at him and rolled her eyes, "You're getting some Conn… no need to suck up."

"What? It's truth. Can't I just say somethin' nice to ya?" he defended with a smile, looking into her clear blue eyes.

She kissed his cheek and nuzzled his neck before settling against him again, "I suppose."

He took another deep drink and figured maybe with a little more beer he might get his bottle up. Or not. He looked over to Abby, her hand was resting on his thigh but she was engrossed in watching the 'romantic' flick… it had been her night to pick. They both felt that settling back into homey routines was a good thing, and he'd missed their evenings watching films a great deal. Tonight though… maybe not.

He'd honestly tried to pay attention, but those sorts of films really weren't his sort of thing. The only good thing about it was Abby curled up against him, but half the time without a storyline to distract him he was so aroused by the end of the film that it was painful. And tonight, with this question circling round his mind it was so much worse.

She furrowed her brow and looked up a him again, "Since when do you pass up making snarky comments at one of my films? What's bothering you, Connor? Out with it."

He swallowed hard and tried to look anywhere but at her, finally settling on his hand where it played idly with the hem of the throw they'd covered up with.

"Connor?" she asked, a note of impatience in her voice.

"I want… I… I want to ask… Nothing. It's nothing. Never mind," he insisted.

Abby sighed. Connor was rubbish at lying, and she'd thought they had gotten to the point where they could talk to each other about anything. It annoyed her that he didn't feel like he could just be open with her, after all they'd been through.

"No. It's not nothing or you wouldn't be stumbling and stammering. Just tell me. I thought we'd worked this out… honesty, remember?" she countered, reminding him of the promise they'd made to each other that they'd never let stupid misunderstandings stand in between them again.

"Oh god… it's just sort of embarrassing, okay?" he pleaded.

Embarrassing? "Connor. Just say it," she stated flatly.

He knew her patience was starting to wear thin, and if he was to ask, he needed to do it now.

He drew in a deep fortifying breath, "Abby I'd really fancy it if you'd… spank me," he admitted, the last two words barely audible.

"What? Spank you?" she clarified to be sure she heard him correctly.

He nodded, still refusing to look at her. Abby was stunned; no wonder he was having a hard time just coming out with it. Connor had never really asked for anything unusual in bed, although he was a very enthusiastic partner and quick to tell her when he liked what she was doing. Anything she'd asked for he'd been more than happy to oblige… and he was a quick study at what she liked, that's for sure.

"You want me to spank you? Like… on the bum?" she asked, incredulous, trying to be sure he was asking for what she thought he was asking for.

He nodded, his face burning. His chest was tight and his pulse was racing and he wondered why in the hell he'd decided this was a good idea. The telly clicked off, but he couldn't make himself look at her. She shifted away from him and then stood up and he went cold. He'd freaked her out after all. Oh hell, when would he learn to keep his mouth shut?

"Come on," she said softly, holding out her hand for him.

He looked up at her in disbelief. She smiled slightly; he looked so amazed that she'd agreed. In truth, the thought of Connor's tight little arse up in the air for her made desire coil tightly low in her belly. She'd noticed that he liked a little pain mixed in with his pleasure, and he was so tasty that she'd happily nipped a little harder to give it to him. Her breath quickened at the thought of it. He was still starring at her with those wide dark eyes, so she let her smile spread across her face and raised an eyebrow at his sudden reluctance.

Connor gazed up at her. Truly? She would? He took her hand and followed her into the bedroom, his heart thumping even harder in his chest.

He was stood in front of her, nervous and awkward when he hadn't been nervous or awkward with her for a long time. He didn't like it, and he was left wondering how exactly to proceed. Her hands found his; small soft hands that he desperately wanted to feel on his body. He wondered how to begin this… should he just strip, bend over the bed and tell her to have at it? Kiss her first? Abby must be wondering the same thing because she was looking up at him, a question in her gaze.

"Why?" she asked, her tone gentle when Abby usually was anything but… at least on the outside. He knew better.

He shrugged one shoulder. He didn't really have a good answer for her. He just wanted it… oh, how he wanted it.

"You done this before with anyone?" she asked.

"No," he answered softly.

"How do you know you'll like it?" she asked him curiously, wondering what had brought this on. A little pain mixed with pleasure was one thing, but this was something entirely different. It was a surrendering of sorts, aside from the little bit of pain. This was more akin to dominance play. Surprisingly, Connor was much more aggressive in bed than she ever thought he'd be… once he got used to the idea that he was her lover and that he could.

She wondered if this was a good idea; it had taken some time to get him to let loose with more dominance, and she didn't want to discourage it. There was one time when he'd taken charge completely and… She licked her lips, but if this was what he wanted…

He closed his eyes; it was easier when he didn't have to look at her, "I will," he assured her, his roughened voice betraying just how much.

He looked so vulnerable, standing before her with his eyes closed and red staining his cheeks. She went to her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his; enough with the talking.


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