Forever Yours


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Let's talk telepathically!




(Someone Else)

'Kagome's powers talking to her'

Pain, that was all that could be felt as something powerful seemed to embrace her within warmth. A feeling of ripped muscles being pulled together and reattached felt so very painful and another feeling made itself known as something began burning her flesh from the inside out. Green eyes snapped open but they were unseeing as bright light surrounded her.

Kagome had no idea what was happening to her, she only knew that it was painful. It felt like years but it was only hours before the pain ceased and a feeling of touching ground came to her. This time when her eyes opened she realized that she was underneath the God tree and she was in her own time.

Her foggy mind processed all of this as she tried to determine how it was possible. She clearly remembered the pain of a tentacle crashing through her chest and she remembered the pain from the attempt to breath. The next thought had her hand reaching to her stomach where she could still feel life growing within herself.

The priestess had no idea how it had happened, but she was at least grateful that her child had also been spared. Just as the thought crossed her mind a foreign yet familiar energy brushed across her senses and she felt as power welled up inside her being in a reassuring manor. The jewel was within her and yet she couldn't sense it. A single explanation came to mind as she realized that the jewel must've combined with her very being.

You are more worthy than any before you. Young priestess you shall carry our souls for eternity to keep us safe. Our power is yours. The voice caressed her mind and yet she was not afraid even though she could feel the evil aura of the jewel when the being spoke.

It was in that moment she remembered her book and pulled it from her sleeve; opening it to the page she knew the tale to be on, she had to smile as she read the ending to the tale. Naraku had been destroyed and there was peace in their lives. One regret of the entire group was that they could not save their best friend; a young woman that sacrificed her life for the good of the world.

A small smile was caressing her lips as she looked up at the sound of her name. Her body felt so weak as she stood to meet her younger brother. Before long her entire family surrounded her as she recounted her tale and told them of the precious gift she carried within. Her child would be a blessing and that blessing would help her through her return to her time.

One day, she hoped she would find her mate and they would be together again. He would be able to meet her family and they could spend the rest of their lives together. Nothing would be more wonderful to the young woman. Until then, she would stay with her family and try to be happy until he came for her.

Here is the prologue to the sequel of Haunted Passions, I hope you enjoy.