I grabbed my brief case before running into my office building.

"Hold the elevator" I shouted, as I watched the brunette step into the elevator.

"Thanks" I whispered, stepping inside.

"No problem" she replied, adjusting her shirt, as I noticed the three buttons on her top are undone.

"I haven't seen you before. Are you new" I wondered, as she gave me her best grin.

"Yeah. I'm some guy's name Emmett Cullen's secretary" she responded, completely uninterested.

"Why'd you say it like that" I wondered, ignore the ding as the elevator continued to go up floors.

"I heard a lot about him. He's just another one of those I'm rich, so you have to do whatever I tell you kinda guys. Oh my gosh! He's probably one of the old, bald, fat guys. Great! Why can't I have a boss who looks like you" she proclaimed, before the doors open.

"See you around" I remarked, raising an eyebrow.

"Hope so" she replied, as her previous smile stretched across her face.

I stepped into my office, and relaxed back into my chair. I propped my feet up on the desk, as I stared at the picture of my family. This picture was taken during the family reunion a month ago. My parents, Esme and Carlisle, my brother and sister, Alice and Edward, as well as Edward's wife Bella, and Alice's husband Jasper, and I can't forget Jasper's sister, as well as my wife Rosalie.

I turned to the picture beside that. It was taken also during the family reunion, but was of our children. Renesme, 17, Charles, 14, and Carmen, 9, are Bella and Edward's children. Twins Ashlee and Nicolas, 16, and Benjamin, 8, are Jasper and Alice's kids. Lastly, Lucas, 7 and Lily, 5, are mine and Rosalie's children together, and Rosalie has a son Jesse, 17 from her first relationship with James. Rosalie and I have been married for seven years, and soon we will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary.

A knock on the door knocked me out of my trance as I watched the girl from the elevator step into my office.

"Emmett Cullen" she said, sounding like a question.

"Yes" I answered, gesturing towards the chair, so she could take a seat.

"Why didn't you tell me in the elevator" she wondered, crossing her legs after taking a seat.

"Because I wanted to know what you thought of me, even though you haven't met me" I answered, pointing towards the hair with one hand and my stomach with the other.

"Not bald, and not fat" she noticed, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't forget old" I added, passing her my best grin.

"What's your name by the way" I asked, going into the drawer of my desk.

"Jessica Stanley" she answered, as I pulled out a stack of folders.

"Well, Jessica Stanley, I need you to organize these files in the file cabinet beside your desk" I directed, handing her the oversize stack of folders, before watching her leave my office.

"Mr. Cullen" my new secretary Jessica called out through the intercom.

"Yes" I answered, after pushing down on the talk button.

"Your wife is on line 1" Jessica stated, as I clicked over to take my wife's call.

"Hello" I greeted, grinning to myself as my wife's voice replied on the other end.

"Are you going to be home for dinner" Rose asked, as I heard a banging sound in the back.

"I really don't know. I'll try" I sighed, pulling out a file I haven't finished.

"I'm making your favorite" Rose exclaimed, as the banging started getting louder.

"Save me a plate" I pleaded, hearing her take in a deep breath.

"Alright" Rose whispered, giving in, as my eyes darted towards the clock.

"Rose" I pleaded, before she cut me off.

"It's okay Emmett. I'm not mad" Rose avowed, as the banging quickly stopped.

I could tell she really was mad, but I didn't want to push her into admitting it because it will just cause her to become more mad.

"So, you got a new secretary" Rose spoke up, changing the conversation.

"Yeah" I sighed, resting my forehead against the stack of folders in front of me.

"Is she pretty" Rose wondered.

"Noooo, of course not. No one is as pretty as you" I replied, hearing her laugh on the other end

."Good answer" Rose laughed, as I heard a beep in the background signaling someone walked into my house.

"Who's there" I wondered, pushing the buzzer on my desk so Jessica would come in.

"Jesse picked Lucas up from soccer, and they just got back" Rose answered, as Jessica quietly walked in.

"What's my princess doing" I asked, grinning at the picture on my desk of all of the kids.

"Assisting me in cooking. Sweetheart, pass me the butter" Rose answered, before talking to Lily in the background.

"Rosie, if I don't go now I'm never going to finish this paperwork" I sighed, hearing something fall in the background.

"Alright, I love you Emmett" Rose whispered.

"I love-" I started, before hearing a dial tone on the other end, signaling she hung up.

"What do you need me to do" Jessica questioned.

"I need you to grab a pad and a pen" I directed, watching her run out of my office in a hurry then come back in.

"Sit down" I responded, loosening up my tie.

"Why don't they invite spouses" Jessica asked, breaking the silence.

"Huh? Excuse me" I wondered, completely confused.

"The party flyer says they don't invite spouses" Jessica noticed, pointing at the bulletin in my office.

"It's like that at a lot of companies. I guess they probably figure you're not going to kick back and let loose if your spouse is there, part of the reason at having a party, right.?" I commented, taking off my suit jacket.

"So, are these parties wild" Jessica asked, wigging her eyebrow.

"No, not really" I sighed, opening the file in front of me.

"Well, then that's no fun" Jessica exclaimed, staring into my eyes.

"Okay, lets get started. It's Monday-" I started, before she cut me off.

"Taken care of" Jessica finished.

"Huh" I wondered, confused again.

"On Monday nights you do overtime and send your wife flowers. I sent her a dozen red roses" Jessica continued, as I felt lost for words.

"Thank you" was the only thing I could get out.

"How long have you two been married" she questioned, pulling the fabric of her skirt down.

"Um, seven years, about to be eight in November" I answered, grabbing a ball point pen.

"And you still send her flowers every Monday. She's a lucky girl" Jessica sighed, opening the folder on her lap.

"Yeah, it's sort of a tradition" I added, leaning back into my chair.

"Okay, lets get started. Now, lets switch some calls. Why don't we start off with Phil Trindle, see if you can get me a lunch appointment at some point next week, anywhere he wants, but push for the Water Grill please I like the fish there" I rambled, as she quickly wrote on the pad.

"Water Grills fantastic" she added, as she continued to write.

"Send my emails over to Marge, am I going to fast for you" I wondered, watching the pen going back and forth in her hand.

"No, I'm actually waiting for you" she gleamed, looking into my eyes before looking back down at the pad on her lap.

"Are you always this efficient"

"Does that surprise you" she asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Yeah, well most of the secretaries we get here-" I started, before she cut me off.

"You will see that I'm not like most of the secretaries" she finished, winking at me.

I rushed my hand over my face, as I took in a deep breath. I grabbed my jacket, as Jessica stood up.

"I'll try to be in first thing in the morning" I sighed, suppressing a yawn.

"See you tomorrow Mr. Cullen" Jessica called out, waving at me, as I stepped into the elevator.

When I arrived home all of the lights in the house were out. Damn, I didn't make it. I saw the red roses in a vase in the middle of the table. I heard the flat screen TV on in the living room, as I took off my jacket and tie. Jesse was in the living room watching TV, and I flopped down beside him, before propping my feet on the coffee table in front of me.

"Mom, tried to wait up for you" Jesse whispered, as he browsed through channels.

I looked at the arm chair to see Rosalie knocked out, with Lily on her lap fast asleep.

"I'll take your mother, and you take Lily" I directed, as he turned off the TV.

I picked Rose up in my arms after Jesse picked Lily up. I followed him up the stairs, before going the opposite way into the master bedroom. I laid Rose on the bed, and pulled off her shoes. I stripped down to my t-shirt and boxers before crawling in next to my wife.

"I love you Rose" I whispered, throwing my arm around her waist.


I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of my new story. Tell me what you think about each character, especially Jessica and Emmett.