Time for a silly little one-shot! I love writing Eleven/Rory. I was thinking about the stripper cake moment in "The Vampires of Venice" and came up with this idea. Enjoy, mon choux!

"Happy Birthday, Doctor!"

It seemed like nearly every good person in the universe the Doctor had ever known was aboard the TARDIS – Sarah Jane Smith, River Song, Liz 10, the Brigadier. (Even Captain Jack Harkness showed up – too bad he was passed out after drinking thirty absinthe shots in a row.) The Doctor and Amy were paraded in on a large chaise being carried by K9, wearing a special birthday fez Amy bought him.

"Ah, thank you, everyone!" said the Doctor ecstatically, rubbing his hands together. He jumped off the chaise and ended up falling on his face. He picked himself and his fez up off the floor with relative ease, a happy grin on his face. "I've already received one great present," said the Doctor, high-fiving Amy, "and I can't wait to see what else my dear friends have gotten me. But first, food."

He walked over the sofa to the buffet table and made himself a plate piled high with fish fingers and custard, Jammie Dodgers, and Jelly Babies. He promptly ate it, gave a loud belch, and sat down on the sofa next to passed-out Jack. The Doctor patted his head. "Good to see ya, mate."

Suddenly, a trumpet sounded, and a giant cake decorated with Jelly Babies was wheeled in. The Doctor smiled wide, yet couldn't help but feel a bit of déjà vu.

"Hey, Amy… Where's Rory?" asked the Doctor.

"I don't know," said Amy, shrugging. "But who cares, let's partaayyyyyyy!" Amy was clearly drunk on the absinthe that Jack brought.

As the Doctor sat puzzled, some romantic striptease music began to emanate out of the TARDIS sound system. Amy burped and fell down onto the sofa, drunkenly laughing herself until she passed out. River and Liz 10 were also drunk on absinthe, laughing like hyenas at some unfunny joke.

"Happy birthday, Doctor!"

The top of the cake burst open and out came Rory, wearing tight leather pants and a bowtie. He stepped out of the cake and thrusted his hips at the Doctor. The Doctor's smile grew wider and he began to laugh.

Rory laughed. "You like it, Doctor? It's a tribute to that time you were the stripper at my bachelor party!"

The Doctor grabbed the bottle of absinthe out of passed-out Jack's hand and downed it in one gulp. He motioned Rory over to his lap.

"Sit on my lap, will ya?" asked the Doctor drunkenly. Rory obliged his request, and walked over to the Doctor's lap, which he promptly sat in.

"Come here, you sexy beast," said the Doctor. He pulled Rory close and kissed him hard on the mouth. Rory tasted the forbidden green liquor on the Doctor's tongue; it made him feel oddly warm and wonderful inside. Rory kissed the Doctor back, their lips connected as if by some perfect chemical magnetism. The Doctor's liquor-sweet mouth did not resist; he returned Rory's kiss with even more force. After a while they broke apart; their mouths were tingly with passion and absinthe.

"You are the best birthday present ever, Rory," said the Doctor, holding Rory in his arms. "Don't you ever forget that."

"I won't," said Rory.

"You better not forget," whispered the Doctor, and kissed Rory again, the romantic music still piping overhead.