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I bolted upright, fear clutching my chest. I saw an open room around me, white with cold light and pain throbbing through my skull with pulsing aggression. I felt a shirt clinging limply to my body and I felt my body bulkier than usual. I ran my fingers over my chest. I thought I could feel something close to a six-pack of abs there.

When did I get so ripped?

A sliding swoosh rang out and I heard a harsh, emotionless voice telling me to do something, briskly giving orders and expecting me not to question them. I swung my feet around and hung them over the side of whatever I was laying on. I could only assume it was a bed. Blankets were strewn across it and I could feel that my hair was a spikey mess. And I had been sleeping... hadn't I?

The guy in the door wore thin and square sunglasses, black tinted so that there was no way to see his eyes through them. His suit was an ugly green color and I saw that he had hidden weapons beneath all the green.

Feeling my eyes widen, I got up and staggered to one side of the room, bracing myself with my forearm against one of the ghostly white walls for a long moment to regain my balance.

He stared at me, no worry shown on his stone-like face, but I could feel a vibe coming off of him like that. Or at least something similar to worry. And before I knew what was happening, he was calling for someone named Holiday using his hidden earwig.

I wasn't about to meet Holiday, whoever that was. I quickly and viciously pushed past him with surprising brute force that I didn't know I had. The door closed behind me, shutting him into the room that I had just come from. I had just glanced behind me to see if he was still there and I didn't see his green clothes contrasting the white walls. So I kept it up, still running for my life, darting down hallways in an endless maze of white and gray, no color other than those in this nightmare of mine.

I thrashed through crowds of people that looked like soldiers, searching desperately for any way out, any way to freedom. I couldn't look around these walls any longer and not know where I was or who I was or what was going on. I begged for a way out and finally I saw the open door of a hangar looming in front of me. I couldn't help the relief that crashed over me in a thick wave as I saw the blue sky open above me. I kept running, my footsteps ringing through the hangar like thunder crashing through the night.

Before I knew what was going on, I was standing on the edge of a cliff, staring down into a deep red and orange colored canyon, the walls too steep to climb. So I leaned over the edge, falling in a diving position, my arms out and level with my shoulders as I fell into the canyon.

Then it kicked in that I was falling, soon to my death. With a silent prayer to whatever god I believed in, I willed myself to fly, to soar like an eagle through this canyon and to be able to pull myself out of this deathtrap.

Propeller-like machines snapped out of my back and were off to the sides of my body, letting me hover in the air. And I was in control. No one was stopping me. I could fly. My eyes set to determined, I was off as fast as I could go before that green-suited guy could even get into the hangar.

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