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So I got Circe back to Providence and then Holiday was automatically taking care of her, kicking me out of the clinic and sticking me and Bobo in my room. Of course, we didn't stay there for long. Or at least I didn't. Bobo was asleep when I snuck out. I left him behind.

I sat outside of the clinic door for a few hours, listening for any voices, but I only heard Holiday talking to herself like she always does when she's under too much stress. Too much stress plus weird situation equals crazy Holiday. I mean, I don't mind a crazy Holiday, but she's much prettier when she's calm and collected. The woman is a workaholic and needs to calm down before she overdoes it and does something stupid.

It was probably two hours later (I fell asleep at some point) when the door slid open and I fell into the room, my torso part in but my legs still out in the hallway. I learned my lesson after my skull hit the linoleum floor. Don't lean against doors that could open any second. It's a bad idea. And I was staring up into Holiday's face. "Rex, you really need to calm down."

She was the one talking to herself! Not me! "Is she okay?" Yeah, I was scared for Circe, but come on, she risked her life for me. I'm kind of going to worry about the girl that I like who is willing to die for me. Definitely interested in her. She's pretty and she's nice and she's not fake. That's what I like. She's the real deal and nothing will ever stop her from being that way. She showed that by standing up to Van Kleiss for me. I just don't want her to be dead, that's all. Having a girl like me around at Providence would be pretty nice…

"I'm fine."

I flipped over on my stomach from laying on my back to stare up at Holiday and propped myself up on my elbows to see Circe sitting up with her legs swung over the side of the counter that I usually laid on when something was up with my nanites. She looked fine, a little tired, but fine, just like she said.

Putting a little effort into getting up, I rose to my feet and got fully inside the clinic. Being half in and half out would be very inconvenient when the door wants to close. I probably would've been chopped in half. "Circe, you're alive."

"Nice deduction, Sherlock," she commented, giving me a small half-smile from where she sat.

I moved over towards her and sat on the counter beside her. "I never really got to thank you, for saving my butt and all."

She shrugged, not even meeting my gaze. "You came back for me when you didn't have to. We can call this thanks enough."

Clearly, she wasn't Providence's number one fan, but she wasn't in Van Kleiss's clutches anymore, now was she? Safer although maybe not as happy. But I was here and the party was here. I doubted that Van Kleiss partied like we did on Spring Break. I didn't know what else to say so I was grateful when Six and Bobo came in the door that Holiday was still closest to, filling out papers on a clipboard. Really, she should stop working. But she's got a new specimen. New shiny, as Breach would say. Hopefully Holiday won't start calling us shinys… Then I'd be really worried. "Good to have ya back, chief," said the chimp in the room, swinging over to sit behind me and then perch himself on my shoulders like he did back when I was smaller and he was younger. "It gets lonely with just me and Noah. He's really annoyin' when he's not havin' fun."

"Good to be back," I said, leaning back and putting my hands on the counter behind me for leverage, able to relax now that I was home, the world was temporarily safe and I didn't have to worry about the girl of my dreams being in league with the bad guys. Everything was good now. The world was better again. For now.

Six spoke up next. "Rex, what were you saying back at Abysus?" he asked with that monotone voice that he always used. Clearly he was either curious or worried, but he'd never let onto it.

Then it all kind of slid into place finally, everything kicking into the right spot in the universe. I remembered everything. I remembered my life, my family, what happened, how these nanites got into me in the first place. So I decided I'd tell them my story.

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