Something Beautiful.

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The way the sunlight reflected from the lake gave the illusion of thousands of diamonds shining beautifully amongst the mountains in the crisp blue sky. Beautiful, yes, but not beautiful enough to outshine the young woman who knelt on the bank, her dark hair flowing down her back in a carefree manner.

The tall young man remained in the shade of the oak tree, leaning contently against its smooth bark whilst he watched the woman with cerulean blue eyes as she filled another pail with water. He smiled when she filled it and cast it carefully to her side with the other pail, before drying her hands in the apron she wore to tuck a brown lock of hair behind her ear that had gotten in the way of her vision.

It was days like this, the man thought, when he was happiest. Just the two of them living their lives together in quiet bliss without the constant threat of detection was nothing short of welcome. Admittedly, he did miss his friends, but, for the first time in his life, he had chosen to do something for himself. It was not like he had left them unprotected. He was still in correspondence with his friend and mentor, and was often filled in on the comings and goings of Camelot, so much so that, should he need too, he could do something if it was urgent. Something that, in his old home, could have him executed for treason by means of fire.

At least out here in the wild he no longer had to hide who he really was. At least out here, he no longer had to show this false pretence that he was satisfied with his life where he had to hide his true self. He was a happy person naturally, ever the optimist and cheerful, but having to hide who he truly was hurt. It hurt to know that should any person ever find out, they may put aside friendship for the law, regardless of all they had been through together. It was not like he had a lack of faith in his friends, in fact he thought the total opposite, but he could never ask them to live a lie by constantly lying to the King, and therefore commit treason. Out here, he was free.

Focusing on the remaining empty pail besides the woman, the man's blue eyes flashed a brief gold as it floated a foot in the air as though held by a hand. Wordlessly, he positioned it above the water and carefully lowered it into the cool shallows of the lake so not to splash the woman who was watching it with an amused smile. The pail righted itself and floated to the left of the woman, resting gently in the small pebbles that crunched ever so slightly under its weight.

"I would consider that lazy, Merlin," the woman said with a smile without turning around. Instead, she stood and let her eyes take in the beauty of the landscape before her.

Pushing himself from the tree, Merlin strolled towards Freya, his feet crunching the pebbles as he stepped into the morning sun light. Reaching her, he wrapped his arms around Freya's waist lovingly and tenderly rested his chin on her shoulder.

"I would consider it exercising," Merlin replied with a grin. "My magic that is."

Freya turned her head to face him and raised an eyebrow with a disbelieving smile that was softly captured by Merlin as he kissed her affectionately.

"I'll never tire of that," Merlin whispered when he broke apart, his nose brushing against Freya's, "of us, our life."

Freya turned her body so she stood facing him. "Or our freedom," she whispered back.

Merlin placed a quick kiss on her lips before sitting himself down on the cobbles and gently pulling Freya down with him. She leant against his chest whilst he kept his arms wrapped lovingly around her, almost as a way to remind himself this was real and that they were together.

They had left Camelot almost a month ago, travelling through the early morning until they reached the lake, where they quickly set up shelter nearby. It was on this day Freya had opened up and told Merlin her secret. She had made to leave, expecting Merlin to regret his actions in saving her, but he done the very opposite, surprising her again with his love and devotion. Very quickly they had come up with the idea of Freya going to the middle of the forest where she could not be found until the curse wore off for the night, whilst Merlin would wait nearby to protect her and any who may have possibly been venturing to the forest at that time of night. Before dawn of each morning, they travelled back to their home together, sleeping for a few hours before welcoming the day. They were happy.

The two lovers sat there on the bank for several hours, enjoying each others company as they watched the sun cast its many diamonds into the lake, only for them to fade every now and then as a cloud went over head. The birds sung happily around them as the day went by, gradually becoming quieter when the sun began to set over the mountains casting an orange glow over the both of them.

"I have something for you," Merlin said as he brought his palm out. He felt Freya shift in his arms. "Blostma."

A rose materialised in the palm of the young warlock's left hand, which he offered to Freya. But she did not move.

"You remembered," came the response.

A smile formed on Merlin's face. "Of course I remembered." The smile faded as he looked down at Freya.

"Merlin, you have nothing to be sorry for."

"Freya? Wha-" He stopped when he felt rain drops begin to fall from the sky, dripping onto them.

"You've already saved me. You made me feel loved," Freya spoke quietly, her breaths becoming fainter with each passing second.

Tears mingled with raindrops as they fell down Merlin's cheek, his blue eyes glazed with grief. "I don't want you to go," he choked.

"One day, Merlin, I will repay you. I promise."


Merlin awoke with a small cry, a tear trailing down the side of his face as he felt the weight of his heartache and grief wash over him. The silence of his draughty room seemed heightened as a sob escaped. A sob meant for so many things: what he had had, what he had lost, what he could have had.

As he rolled over in his too small bed, he felt something soft against his palm move slightly. Looking down at his left hand, his heart clenched, and, for the first time, he admitted himself defeated and cried himself blind.

In Merlin's palm, bathed in soft moonlight, was a single red rose.

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