For Deangirl1's birthday – here's some hurt and bloody Dean for ya. Hope you like it.

Pain Of Glass

Funny how things happen!

One minute I'm chasing "fugly-of-the-week" down an alley, the next I'm flying through the air and into a glass window.

Momentarily dazed I try desperately to compose myself; danger's still close.

But the unbearable pain in my side tells me I'm in trouble. My hand, feeling for the reason, brushes against dagger-like shards sticking out of my body.

I'm bloody and helpless as fugly creeps closer.

Then a shotgun blasts; the cavalry's arrived.

"God Dean!" my brother gasps kneeling beside me. "You're hurt bad!"

"Gee S'mmy," I murmur, voice trembling. "D'ya think?"

Oblivion's a wonderful thing!