Before you ask, yes, this is based of off the John Hughes movie. This was the movie that defined a generation, and hell, it still does! Any teenage can relate to The Breakfast Club in some way shape or form. If you haven't seen it you need to right now! And on that note, no, this is not a scene for scene recreation of the movie using BTR characters. I've got my own ideas incorporated in here that are making it different from the film. There are some moments I just had to include though. If you know the movie you'll know the scenes and lines I'm talking about!. =) Also let me say that I'm pretty sure this doesn't fit on the time line of cannon BTR events because I set this when they were 15, but I had to do it so this would work. And strangely enough I didn't get the idea for this while watching The Breakfast Club, I got it while watching The Princess Bride (which btw is my favorite movie EVER!) Sometimes the world is just silly like that. =)

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Saturday, September 12, 2008

Dear Mr. Howard,

We except that we have to spend an entire Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, because what we did was wrong, but we think you're crazy to make us write an entire essay on who we think we are? What do you care? You look at us and see what you want to see, the simplest explanations, the most convenient definitions. A nerd, a jock, a spoiled brat, and a class clown. We don't need to prove ourselves to you. People don't listen anyway. Appearances are so often only skin deep. One essay won't change your opinion on us. So, we'll sit in detention and try to be civil with each other, but that hope is in vain. We're too different, too clashing. Nothing that happens here today is going to change that.


Logan Mitchell

Not a single sound was heard as the sun rose and covered the ground with its warm orange light. The time was 7:45 a.m. on a Saturday morning. All the kids were enjoying the extra time allotted for sleeping in, except for four boys, each making their way to Shermer High School.

They were as different as different could be, all from different cliques, different worlds practically, but each mourning the loss of their Saturday. Why they couldn't serve the detention they had been given after school like normal was a question stuck in their heads, but from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon they were going to be stuck in the library of the school, not talking, no games or distractions.

First to arrive in the library was Logan Mitchell, his near obsession with arriving early to everything had outweighed his will to sleep in later. He was slightly shorter than average with chocolate brown eyes and dark rich hair that was cut short, but stuck up slightly in the front. His pale skin stood in direct contrast to his hair, the dark circles under his eyes hinted at his nearly sleepless night.

Taking a seat at the front of the room, Logan waited for the clock to turn to eight. At seven minutes till the door opened and a tall blonde boy with emerald eyes walked in and looked around, his eyes landing on Logan. Logan recognized him instantly. How could he not? It was Kendall Knight, the hockey star of Shermer High. He was extremely popular and well liked, hell, he was even nice to people which was rare for a jock at this school. Once, Kendall had managed to stop some of his hockey buddies from shoving Logan in his locker. For that Logan was eternally grateful and always had a certain level of respect for Kendall even though his friends tried to make Logan's life a living hell.

Kendall nodded shortly at Logan before taking a seat at the table a crossed from him. He hadn't even been sitting for a minute when the door opened again. This time a short Latino boy with a helmet strapped to his head stepped in. This was Carlos Garcia, class clown and all around funny guy. Everyone in the school wanted to have a class with him. You could count on multiple delays and missed work courtesy of his goofing off. Not even the teachers minded that he was wasting time, that's how much he was loved by everyone.

Carlos practically bounced to the table behind Kendall, and Logan wondered how someone could be so happy and hyper on a Saturday morning. It was silent for several minutes, the only sound being Kendall drumming his fingers against the table.

When the clock's hand moved to eight the door opened for the final time, revealing long brown hair and a face that could make any girl (a possibly several guys) in the school swoon. James Diamond, resident pretty boy, spoiled brat, and all around douche bag. All the girl wanted to do him, and the guys wanted to be him, but he had a bad reputation for stringing people along and then hanging them out to dry. Despite that he still had girls throwing themselves at him left, right, and center. The way sleep clouded his eyes suggested that he had just rolled out of bed, though his hair was absolutely perfect. Logan didn't understand how one person could get so lucky in the looks department.

Following James into the room was Mr. Howard, a middle aged man, wearing jeans and a polo who taught biology to freshmen. He was harsh, but pretty clueless when it came to interacting with students. Once James was seated at the very back of the room he began talking.

"You all know why you're here. There will be no talking, no leaving the room, no leaving your seats. And, to try something new, before each of you leaves here today I want you to write a one thousand word essay on who you think you are. It should be more than enough to occupy your time. And by an essay I mean an essay, not one word repeated a thousand times over, got it?"

They all nodded, and he started up again. "I will be right down the hall in my office. I will know if you make any noise." And with that he was gone.

The silence lasted for a whole ten seconds before "Fuck this." was said from the back of the room. James stood up from his seat and made his way toward the front.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kendall said, looking at James with a gaze that conveyed all the dislike he had for the pretty boy. Is wasn't a secret that James and Kendall didn't get along. No one exactly knew why, but ever since they had first met years ago they hated each other. They were like two magnets that wouldn't get along no matter how much you pushed them together.

"What does it look like I'm doing Knight?" James fired back, showing just as much contempt for Kendall as Kendall was for him. "Fuck off and mind your own business."

"Go to hell!"

"As long as you're not there."

"Guys come on!" Carlos said standing up because Kendall looked like he was about to pounce on James. "Do you really want to get in a fight over this? It'll just get us all into even more trouble."

James scoffed and turned his back to them, his eyes landing on Logan, who had shrunk down in his seat in an apparent attempt to remain unseen. "Who are you?"

"Logan Mitchell." He said, swallowing hard. He was the only one in the room that wasn't popular, the only one that was unknown. Still it hurt slightly to know how truly invisible he was. "We've been in the same class since third grade."

A confused look passed James face before a burst on recognition appeared. "Oh, I know you. You're the kid you always gets his books thrown down in the hallway!"

Logan winced internally, not wanting to the three boys to know how much that comment got to him. Truthfully he was that guy, a lowly nerd with no friends, invisible to the world. "Yeah, that's me."

"Lay off James, he gets enough shit from people." Kendall said, returning to glare at James's back.

"You're one to talk." Silence followed James's statement, Kendall controlling his anger so as not to deck him. James sensed that Kendall wasn't going to retort so he did the one sure fire thing to get on almost anyone's nerves. He started humming Madonna. Loudly. And sure enough, within a minute Kendall was seething.

"Why can't you just shut up? I have a match next weekend and if I get in trouble and get stuck back here because of you, you'll wish you hadn't ever been born."

"Oh I'm so scared!" James said, sarcasm dripping from his words. "What ya gonna do? Get all your hockey fags to come beat me up?"

"Nope. Just you and me. No one else. So shut up!"

"Awww, everyone's favorite little athlete is angry!"

"You don't even count!" Kendall stood up and Carlos put himself in between the two boys to stop a possible fight, while Logan was again trying to become as small as possible to avoid confrontation. "You might as well not even exist! You could die right now and no one would care! Who would miss you? No one!"

For a brief second a hurt expression crossed James's face, but when Logan tried to identify exactly what the emotion was it was gone.

"Settle down in there!" All four boys froze as the voice drifted in from down the hall. It was Mr. Howard, yelling at them.

"Just calm down guys." Carlos said dropping his arms that a moment ago had been spread out to keep James and Kendall a healthy distance away from each other.

"Yeah Kendall, just calm down." James's voice was mocking. He simply smiled when Kendall threw a glare his way. "So," He walked over towards the door "what's say we shut this door so we can get the real party started?"

"The door is supposed to stay open." Logan squeaked, not knowing where the courage to say the words came from. Truthfully James scared him.

"So what?"

"So there are three other people in here Diamond." Kendall shot back.

"Oh you can count!" James smiled and continued. "See I knew you had to be smart to be a hockey player."

"Who the hell are you to judge anyone anyways? You've never done anything in your life because you're too scared!"

"That's right I'm too scared, has nothing to do with the fact that all the people in your little activities are assholes."

"How would you know you never talk to any of them?"

"Logan," Carlos said, trying to shift the focus away from Kendall and James, who seemed hellbent on bickering with each other all day. "what kind of clubs are you in?"

"Uh," Logan was petrified of saying something wrong and making the situation in the room more tense then it already was, but couldn't ignore a direct question like that. "I'm in math club, Latin club, and the physics club."

"Oh, cool." Carlos forced a smile on his face, trying to fake interest because Logan seemed like a nice guy. "What do you do in those clubs?"

"Well, in the physics club, we...uh we work on physics."

"But its social right?" James asked "Sad and demented, but social."

"Yeah I guess."

"Do you belong it the physics club Knight?"

Kendall rolled his eyes "No, that's an academic club."


"So, it's different than other clubs and sports."

"To you maybe," James plopped himself down in the seat next to Logan, who cringed away. "But to nerds like him it's all they got."

"Shut up, no one here wants to listen to you." Kendall turned away from James to face the front of the room. Carlos was looking worriedly from one to the other and then to Logan, trying to gauge his reaction to this. Logan was merely trying to disappear, become invisible, which wasn't too hard to do seeing as it happened to him naturally wether he wanted it to or not.

With a suddenness that made Logan jump James was out of his seat again, this time moving to the open door on the other side of the room. "James," Carlos sighed "whatever you're about to do I don't think you should do it."

"Young man, have you finished your paper!" James threw back mockingly as he fiddled with the top hinge of the door. With a small bang it fell shut and James made a dash back to the seat he had occupied at the very beginning of detention, stuffing a small object in his pocket that Logan assumed to be the screw he had just removed from the hinge.

Just as suddenly the door was opening again and Mr. Howard appeared with a look that clearly stated how pissed off he was. "Who closed that door!"

"How are we supposed to know? None of us are allowed to leave our seats." James threw Mr. Howard his most innocent face in place, and Logan had to admit he would make a good actor.

"No funny business guys! Now, I want you to tell me who closed that door."

"It just closed sir." Carlos spoke up from his seat. "A screw probably fell loose."

"Screws fall loose all the time. The world is an imperfect place." James added, keeping up the perfect face of innocence, Logan couldn't understand how he wasn't cracking under the pressure.

"Fine, but if anything else happens in this room you'll all be punished." And with that he was again gone.

"We're already in detention on a Saturday what else can he do to us?"

"Well you better stay put, because I don't want to find out."

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"Fuck you!"

Logan sighed. This was going to be a REALLY long seven hours.

Yeah so there is chapter one! I had to put the stuff about the physics club in there. Everytime one of my friends says the word "physics" I go immediately say "what do you do in the physics club?" and the "screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place." HAD to keep that! Sorry James and Kendall are being bitchy, but there is a reason for it that shall be revealed in due time! =D So what did you think? Love it? Hate it? Want to punch me in the face? Let me know! I shall try my hardest to update soonish! But the musical I'm in opens this week, and if you've ever done theatre before you know shit is hectic right now. And I must give a special shout out to my lovely friend Morgan (aka Dawn Catcher) for being my FF Buddy! (lol) LOVE YOU GIRL! But yeah drop me a review! LOVE YA ALL! =D