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"Are you sure this is ok?"

"Trust me Logan, Mr. Howard is not going to walk in here."

James was bent down on one knee in front of the locked door leading to the librarian's office, two bobby pins in his hands, jiggling the lock around.

"But how do you know that for sure?" Logan was casting worried glances around, scared that at any minute Mr. Howard would walk through the door to the library and reprimand them all for breaking the rules. He hadn't been in to check on them in over an hour and Logan knew any moment could be the moment he decided to do it.

"Because when I was walking in I saw Ms. Ramsey grading papers in her classroom, and I know for a fact that everyday during fourth period, which they both have free, they sneak out of their classrooms to make out in the janitor's closet."

Carlos, who was sitting on the closest table, scrunched up his face in disgust. "How do you know that!"

James looked up, face serious, though if you looked closely you could see the corners of his mouth fighting a smile. "Trust me man, you DON'T want to know."

Carlos laughed as James went back to the lock. Giving one last twist of his wrist the door flew open. He smiled, standing up and pushing the bobby pins into his pockets.

"Where'd you learn do to that?" Kendall asked, leaning against the wall.

"My sister taught me. Said it would be helpful some day."

"I didn't know you had any siblings." Carlos said, surprised.

James laughed "She's twenty-five, so I wouldn't suspect you'd know her."

"You'll have to teach me that sometime." Kendall said, gesturing towards the open door. "She's right, that could come in handy."

"Yeah sure, but not now. Because now, we party."

"I still don't think this is a good idea!" Logan yelled as James disappeared into the office.

"Come on Logan, loosen up a little." Carlos said, standing up and putting a hand on Logan's shoulder. "You deserve it."

"I gotta get new friends." Logan breathed. They all laughed, knowing Logan didn't mean it, knowing the exact opposite was actually true.

"All right!" James said excitedly, music staring to drift from the office, becoming louder as he made his way out. "There's a radio! We lucked out!"

Smiling at everyone, James pulled on Carlos' arm, hopping on the table and singing along with the song.

"You know," Carlos said, as James stared dancing. "you're actually pretty good at that."

"Well duh! I'm gonna be a famous pop star one day!" James exclaimed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You know the chances of actually being famous are slim to none." Logan said, eyeing the dancing boys apprehensively.

James chuckled "Oh Logan, so hopeless when it comes to dreaming. Have you seen my face?" He brought his hand up in a sort of "jazz hands" move around his face and everyone laughed. "A face like mine deserves to be seen."

"Dude you're kind of full of yourself." Kendall chuckled.

"Pretty much! Now come on hockey boy, show us what you got!"

"Yeah, I'm not dancing." He held his hands up and stepped back.

"Logan?" James asked, looking over to the smart boy, who immediately paled.

"No way. I have two left feet. Me and dancing do not mix well."

"You guys are nothing but losers who don't want to dance because you're too afraid I'll show you up. So Carlos and I are going to have fun, while you two sit here like idiots!" he yelled playfully, before jumping to the next table, Carlos close behind.

"Hey," Kendall said, coming to sit next to Logan, who had fallen into a chair. "You planning on writing that paper?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well," he said looking around the room before smiling and turning his gaze back on Logan. "It seems like a waste for all of us to write one doesn't it?"

Logan laughed and turned to face the blond boy. "You just don't want to write it don't you?"

"Well there's that." Kendall said truthfully before both laughed. "But I think we'd all say the same thing anyway. Besides you're the smartest."

"Well I can't argue with that."

"Thanks man." Kendall said, patting Logan on the shoulder before looking up at the clock. "Man, time moves fast."

Logan's head shot up and he too was surprised to see it was 3:00pm. There was only an hour of detention left before he had to leave and face his parents again. And only an hour before he had to have the paper done. "Guess I should get started then."

Kendall stood up "I should go tell the others. James will need to get back to wherever the hell Howard put him." Logan nodded as he moved over and pulled a notebook and pencil out of his bag, thinking for only a moment before putting the pencil to the page and writing.

The clock seemed to speed through the last hour and before any of them knew it James had snuck through the halls back to the closet and Logan, Kendall, and Carlos were all in their original seats staring at the wall, and trying not to send amused glances at each other as Mr. Howard walked in and told them they were free to go.

They assembled their bags, Logan leaving behind a single sheet of paper, and left, meeting James out in the hallway.

"So we all meet at Kendall's tomorrow at four?" James asked, confirming the plans they had mentioned earlier.

"Definitely!" The blonde spoke up as they exited the school, all laughing at the turn the day had taken.

With a last look at each other, they were all headed in different direction, away from each other, away from the friendship, but not for long.

And as Logan jumped into the car and his mother once again started her lecture about how this "detention thing" was never going to happen again or there would be dire consequences, he found it easier to deal with, easier to block out. Because he had friends now. He had people he knew he could count on or call if he was having a bad day. People he could call when he needed a break from the pressure, and that made him smile despite all the bad thing going on.

And when James walked through the doors of his house to hear complete silence it didn't make his chest hurt nearly as bad as it normally did. When his dad passed him like he was nothing but part of the wall he took a deep breath and thought of Kendall, Carlos, and Logan; the people who actually saw him.

And when Kendall got home he was able to hug his mom and say for the first time that they were going to be ok, because it was the first time he actually believed it himself. And when Katie started crying because she wanted her dad, he could hold her and tell her the same thing. They were going to be ok, not perfect... never perfect, but ok. And really, that was better than nothing at all.

And when Carlos walked the streets as the wind nearly dehelmeted him, he smiled, knowing what was coming tomorrow, and knowing he had just made three new friends for life. Knowing that if he ever had a problem, he could go to one of them because they would understand and help him through it.

And the next day, when they all met again it was like it was meant to be. Like this was always what was supposed to happen. Like this was the plan from the start.

Who knew Saturday Morning detention could be so life-changing.

Saturday, September 12, 2008

Dear Mr. Howard,

We except that we have to spend an entire Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, because what we did was wrong, but we think you're crazy to make us write an entire essay on who we think we are? What do you care? You look at us and see what you want to see, the simplest explanations, the most convenient definitions. But what we learned today is that each of us is a nerd, a jock, a spoiled brat, and a class clown. We don't need to prove ourselves to you because we already proved oursleves to each other. We learned who we are, but most importantly, we learned what we could be. Does that answer your question?

Sincerely Yours,

The Breakfast Club

*Cue "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds"*

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