E/O Drabble Challenge. Word: Hurt. Musketeer word of the week: train.

Tag to 4.15 "Sex and Violence"

Summary: To get hurt was kinda part of the job description for a Winchester. But some pains were worse than others...

A/N: Happy Birthday Deangirl1! Perhaps you'd have wished for more blood, but at least I gave you hurt :-)

He winced when he patched up the bleeding gash at his shoulder with trained motions.

A new scar, a new story for some casual chick.

Not that he cared. It had felt wrong to get… reborn… without them anyway.

Sam's jeering remarks screeched through his mind like a broken record.

About him being scared. Whiny. Wallowing in self-pity.

Every word cutting through flesh and bone, leaving invisible scars on a much deeper level.

Sure – sirens could make you do some pretty insane stuff.

But he figured they were only like… amplifier to well hidden thoughts.

And that hurt like hell!