21: Let's rock this joint!

Minato: Do you really have to do that?

21: Yup! Now let's get this show on the road! Minato if you would please?

Minato: Fine. Fan of Fanfics21 does not own Persona 3 or Naruto, just the games and manga he buys for his collection.


Minato Arisato was having a bad day; first Shinjiro had been killed by Strega, dealing with a team that's currently depressed about the death of a good friend (he was depressed to but kept it hidden), and now here he is with Yukari, Mitsuru, and Junpei currently fighting a powerful Shadow: The Reaper.

"How did we get in this mess?" he asked. "Because I'm in a really bad mood and I really need to kill something." As the Reaper was about to attack, Minato used his evoker at the last minute. "ODIN!" he yelled, summoning the Norse God of Thunder as he used his ultimate attack Thunder Reign on the Reaper shocking it. "Junpei now!" Minato said. "Right on it dude!" Junpei said as he began his attack with his katana like a baseball "Homerun!" Junpei exclaimed as he scored a critical hit which effectively knocked the Reaper down.

I won't lose that easily to those brats! The Reaper thought, then thought of an idea How about getting rid of the leader first? If the Reaper had a face, it would be one of pure cruelty as he prepared to use a special bullet in his revolver. Apparently Minato noticed something was up and without warning; The Reaper shot him in the chest and a bright light began to engulf him, "Minato-kun/Arisato!" Yukari and Mitsuru exclaimed shocked that once the light died down he was gone. "Dude! Where did he go?" asked Junpei. "Not where," The Reaper said smirking triumphantly "When is the correct term."

"We need to retreat now!" Mitsuru said, "Yamagishi, where is the next transport?" she asked trying to be calm in a dangerous situation. "There's one to the right hallway next to the Reaper! Please be careful!" Fuuka said. "You're not going anywhere!" the Reaper said as he shot the transport, effectively destroying it. "Oh shit," Junpei said "we're dead!" he exclaimed as they prepared to take on the Reaper.

*With Minato*

"Where am I?" Minato thought. "Am I dead? Strange, because it's so peaceful here to be the afterlife…" Minato then heard voices outside. "He's unconscious, but he's suffered a wound around his lungs!" a female voice said, "Get him into the hospital quick!" said a male voice. Before he knew it, everything went black.

Minato woke up seeing white ceilings and the smell of fresh soap. "I'm in a hospital again." He thought, as he got up he saw someone he did not recognize, a girl with pink bubblegum hair, green eyes, and a large forehead wearing a nurse outfit. "Ah! I see your awake." She said, "I'm Sakura Haruno and you're in the Konoha Hospital." She explained, giving him his answers before he could even ask where he was.

"Konoha Hospital?" Minato asked, Sakura nodding her head. "Yeah, some of our patrols found you injured and unconscious so they brought you here." She explained "By the way, what's your name?" she asked.

"Minato" he said. "Minato Arisato." "Okay then." She said as she written something on her clipboard. "Can you tell me where you come from so we could get you home?" she asked. "Iwatodai" Minato said, "At the Iwatodai Dorms." "That's odd." Sakura said, "There's no place like that anywhere here in the Elemental Nations." "Wait what?" Minato thought. "E-Elemental Nations?" he asked which Sakura nodded at. "Yeah, from your clothing and reaction you're not from here are you?" she asked. "But the Elemental Nations were a myth! A bed time story that my parents told me when I was younger!" Minato exclaimed, losing all of his "steel-tough" nerves he usually had (due to nothing ever phases him and that was rare for something to get to him).

Sakura frowned "But it's true, take a look yourself." She said pointing out the window which Minato went to and gaped at what he saw. It was a village, from the looks of it, it seemed that the village was being rebuilt and was currently in a massive crater. Drawing every ounce of breath he had, Minato shouted at the top of his lungs "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

Director: CUT!

Minato: So what is going on here 21?

21: Simple, the Reaper has sent you back in time before Japan even existed and here you will discover your ancestry and its connection between a hyper active knuckle-headed ninja we all know and love.

Minato: And how are we even connected?

21: That's a secret for another time! Stay tuned!