E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: hurt

Length: 100 words

Happy Birthday to Deangirl1 who wanted some hurt and bloody Dean.

Just a hint at spoilers if you haven't seen any of season six.

"Dean! What did this?"

"D'n know….i's fast," Dean slurred, reaching for his brother with one hand while trying to hold what felt like his entire digestive system in with the other.

"Just hang on, okay?" Sam grasped Dean's blood slicked hand in his own and turned his gaze upward. "CAS! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW! DEAN'S HURT!"

Dean tried to focus through the pain, watching his brother's eyes and for just one moment he was sure he saw a flicker of the Sammy he knew, the brother he loved.

"Still in there, S'my," Dean murmured. "Gonna get you back."

A/N: Wow! It's been awhile since I drabbled and I've missed it. I was having trouble with my eyes and working on a multi-chapter fic (those two didn't mix together very well) but I think the eye thing has been sorted now. I'm still floating on a high from attending ChiCon a couple of weeks ago. It was absolutely awesome! Meeting the boys and other guys from the show was great but I also met some awesome people from the fanfic world and hope to meet some more of you in June at the Nashville con...my hometown, YAY!