The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse SuitPrologue:

Was there such a thing as love?

As I stood there, looking up at the twisted, warped girl who was supposed to be my sister, this one little thought registered in my mind. Is there such a thing as love? I remember the old stories that my sisters and me used to read together, giggling when the girl and the boy kissed claiming that they were in love. Then I got a little older and noticed him, actually talked to him and liked him. He wasn't like the others he was…happy all the time, bright and cheerful, never using his powers for all the wrong reasons. I fell in love, but at the same time guarded away my heart. I mean Kraken and Vanya loved each other and look at where that got them? Broken hearts, yelling, tears, and leaving to places unknown. The wise decision would be to leave, run, get away before something bad happens. But no, instead I stand here, pondering, and think, is there such a thing as love?

The answer is simple. A little one word, on syllable answer.

Yes. My answer is yes; there is such a thing as love. And I am lucky enough to have it.

For now…

Well, I have finally gotten around to it and posted my UA Fanfic. Its hard to say what this story is exactly about, but if anything, its about an OC of mine who is experiencing love throughout the journey of the Umbrella Academy story. The full summary will be posted in the next chapter, as soon as I find a better way to tell you what this one is about because honestly, even I have no idea where this story is going to go, what twists and turns it will take. Its scares me, but hey, doesn't Gerard write like that too? On impulse? Well then I can assure you that this will definitely a great fic because of the fact that it can go anywhere at any time.

Starting right now.