Chapter 2

Twenty years later. Cabaret Club.

" And now, introducing the wonderful, charming and extremely beautiful- Clementine Hargreeves!" The announcer with the low, smooth voice said. HE was everything you would dream about in a guy, dark hair, gorgeous green eyes and incredibly charming. Too bad for him I had already turned him down three times. I stepped in front of the microphone; I had decided to wear boots today, seeing as it was cold. Some catcalls, wolf whistles and a couple of 'your hot's ' went around before the intro on the piano was played.

"Seems like old times, having you to walk with. Seems like old times, having you to talk with." I sand in a beautiful vibrato voice, the ups and downs of the chords moving freely. A song like this always reminded me of the times I spent with Klaus, back when I had a 'family'. Klaus… I missed him so much, the times we had together always brought tears to my eyes, whenever I remembered it. "Seems like old times, having someone to share with, seems like old times, having someone to care with."

It was times like these that I wished I could see him again. The only sight I saw of him now was when they showed the victory pictures on the news, and that hadn't even happened in awhile. I never got the courage to go visit him in the 'hospital'. I never even got the courage to tell him that I- "Psst! Tina!"

"What?" I whispered to him, the announcer. "Phone for you. Sorry, but the performance is going to have to end now folks! But don't worry, the lovely Clementine will be back soon, alright?" I quickly ducked backstage and walked towards my desk, with the once black cord phone set on there- currently put on hold.

"Yes?"…"What? Pogo, I don't understand why I'm suddenly-" … "So? I'm not exactly! -" … "Pogo, I haven't been included in this family for 12 years! Surely you MUST realize that he can't possibly-"… "What? Hargreeves is dead?"

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