E/O Challenge: Hurt

We all know Bobby helped Sam with a "certain" Christmas present. Here's how I think he would've reacted when he found out John didn't make it home as promised. Bit early for a Christmas story I know but this popped into my head when I thought about the "drabble" word and I had to get it down on paper.

Broken Promises

"Damn it ... would it hurt you to keep your promises once in a while," Bobby growled, his frustration clear.

"And would it hurt you to mind your own goddamned business," John Winchester snarled back.

"Like it or not you've made those boys my business. And I happen to know Sam was counting on you this year ... boy was planning something."

"Couldn't be helped Bobby, I had a job to finish ... Dean was there, he would've known what to do."

"Yeah, like always? But you should've been there John ... they needed ya ... especially on Christmas Day!"