Title: Arranged Seduction

Author: flarn_fanfic (Inferno) & flatlineglitter (Red Alert)

Verse: G1 (AU)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 29048

Pairings: Inferno/Red Alert
Other Characters: Mentions of Firestar, Sunstreaker & OCs.

Warnings: Sticky. Semi-con/Dub-con.

Disclaimer: Do not own Transformers, or any of the official characters, do not get paid for doing this except with reviews.
Summary: Inferno has been offered an arranged bonding with Red Alert, and now he must consummate it – in front of witnesses.
Notes: Based on this prompt from the tfanonkink Livejournal community:

This prompt was posted here and I haven't seen it done yet: .?thread=1893099#t1893099

"Red Alert's creators are afraid their creation is so introverted that he won't ever find a mate, so they offer to pay someone to take him, much like a dowry (because he's driving them nuts too). A match maker pairs him with Inferno, and he must go live with Inferno before an arranged spark bond.

-Inferno and the match maker (whoever this is) perform an inspection to make sure Red Alert is a virgin.
-Red Alert must go through special training on how to please his partner, so supervised first times of oral, massages, etc.
-Inferno actually adores Red Alert but has to pretend like Red Alert is some sort of purchase to go through the motions.
-Their first time and spark bond must be publicly witnessed.
-Humiliation on Red Alert's part.


I'm adding a few suggestions of my own since this is a bit like a req I was going to post. As far as the first time and spark bond being publicly witnessed, not only that, but as far as sticky sex goes Inferno must deflower Red Alert *completely* in front of the witnesses, taking his mouth, valve, and aft as well as his spark before the union can be declared fully consummated.

Bonus points for Inferno being very caring and considerate and trying to keep Red distracted from the fact that they're being watched.

More bonus points for Inferno coaxing a reluctant Red to do the same to him so that they start the partnership on equal footing.

We didn't do the prompt exactly, as there are no preliminaries and we went straight to the smut, but some of the backstory is covered nonetheless.

I've decided not to do too many edits, apart from spelling and grammar, and a few tweaks for better comprehension, because I wanted the words of both myself and my partner to be presented in as unadulterated a form as possible. Hopefully you will still find this enjoyable to read – I know we certainly enjoyed making it! Rrrowr!

Arranged Seduction (Part 1/3)

The suite was lavish, and richly appointed, overflowing with soft cushions, and expensive textiles. On the walls, paintings by the renowned artist, Sunstreaker – and worth a considerable fortune - depicted tasteful renditions of couples in various stages of romantic interludes.

At the centre of it all stood a tall and solidly build red mech, who seemed not to take in most of his luxurious surroundings, save for the massive berth, draped in filmy curtains, which stood in plain view of a floor to ceiling panel of one way glass.

Inferno held himself with unnatural stiffness, like someone who feared their smallest movement would cause an unstoppable cascade of fidgeting. He tried not to look towards the mirror, behind which he knew there were spectators gathered, waiting to witness what should have been the most private moment of his life.

His spark pulsed a hard, throbbing tattoo within its casing, the twist of his fuel tanks not quite masking another, less painful sensation, one of eagerness. The situation was not ideal, but he vowed to make the best of it, knowing that his future happiness hung entirely upon what would soon happen within this room.

The hallway before the room stretched on forever in Red Alert's opinion. Let it. The longer he was here, the longer he was… well… not entirely changed and possibly scarred for life. Even as he tried hard to slow his pace, the insistent femme leading him to the room wouldn't allow it for long. She was the one that had gotten him prepared for the whole ordeal, making him presentable and then taking him to the chambers. He vaguely recalled that she was one of the, what was it—workers? Priestesses?—something or others that seemed to crawl the hallways of the temple. Focusing on her seemed to distract him for a moment.

The door cycled open before Red Alert noticed they had stopped, and he tore his attention from the small femme once she nudged him into the room, trying to be subtle. He muted his vocalizer to keep from making an undignified noise, turning just a second too late to try and leave the room, only to have the door cycle close with a loud snick that echoed like a final order. He shrunk back slightly before spinning to face the other in the room, and then taking one step backwards towards the door.

This was far from what he had planned to do, especially in this manner. His optics flicked towards the one wall, the glass wall, and he felt his intakes stall for a moment but he managed to keep from making any noise. He drew his attention back to the mech in the room, almost glaring at him before he remembered that the other was probably in the exact same position. Instead he dropped his gaze to the floor. Well, now he was stuck, no way out, he had no choice in this. So, he finally managed to force himself to take a few tiny steps forward into the room.

Inferno nearly jumped as the door cycled, pulling air in through his intakes in a sudden gasp he couldn't quite muffle. He watched as his intended was gently, but firmly ushered into the room, his spark freezing for a moment in his chest as he took in the sight before him, the white, black and red armour brilliantly polished like his own, the shy, downcast optics... Did this mech really have no idea how beautiful he was?

He took a few measured steps forward before forcing himself to pause, all he wanted to do was scoop the delightful creature before him into his arms and kiss his shyness away, but he knew that wouldn't work – at least not immediately. Hopefully his desires were not too obvious on his faceplate.

"Hi," he murmured, a soft gentle drawl of the syllable. "I'm glad ya could make it." He motioned to a nearby table where a decanter of Vosian energon sparkled effervescently next to a pair of ornately carved cubes. The high grade was manufactured for the Seekers, who had higher energy requirements than ground based mechs, and was thus unusually potent. Obviously someone had realized their situation might need a little more help. "Can I get ya a drink?"

The offer had surprised Red Alert out of his train of thoughts that had been steadily going downhill into darker places. He fought to keep from jolting, glancing up first at the bigger mech before over to the set up with the energon waiting for them. One lingering thought about just what was going to happen, and why he had to do it, made his fuel tanks churn for a moment. He forced himself to nod stiffly, hands fidgeting at his sides.

He found himself glancing towards the glass a few more times in between taking in the details of the special room. Well, perhaps the setting wasn't so bad, in fact it would have been rather flattering had it not been for the audience on the other side of the glass. His optics slowly drifted over everything in the room, including the larger bot. Personally, he approved of the bigger bot's appearance, but he would never admit that out loud. Something about his build, or maybe the fact that he was fairly easy to read. Well, he would be if Red Alert had any real experience with reading the emotions and body languages of others beyond what he saw at home.

"I….kind of had to." Red Alert murmured after a long pause, though frowning at himself. It sounded like it had come out rude to him.

"I know ya did," Inferno replied, feeling his faceplate heat up a bit as he realized he had already done something that he hadn't wanted to do, which was remind the smaller mech that they were here by obligation, rather than pleasure, though he hoped he could make pleasure a part of it too. "But that don't mean I can't still be glad ya're here, now does it?"

He went to the table that held the energon and poured a cautious amount into each cube, wary of the potency and wanting to have his wits about him for what was to come. "I wish... I wish I coulda met ya under different circumstances, ya know? If I'd seen ya before, I woulda tried my luck for sure, we coulda taken it real slow..." He heaved a regretful sigh through his vents and held out one of the cubes, hoping to coax Red Alert in closer. "Now we can't go as slow as I'd like, an' I'm real sorry for that, but I'm not gonna hurt ya, Red."

Red Alert stared at the offered cube for a long moment before he felt a small flicker of want for the rare treat. It wasn't often he'd be offered something so expensive much less almost exotic compared to what his frame got by standard. Slowly he moved towards the other, only hesitating once before he came up to accept the cube, carefully taking it from him and pulling it close to sip at. The first taste sent his sensors on a roller coaster for a second, a small charge immediately surging though his circuits, although minor, and then dissipated.

The Lamborghini could feel his facial plating heating slightly in a touch of embarrassment at the comment. His spark fluttered slightly, but he just shifted his weight and sipped the cube again. "I…" well, he didn't want to just say 'I know' because he really didn't know in this case. Part of him really wanted to trust the bigger mech, but his own natural timidness combined with a few memories made him obviously hesitant to do so. "I… guess so." Inwardly he cringed. There was that sounding rude again.

Inferno took a sip of his own cube, optic ridges coming up in pleased surprise as he rolled the energon around in his mouth before swallowing. He studied Red Alert for a moment, not at all surprised by his lack of faith. Well, talk was cheap, really, and it was often better to show people that you meant what you said.

He took a cautious step closer, reaching out with dark fingertips to brush a delicate caress over the other mech's face plates, tracing them slowly, hand shaking with something approaching awe as he slid his thumb across the most delectable lip components he'd ever laid optics on. Primus! It was nothing short of a sin that a mech like this was untouched! "You're real beautiful Red, I don't know if ya know that, but ya are. If ya had gotten out more there woulda been mechs fightin' for your attention, an' I woulda been one of 'em."

The smaller mech had been rather intent on his energon, so the first touch actually startled him a bit, optics shooting up out of surprise. Even once he realized it was nothing to jump over, he still remained a bit tense, if not just entirely stiff. He stared at the other for a long moment before glancing towards the hand touching him, or trying to really. He felt himself relax a small bit, leaning into the light touch for a short moment before he suddenly remembered they were being watched. He jerked back slightly then, glancing down into his cube.

"I've heard it before."

Inferno smiled softly as he felt Red's first tentative response, and though he was disappointed by the sudden withdrawal, it didn't surprise him."That's good," he purred soothingly, continuing his slow tracery of Red Alert's face, carefully reaching behind him to set aside his cube of energon. "I'm glad ya heard it before, ya deserve it, and you're gonna be hearin' it often from now on." With both hands now free, he slid his fingers down the smaller mech's arms, gently massaging his shoulder tires. "I'm gonna be real good to you..."

Red Alert felt the heat return at the others words, trying hard not to squirm too much under the touches, as innocent and rather nice as they were. He still couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. It almost made him entirely want to reject the touches, but the part of him that approved of all of this wouldn't let him pull too far away again. He minutely glanced to the hands just in time to see the hands reach his shoulder tires. A low noise slipped from his defences at that pleasant touch. He had no idea it felt that nice to be touched in such an open place. For a few moments he had relaxed under the touch, only breaking from his trance for one last sip from his cube before he shifted to sit it down.

However taking the cube out of his hands made him unsure what to do next. He didn't feel brave enough to reach to touch the bigger mech in return just yet. Not to mention he didn't know where to start at all. His gaze flicked from on part to another on the other's frame, trying to figure out which plating looked more sensitive to touch.

Inferno's smile broadened, and his optics glowed as Red Alert set down his cube as well, which seemed to be a sign that he was on the path to success. The noise of pleasure from the smaller mech made him nip sharply at his lower lip components with his dental plates, surprised by how much the little sound affected him. His fans kicked on with a whirr."You're doin' good, Red, real good," he praised, keeping his touches light, and staying away from areas that were too sexually charged.

"Let me know if ya need me to slow down," he said, then, in a more hopeful tone, "or if ya need me to go faster..." The word 'faster' was layered with dark, sweet promise, and Inferno dimmed his optics sensuously, looking tenderly down at Red.

Red Alert nearly managed to relax entirely under the others hands, especially after the underlining promise, before the nagging feeling came back. It felt like something prickling its way up his spinal strut, if not just dancing over his frame entirely. It made him squirm though not in a pleasurable manner. Eventually he reached up, grabbing the other by the wrists to stop his hands for a moment. Through the corner of his optics he glanced towards the glass, shrinking away slightly. This felt wrong with others watching, whether he could see them or not he still knew they were there and it actually almost made his plating crawl. He dropped his grip on the others wrists, glancing up shyly. "Sorry… I just… I don't know if I… with them…"

The larger red mech stilled his hands immediately when the smaller mech halted them, and respectfully removed them from the tempting frame they had so recently been enjoying. He looked down at Red and sighed, before shifting his gaze towards the glass, which he had been doing a far better job of ignoring than he had ever dared to hope. Now, of course, the quivery feeling of unease returned to him. He clenched a fist unconsciously, wanting to swear and curse the stupid tradition that had brought them here to this place, even though he could never regret what had brought him Red Alert.

"I know, Red," Inferno said soothingly. "It ain't what I want either, but you your family won't just let us go without seein' we're together all proper. We can't... we gotta..." He struggled for a moment, inhaled deeply through his vents, and tried again. "If we go slowly enough, maybe they'll all fall into recharge an' it'll be like we're alone?" His optics twinkled hopefully as he watched to see how Red would take his attempt at a joke.

It actually had been a little endearing to hear the attempt at humour, more likely for his sake than anything. "…Maybe," Red Alert muttered softly, almost giving into the pull at the corner of his mouth. "If we can be that lucky." He turned away, though it was only to face the decorated berth. He moved over to the lavish structure, idly toying with the cloth draped down from the ceiling. He eventually pushed a gush of air out of his intakes, turning again, and settling on the very edge of the berth, hands in his lap. "I would rather just have an examination after time in a private room." He was half talking to himself, half to the other, peering up to him briefly before his optics drifted to the side to the spot on the berth next to him, as a silent invitation.

"It would be good if they'd let us have that," Inferno acknowledged, wondering if he had really seen what he hoped he had. Did Red really want him to sit down? He cautiously did so, also placing his hands in his lap in order to resist the impulse to take the other mech in his arms. "But ya know it could be worse. I read that long ago they used to do it real public, in the middle of a big circle, with everyone right in the same room, watchin' like cyberhawks." The red mech gave a visible shudder of distaste that rattled his frame.

He sat in silent thoughtfulness for a moment, then slowly slipped his arm loosely around Red Alert's shoulders, giving him a gentle squeeze, but allowing him room enough to escape if he wished. "So is that all ya'are afraid of? Doin' it in front of 'em?" He tilted his head meaningfully towards the glass behind them.

Red Alert found himself leaning into the other's frame before the thought had even crossed his mind. He could feel a bit of warmth from the others plating and vents, and it only served to relax him slightly. The cloth around the berth may have been sheer but it did block out a bit of visual, especially in the dimmer light of the room, so he allowed that thought to calm the rapid pulsing of his spark. The less he felt seen, the better. He tentatively reached for the hand draped over him, picking up the others hand to explore it some.

"More or less. I'd rather not be de-sealed in front of my family and yours." He idly traced the seams in the other's digits as he spoke, before he let the hand rest back down against his plating. In a short moment of bravery he pressed his own hand to the back of the other's, encouraging it to flatten out against his plating as much as possible.

Inferno's engine revved slightly as Red Alert toyed with his hands, and he unconsciously pulled the smaller mech tighter against his frame, feeling a surge of protectiveness. "So ya aren't afraid of me breakin' your seal?" He didn't mention the other items on the laundry list of acts they were required by tradition to perform before their families' honour would be satisfied, not wanting to overwhelm his future bonded. Future bonded... Of all the things they were required to do, that scared him the most. Would it really be alright? Could these feelings he'd from the moment he first saw Red Alert actually be the building blocks for a lifetime together?

How he wished he could return the dowry Red Alert's parents had paid and tell everyone that he was going to court Red by himself, the modern way, with no one else involved! Sadly returning the dowry would be a deep insult, and they would demand Red back too, and Inferno's growing attachment would never permit it.

The heat rose to his face before Red Alert could stop it, and he ducked his helm, hiding against the others side slightly. "No. That part isn't as….frightening as I'm sure it should be." He cycled a bit of air to relax and calm himself, willing the heat down a bit. "It pales in comparison to everything else." His processor chose that moment to supply a few otherwise inappropriate images, a few made up, a few from the studies he had taken. He squirmed slightly, glancing away when he noted his own internal temperature hitching up a bit and an unaccustomed feeling settling over him. He shifted to cross his legs, trying to ignore the odd tingling spreading over his frame as he thought about the less serious part of the whole arrangement. He probably didn't treasure his seals as much as he should, but he did know he wanted someone he liked to take them. And well, he liked Inferno.

As far as the other part, his hand came up to press to his chest at the thought, centring itself over his spark half protectively, half unsure. That part he was a little more hesitant to give over so easily. He liked this mech, yes, but the bonding was something a little too intimate too soon. He was more worried about what if they didn't work out after being pushed into something so serious.

"I've done almost all of it, 'cept the bondin' part," Inferno supplied, stroking Red's back comfortingly. "I don't think there's anythin' to be scared of there. As for the bondin', well... I don't think you'll be too surprised by what ya find in here." He tapped his chest, above his spark chamber. "I'm a simple mech, and I don't believe in hidin' things. What ya see is what ya get. You'll be seein' that I wanna take care of ya," then, more softly, "you'll be seein' that I'm already fallin' in love with ya..."

Moving from the bed, he knelt down in front of the other mech, standing on his knees to they were face to face, and then leaned forward and lightly, and oh so tentatively, brushed their lip components together, only a whisper of touch, a kiss like a question, asking for more.

Red Alert quietly watched as the other moved, mulling over his words. He was surprised to find he didn't heat up or grow shy again at the semi confession. He cocked his helm at an angle when the other knelt before him. He wasn't sure what Inferno was doing, so when the other mech first leaned forward, Red Alert tipped back faintly. The little nagging voice in the back of his processor told him to just sit still and allow it to happen, that it would be enjoyable.

He actually felt a something akin to a spark pass between the plating that touched at the light almost-kiss. His intakes stalled for a fraction of a second, and then he allowed himself to lean forward just a bit to affirm the contact with his own approval. His hands twitched in his lap, hesitant but lifting to rest on the upper ledge of the other mech's chassis.

When Red Alert pressed just that little bit closer it was enough to make Inferno hum with pleasure, a tremor running through his frame as Red's hands came up to touch him. He kept the kiss gentle and light, not involving his glossa just yet, though he was almost aching to ravish that beautiful mouth. After a moment he pulled back, regarding Red Alert questioningly. "There's more, if ya want," he offered, ducking his head for a moment in a sudden fit of sympathetic shyness. He might have had more experience than Red, but right now it almost felt like it was his first time all over again, like everything before had been meaningless.

Red Alert felt a small flicker of disappointment when the contact was broken. "More..?" he tried to imagine what that could have possibly meant exactly. He paused for a moment before lifting his hands, reaching more to map his way along the others helm slowly, taking in the edges. "I wouldn't mind.." he offered lightly, not so much hesitant as not entirely sure. He did find himself suddenly interested in the other's frame, moving his hands to touch specific bits of detailing that caught his eye, or touching his windshield and everything in between. He shifted just a bit, and being watched feeling came back. He tried hard to brush it off, but he still paused in his touches for a moment before he managed to push it away for the moment.

"That feels good, Red," Inferno murmured huskily, smiling with obvious pleasure that Red was touching him of his own volition. He shuttered his optics, basking in the caresses for a moment, then leaned in again, pressing his lips to Red's, this time a little more firmly, opening his mouth and extending his glossa slightly to trace Red's mouth, requesting entry. His hand came up, stroking Red's cheek and traced the side of his helmet, trying to reassure him through the new experience.

The red and white mech didn't have much of a chance to comment back, before he found the pressure on his lips back. A short gasp at the new feeling involved more or less granted the other the access he was searching for. The smaller mech allowed his grip to tighten on the other, momentarily squeezing the plating of his shoulders in his hands, leaning a touch into the kiss. He was more curious about it now, trying to focus solely on Inferno instead of the prickly feeling of being watched through the glass. The bigger bot served as a reasonable distraction though, so he didn't find it too difficult to do much more than just acknowledge the audience, but also ignore them. He managed to let go of the plating he gripped, moving his touches elsewhere, growing a bit more brave and pressing more than just the tips of his digits to him.

"Mmmm..." was about all Inferno could say, as his glossa found its way into the untouched recesses of Red's mouth, tasting remnants of the the energon they had shared, and the metallic tang that was unique only to Red. His fans, which had been quietly compensating for the slight rise in temperature he had been experiencing almost since Red walked in the room, now kicked up another level, and the red mech was glad he was already on his knees, because otherwise he would surely have fallen to them, due to how weak with desire they had so suddenly become. Both hands came up to cradle and stroke the crimson helmet of his hopefully soon-to-be lover, and his glossa moved invitingly against Red's before retreating, allowing a similar exploration from the other mech, should he so desire.

That sensation was entirely new, but it seemed to wake up his natural processes. Tasting the other made Red Alert entirely forget for a few moments that the glass wall was even there. It felt like they were in their own little world, and the hands on his helm only seemed to help affirm that. He leaned more into the kiss, simultaneously trying to pull Inferno a touch closer, and tilting his helm just a bit into the hands. It was all new, but it seemed like his frame knew exactly what it wanted now that they had a little bit of contact going, and what to do with it. Though eventually the nagging prickle got to him and he pulled away from the kiss in favour of hiding against the other's neck cabling, drawing him closer, and giving himself a bit more access to reach further back on the bigger frame, stroking more plating.

Inferno was disappointed by the abrupt end of this kiss, but his spark just about turned over with affection at the feeling of the other mech snuggling into his neck, and he wrapped his arms around him protectively, wanting to shield him from whatever was troubling him, even if it happened to be himself. "Are ya okay, Red?" he asked worriedly, stroking the red helmet and down over the other's shoulders. "I didn't scare ya, did I?"

"No, it's alright." Red Alert settled like this for a moment before gingerly pulling back, making sure to not take his hands off of the other at all, even as he leaned back slightly, aiming to lay back. "It's better when you block them." He admitted after a moment, and part of him could almost imagine how his creators were probably responding to that. He chose to ignore that train of thought, instead following his instinct and coaxing the other a little closer, albeit shyly. "You can… go a little faster if you'd like.." he forced the heat to stay off of his face, frame shifting in order to accommodate the larger mech closer to the berth, or over him. He was stuck though, not knowing what to do now, other than touch the other bot and try to hide from the audience as much as possible.

Engine revving at the idea of going faster, Inferno allowed himself to be pulled onto the berth with Red, but out of consideration he settled his heavier frame alongside the smaller one, not wanting overwhelm him. Of course his processor just had to torment him with an image of his himself between those shapely white thighs, an image which sent a jolt of almost painful need straight to his interface panel, making him groan softly and wriggle, trying to get comfortable while keeping everything out of sight. He very much doubted Red wanted to move that fast.

He ran his hands over Red Alert's chest in slow, lazy circles, then moved to lightly stroke the transformation seams along one side, leaning in to nuzzle the white neck, glossa looking for wires and sensitive seams of its own to stimulate. "How much faster?" he dared to whisper heatedly.

Red Alert's engine purred in approval to the hand on his chest, and revved slightly any time the other's gentle touches brushed anything rather sensitive or in the case of a few specific wires he brushed, sent strong pulses of pleasure straight downwards. He gasped softly at the growing sensation, squirming only a little, leaning more into his touches. He reached to thumb along his vents, tracing the outer edges before dancing downwards along his plating.

The size difference made it difficult to reach far, but with Inferno on the berth as well, it gave the Lamborghini a lot more to work with, and he reached for plating he had yet to touch, enjoying the warmth coming off of his soon to be lower. That was the thought that triggered his fans to finally start, though softly humming at first, they grew louder the more Inferno touched him. So much so that by the time he spoke again, Red Alert had to cycle a bit of heated air out of his frame himself to help cool slightly. "Well, curiosity is winning out more than modesty…" he wasn't sure how to word it exactly, but the slowness seemed to have been eating at his patience.

Inferno looked ceilingward momentarily with a silent, and spark-felt prayer of thanks to Primus. A moan escaped him - Red Alert's innocent touches were making him hotter than even the most experienced caresses (of which, admittedly, there had not been many) had ever done before.

"Tell me what ya like, Red," he murmured, hand slipping down, almost touching Red's panel, but drawing back. "Have ya ever touched yourself?" he asked, trying to gauge just how much explaining he needed to do. "Overloaded yourself?" The questions brought more tantalizing images surging through his processor, and he fervently hoped Red had at least explored himself a little, because he didn't know how much longer he could keep his pressurized and aching spike contained before he would be forced to give Red a very educational view.

Normally the personal questions would have provoked a rather negative response out of Red Alert. He didn't normally let people know any kind of intimate information like that. Instead he squirmed, frame arching slightly into the touch, and the tingling grew stronger for a moment before stopping when he didn't quite reach where it was concentrated. The smaller bot barely bit back a frustrated noise. "…Somewhat. But I'm not entirely ignorant about all of it." He glanced down, actually pondering just showing him, again, just how intact those seals were. Sure, he had explored himself, it was normal, and healthy. Especially since once he got to know himself, he'd know when something was wrong. "I know I'm not going to get 'bitten', and I know it's all going to hurt at first…"

"It don't have to hurt much, Red," Inferno assured him. "My last, well, my only partner, she was real careful with me, and I'm gonna be for you, too." He circled around Red's panel lightly again, not quite touching it, worried about frightening the smaller mech despite his professed curiosity. "Would ya like to see mine first? Just so ya know what the real thing looks like?" Maybe Red would feel more comfortable being exposed if Inferno himself took the plunge first.

Red Alert stared at Inferno for a long moment, legs twitching slightly at the close but not close enough touches near such sensitive metal. Oh, that was so much nicer than he'd openly admit, but he was starting to melt again. He was tempted to try and shift his hips while Inferno's hand moved, just to bring the touches closer and more directly on his panel. On reflex to the question his optics dropped to Inferno's cod piece. He paused for a long moment, figuring in his head the possible proportion that the other most likely had according to his frame size. "Well, don't you think I'm going to see it eventually anyway?" he didn't mean to say it with a slight snap, and immediately flinched back vaguely when the words left him. "…Sorry… I didn't mean it… like that."

Inferno didn't seem to mind Red's snappishness, in fact he let out a chuckle and shook his head in amusement. "Well, o' course, Red, but ya see..." he shuttered one optic in a conspiratorial wink, "...things are gettin' a wee bit... tight, back there. So if ya don't think you're gonna go into stasis lock if ya see 'em sooner instead of later, I'd like to take some of the pressure off. I'll take care of ya next, I promise."

"Oh…" Red Alert glanced down, sheepish for a moment before back up. "I don't see why it would bother me." Not to mention just how curious he actually was. He wanted to see, all because it was something new, something on someone else's frame. Something to learn and memorize. And really he had all the time in the world for that now, seeing as they'd be together an awful lot from here on out. For some reason that put a rather pleasant feeling in his spark. "I… don't mind."

"Much obliged," said Inferno, and retracted his panel quickly, before his processor could dwell on the number of others who would be seeing him. Immediately his pressurized spike, in an embarrassingly comical fashion, popped upwards to curve back against his abdomen as if it were spring loaded, trailing a light film of silvery lubricating fluid. It was proportionate to his frame, not unusually large, nor small, and below it an equally proportionate valve, also streaming a small amount of lubricant.

The red mech looked away for the moment, a little shyly, before turning to face Red Alert again. "I'm yours now, Red," he said. "Do what ya want with me."

Curiosity hit hard the moment Red Alert saw the other exposed, and no amount of will power could keep him from reaching out. He lightly touched the array, mapping the area with gentle touches before getting more exploratory. His fingers trailed around his base, before taking a bit of interest in his valve, or rather the lubricant at first, before he deemed his exploration complete for the current moment. "Well I suppose that would get uncomfortable behind there after awhile.." he curled his hand around the extended spike, visibly surprised at the contrasting textures. After the bits he had learned in school he was aware that this was pleasurable to the other, but to what extent he wasn't sure.

"OhslagPrimus!" Inferno had managed to hold himself still until Red had unceremoniously grabbed his spike, but now he arched violently into the smaller mech's hand and though he didn't normally like to swear, the expletives burst from his vocalizer just as a burst of pleasure shot through his spike like a lancing red hot pinpoint of fire. Clenching his dental plates, he slowly brought his hips back down and tried to remain still for the rest of the explorations – at least now he was expecting them.

Well, he had certainly received a very positive response, but the red and white mech wasn't confident enough to carry on any further after a few more touches here and there, and eventually pulled his hand away. He studied the fluids his fingers picked up, curiously licking at a bit of it. It wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't entirely pleasant either, he supposed he could adjust to it. He felt a need to compare, and ignoring the prickle for a moment, he allowed his own panel to slide back, lowering his free hand briefly, trying to be discreet about it. He noted first that he was about in the same state as far as the lubricant, that explains the tingling, and there was a distinct pressure under the seals now. He pulled his hand away quickly, legs pulling together to hide himself, though his panel remained open. "It makes a lot more sense this way…"

Inferno vented a few substantial gusts of heated air, both relieved and slightly disappointed that Red Alert had ceased his explorations, though when he heard the telltale sound of Red's panel sliding back, he smiled to himself. He remained where he was, not attempting to look, not that he hadn't already seen what there currently was to be seen when he had been shown proof of Red's virginity. "What makes sense?" he asked.

"All of it." Red Alert squirmed slightly, feeling his lubricant actually dripping slowly from his valve, and the way he was made it slide right over an external sensor. He glanced over, peering between Inferno's array and then glancing quickly down at his own. "Though I don't see how it wouldn't hurt, a little or more." His nerves were starting to show again, and he was getting a bit fidgety once more, shyly looking down at his lap. "I suppose though…. I trust you."

"Aww, Red, I'm glad ya do." Inferno was genuinely touched and humbled, and leaned over to lightly kiss Red Alert's lip components again. "I won't lie to ya, it will hurt a bit, but afterwards it will feel real good. I was thinkin' maybe, if you're ready, we could work on gettin' your spike out first. Actually, I'm surprised it's still in there, mine popped out on its own, but I think I played with myself a bit more..." He unconsciously licked his lip components, imagining Red's reaction to being touched there for the first time, imagined wrapping his hand, and then his mouth around the virgin spike and pleasuring the smaller mech until he was whimpering with ecstasy.

"If… that's where you want to start." Red Alert nodded lightly, glancing over towards the glass, freezing for a moment before forcing his attention back to Inferno. A vague sense of calm washed over him when he put his attention fully on the bigger mech. "I never really… had time." He admitted after a moment, glancing towards his own interface array. "The academy…" Well, he didn't feel the need to finish that. It was obvious that he focused more on what was put in front of him in school then what was going on in his own frame.

"If I'd been there I woulda gotten your olfactory sensor out of those data pads," Inferno purred, returning his hand to Red's frame, this time sliding all the way down to brush over his interface array, lingering over the top seal where he began to trace slow circles, first gently, and then with a little more pressure. "If ya need me to stop, just tell me an' I will..." He slipped his finger down, dipping into the trickle of lubricant seeping from beneath the seal to Red's valve and used it to moisten the upper seal around the edges, watching intently for any sign of discomfort.

Red Alert's words died before leaving him, and his though process ground to a rather rough stop at the sensation of being touched so intimately. His intakes stalled in surprise, frame shuddering in response to the first bits of pleasure that found their way into his system. He couldn't stop his hips from lighting into the other's hand even if he had tried, and it seemed like pressing up into the touches increased the fire in his lower regions. Unconsciously, his legs parted just a little more, silently permitting the other more access. "I-I see…"

"That's it, Red," Inferno praised warmly, gratified by the response. He continued scooping lubricant onto the upper seal trying to get it to loosen around the edges so the breakthrough would be less painful, his deliberately paced massage getting gradually firmer, and speeding up just a touch. "How does it feel? Is it gettin' tighter in there?"

The continued stimulation increased the growing pressure Red Alert had felt, hips twitching upwards just slightly at any particularly pleasurable pass over the seal. He felt his fans kick up a notch, heat pooling lower between his legs, followed by a bit more lubricant trickling its way out of his valve. It still felt weird, but in an increasingly nice way.

He could barely process that the other spoke to him at first, peering towards him, distracted. "Hm..? Oh…yes. It's feeling a bit tight." He glanced down to watch the other's fingers on him, shuddering when he felt the tingling spike higher in his lower frame. "…Soon?"

Inferno regarded Red searchingly. "I think I can do somethin' to make it sooner." Carefully he climbed over Red, moving between his legs and sliding down so he was facing the other's interface equipment. Then he brought his glossa into play, a long slow, tracing lick around both the seals, focusing on the external sensor nodes. "Come on out, Red," he murmured, between licks, "I want ya in my mouth..."

A startled yelp left the smaller mech when the other licked over his sensors, back arching up from the berth at the sharp surge of pleasure. He writhed for a moment, away from the touch before calming and relaxing into it as he grew accustomed to the feeling. This time he really felt the lubricant slide out of him in a higher amount than the previous few times. The pressure turned into a bit of an ache, and he glanced down to see that the seal was bulging a bit before it tore away entirely.

That hadn't hurt half as much as he expected it to, but he did feel a bit self conscious of the fact that his spike was finally free and open to the other's judgement. He reached down to cover himself, but stopped half way.

"Ya did it, Red!" Inferno beamed proudly, looking at the newly exposed spike like it was some sort of rare and valuable prize. He reached up, taking Red's hands in his own lest the other succumbed to his initial impulse of covering himself. "Don't ya hide from me," he pleaded. "I want ya, Red, every part of ya." Carefully he traced his glossa around the ruined seal, then up over Red's spike, tasting the untouched metal, the lubricant tinged faintly with energon from the ruptured seal, feeling humbled and honoured beyond anything he had ever felt before. Worshipfully he lapped at the sensor cluster beneath the tip, and then, unable to restrain himself, took as much of Red's spike as he could into his mouth, sucking firmly and ravishing it with his decadent sweeps of his glossa.

Red Alert didn't have much time to bask in the small praise, hardly managing a soft smile before the entirely new sensation of the other's glossa touching him wrung a cry from him. He hadn't been expecting it, much less how it felt even better than the other massaging his seal. His helm snapped back against the berth when Inferno took him into his mouth, a hard shudder wracking his frame and tapering into smaller twitches accompanied by whimpers and other soft noises as he was stimulated further. His fans kicked onto a higher speed, and he panted out a bit of hot air, hands reaching to grip at the other's helm for some sense of anchorage.

Watching Red's reaction hungrily, Inferno continued his ministrations, engine giving little answering revs each time a cry escaped the other mech. If they had been alone, he would have taken more time, tried to be more instructive, but under these artificial circumstances he knew a processor-searing overload would do more to calm and reassure his shy, and somewhat fearful partner than anything else.

The red mech was acutely aware that all too soon they would have to move on to other things, and he inwardly cringed as he remembered the terse, almost clinical instructions detailing how they were to proceed, how he was supposed to methodically claim each part of Red's body, mouth, valve, and even his aft, as terrifying as it must be to his poor virgin lover, before finally joining their sparks. Technically, his mouth on Red's spike wasn't even part of the equation, but Inferno was not about to ask Red to something that he wouldn't do himself.

Thinking of their forced circumstances only made Inferno redouble his efforts to please Red, sucking harder and swirling his glossa around the sensitive tip of the other mech's arousal. Meanwhile one finger reaching down to trace the remaining seal, pushing lightly into the small gap that was leaking lubricant, in the hopes of widening it and easing the passage of his spike when it finally came.

The waves of pleasure made the Lamborghini writhe, and slowly words managed to find their way into his noises, though they hardly made sense, especially to him. His fingers flexed against the other's helm, petting at him shakily. He felt something coiling in his lower abdomen, and it made him part his legs even further, relaxing and tensing all at once. Part of him thought it should be too soon to be feeling this, but the hazy part of his processor was egging it on, making him resist holding on to the coil and just letting it go. He muffled a louder cry by latching onto his own bottom lip plating, enough to hurt but he hardly noticed it with the white hot energy running through his system and flooding him as the first release slammed into him.

Inferno's engine revved to a triumphant, and almost smug-sounding crescendo as he heard Red's choked cry of release and welcomed the evidence of his success as it filled his mouth. Flavour-wise, the Vosian high grade they had enjoyed was sweeter, but the pure, unadulterated meaning of the viscous fluids had him swallowing them down as eagerly as if they had been the aforementioned vintage. He reduced his suction to a lazy pull, swirling his glossa soothingly as he attempted to prolong the sweet release before finally withdrawing, knowing the smaller mech would be sensitive now, and need some time to recover.

He hadn't overloaded himself, and he trembled, almost palsied with desire, as he moved from between Red Alert's thighs to cuddle up against the smaller mech, drawing him into his arms and stroking his plating comfortingly.

Red Alert shuddered softly as Inferno pulled away, vents working to push all the heated air from his frame. Feeling the others hands on him again made him purr, frame still a bit charged from the release. Tingling in a pleasant way, especially in the upper half of his interface array, he melted into the touches. He nuzzled satedly into the bigger mech, hands resting on his chassis for a long moment. Once the initial buzz faded he pulled back slightly, heating up in a bit of embarrassment at what had happened. "This isn't fair to you…"

With his greater experience helping him to be patient despite the aching of his spike, Inferno was surprisingly content with his arms full of deliciously sated cuteness, so Red's comment took him a little by surprise. "Not fair?" he teased, giving Red a gentle squeeze. "Watchin' ya overload was the most beautiful thing I ever did see. How is that not fair to me?" But secretly he was relieved by what Red had said, hoping that Red might possibly want to reciprocate without needing to be reminded that it was one of the acts that was necessary to fullfill their bonding contract.

"You haven't…" Red Alert trailed off, glancing down though it mostly gave him an optic full of the other's still erect spike. There was a fleeting thought in the back of his processor, but it was just enough to make him reach out and curl his hands around him again, braver this time. He hesitated once he was actually touching him, but it was only for a moment before he flexed his grip, and then pulled upwards slowly. He marvelled at the feel, even though he wasn't sure what to do, just guessing that slow touches would be okay, since that's what the other had used on him.

"Ohhhhh!" Inferno let out a long, low groan as Red stroked him, hips lifting upwards of their own volition, following the pleasure-giving hand. "That feels good, Red," he praised. "You're doin' good." He couldn't believe that the reticent young mech who had crept in to the room earlier was now willingly touching his spike. Maybe they would get through this after all.

Red Alert felt rather encouraged by the response, already feeling his systems cycle back around to the aroused state from before just from hearing the other bot groan. Heat pooled between his legs, and he looked down to watch his hands move over the spike, sliding easily over the girth from the lubricant dripping from the top. He paused his stroking for a moment, instead passing a finger over the beading liquid at the tip and smearing it over him. It was all rather fascinating how his body reacted to faint scent of it all in the air, how he enjoyed touching him. Still, he glanced up to him to make sure he wasn't messing up.

Inferno certainly didn't feel that Red was messing up, even though he himself was getting messed up – but only in the best way possible. His frame warmed even more, his fans working full blast, and he began to squirm beneath the red and white mech's innocent ministrations, torn between letting go and trying to hold on to his slipping control. If Red had been experienced, he would have simply stated his desires, but as it was he was walking a thin line, knowing that someone had to keep their processor on track if they were ever going to be allowed out of this room. Still, he couldn't help the plea that escaped him. "Ahhh! Red! Please..."

"Please?" Red Alert's hands faltered for a moment, briefly worried he had hurt the other somehow or did something he didn't like. Every other reaction he had said otherwise, so he picked the pace back up, experimentally squeezing along the length, feeling the rise and fall in the circumference of his entire spike. He glanced between Inferno's face and what he was doing, pulling one hand away, but the other kept busy. He licked at the lubricant covering his palm, finding the taste a lot more appealing in an aroused state.

His optics had been shuttered tightly, his face plates taut with need, but something prompted Inferno to unshutter them, and the sight before him, of Red unselfconsciously tasting his fluids, nearly undid him completely. "Sweet holy Primus...!" Inferno whispered, half sitting up as he very quickly, and very carefully wrapped his hand around the one still working over his spike, stilling its movements. "It's okay, Red," he panted, "you're doin' fine, more than fine, but I just need a moment here..."

Red Alert let the other stop his hand, though still staring at him, confused. "…What for? I thought this was the point of—" he stopped abruptly, suddenly remembering the audience they had and freezing again. His fingers slowly uncurled from around Inferno's spike. He wasn't entirely reverting back into his shell, but remembering they weren't alone did kind of dampen the heat between his legs and make him want to shrink back behind the bigger mech again.

Inferno slowly relaxed back against the berth and banged his head against it a few times discreetly for good measure as he saw the diminishing ardour in the red and white mech. "Yeah, this is the whole point," he drawled gently, inwardly berating himself for breaking the mood. "It's just... Aww, Red, I'm sorry... ya were doin' real good, what ya did felt so good... but ya know sometimes, if ya been revved for a while it starts to hurt a l'il bit." A little bit was an understatement. The firetruck had been experiencing literal ups and downs for most of the day, torn between excitement and terror, and he had been terrified to take the edge off for fear of not being able to perform when the time came. "I'll be alright in a few clicks."

"Oh….I'm sorry." Red Alert pulled back slightly, fidgeting and pulling himself further onto the bed, thighs pressed together though the way he brought his legs up left him exposed since his panel was still open. He made a point to keep his back to the glass wall, finding it a bit easier to ignore the feeling of being watched again. "Maybe we should just get to it… if it hurts that much. Get it over with?" he peered to him, resting his chin on his knees for a moment. "In a way it would be fair…. I suppose."

Inferno vented a few hot gusts of air, trying to calm himself a little. "'S'not your fault, Red," he told the other mech softly, pulling him in closer for a hug, "ya were makin' me feel good, s'not your fault it got to be too good." He hesitated over his next words. "I don't wanna scare ya, but if you wanna get it over with, ya know there's a few things we havta do. Do you remember what they are?" Primus, he hoped Red had actually been instructed!

"I….know, that's what I meant." Red Alert cycled his own bit of air, not so keen on relaxing into his frame now, finding himself more frustrated than anything. He let the other hold him all he wanted, half glaring towards the other's plating, trying not to direct it towards his face, to show he wasn't annoyed with Inferno himself. Eventually he squirmed, trying to move away slightly. "I'm not sure if it's worth going slow anymore. I'd rather just be done with it…." He knew it sounded like he wasn't enjoying himself, even though he obviously had been.

Allowing Red to pull away as he wished, Inferno turned over to face the other mech directly. "Is that what ya really want? To let 'em win?" He nodded towards the ominous spectre of the glass behind them. "I'm sure everyone is pretty tired an' bored, an' they'd probably like it if I just threw ya down and made ya mine and tried to pick up the pieces later when they weren't around, but I ain't doin' that." He set his chin stubbornly. "Ya deserve better, Red. Ya deserve better than this whole darned thing, really, but I can't do anythin' to fix that, so I'm gonna work on fixin' what I can." So saying he leaned in and kissed the other mech soundly to seal the pledge he had just made, inadvertently giving Red a taste of himself from the oral ministrations he had received earlier.

Red Alert jolted a bit at the taste, almost pulling away, but quickly deciding that leaning into the kiss was far more enjoyable. Inwardly he was flattered by the words, and the obvious feelings the other mech had for him already. He sighed softly, pulling back, shyly staring down. "Alright... but I'd rather not stop again." He admitted softly, laying back, silently offering himself over, though still a touch tense due to the prickling being watched feeling still nagging him.

Inferno looked down at Red tenderly, through softly glowing optics, wanting to take what was so generously offered, wishing he could just focus on pleasing the other mech, without all these formulas, but they had to be adhered to. "I wish I didn't have to ask ya this, Red," he admitted, "but I need ya to do something for me, real quick..."

He lifted his helm to look at him when he spoke, shooting him another confused look for a moment before a thought passed through his processor and he cringed vaguely. "I don't know… about that…" he subtly glanced down to Inferno's spike, heating and glancing away when a few images flitted through his thought process. "I-I've never….. and it's kinda.. big…" The smaller mech wasn't sure why he was more comfortable with the thought of just letting the bot take him, but getting all flustered and shy again over… this.

Inferno had known better than to expect a long, drawn out session of oral pleasure – the terms of their contract would just have to be satisfied by a token effort. "At least ya know how it tastes?" he offered coaxingly, groaning as he recalled the spark-searing sight of Red licking his lubricants from his fingers. "Just try it, that's all ya have to do. It don't have to be perfect, or nothin', I know ya haven't done it before."

Red Alert fought back the urge to circle air through his intakes in a sigh. Sitting up, he took a moment to steel himself before inching over to the other mech. "This isn't something I planned to ever do…. Bonded or not." He muttered, hesitating a long moment before reaching to take Inferno's arousal into his hand again. It took a few moments of stroking him before he mustered up the courage to lean down, tentatively licking at the tip with small kittenish licks, adjusting himself to the taste slowly before taking a bit into his mouth.

An incoherent shout escaped Inferno, and his hips jerked violently, though he managed to keep from rocking them upwards out of consideration. "A-alright, that's good Red, ya can stop now..." He sincerely meant the words, even if they were spoken in a needy whimper that pleaded otherwise, his voice pitched slightly higher than normal from the erotic stress.

Red Alert pulled back after the other spoke, idly wiping around his mouth with the back of his hand and peering up at him from under the ridge on his helm. "Are you going to make a habit of stopping me, forever?" the tone was a bit edgy, clearly annoyed but only because of the mixed signals, and the fact that his body was screaming at him for more, but he was pointedly ignoring it. Without the stimulation it was fairly easy to ignore the needy ache that had built in his valve, let alone the heat in his frame and energy in his system.

Inferno blinked his optics, peering down at Red over the landscape of his body. "But ya said ya didn't wanna do it," he replied in exasperation, voice still strained.. "So I figured ya would wanna stop as soon as possible. Ya did enough, for, ya know, that..." He waved a hand indicating their situation. It was technically enough from a contract perspective, though certainly not enough for his aching spike, by any means.

"I'm used to just doing things, whether I want to or not." The heat in Red Alert's frame was driving him insane, and he had the urge to just reach between his legs and figure out how to take care of himself. But they were both in the same boat, more or less. "Anything else before we move on?" he crossed his arms over his chest, sending a rather pointed look towards the glass wall. He really couldn't help venting the frustrations. He felt unsatisfied, even after earlier. The pressure was starting to build again and his fans had already kicked back on.

Somewhat bemused, and not entirely displeased, by Red's change in demeanour, Inferno rose up onto his elbows. The sudden terseness was a refreshing change from the shyness of before, and he wondered at the cause, could it be frustration? The whirr of fans certainly seemed to suggest that it was, and if that was the case it was a situation he was more than happy to remedy! He gave Red an almost goofy grin. "I can't think of anythin'. Why don't ya lie down at let me take care of ya?"

Red Alert stared at him for a long moment before slowly moving to lay back, much like he had laid before. He was slightly less inviting at first, taking a longer moment before parting his legs to allow the other to come close that way if he so chose. Something about the position, much less his submission, made his valve clench on itself, anxious. His frame was falling back into the swing of telling him what he wanted, what his body needed at the moment, and he was hard pressed not to ignore it this time.

Inferno moved between Red's legs, again slipping downwards to face his interfacing array. One seal remained, glaring at him defiantly, but he was determined he wasn't going to let this small barrier cause any more trouble than it had to. Optic ridges furrowed with concentration, he leaned down, lavishing the area with his glossa, lapping up the trickles of lubricant and exploring the external sensor node with delicate thoroughness.

A loud half startled squeal escaped Red Alert, half out of shock, but mostly from the pleasure. His legs shifted, almost considering trying to close and squirm away from the intense wave of liquid fire. He stilled after a moment, tapering into a soft whimper. He managed to glance down before his optics shuttered, vents heaving out a gush of hot air while he tried hard not to squirm. The untouched sensors were a lot more responsive due to being closed away for so long, and after sitting aroused for awhile he was almost hyper-sensitive.

Stroking Red's thighs in a soothing manner, Inferno hummed sympathetically and continued his ministrations, gratified, not to mention aroused by the response, especially considering how hard won it had been. He continued gently licking the area around the seal, trying to loosen it as much as he possible and generate as much pleasure as he could in the process. Realistically, he knew that there was no way to open a seal with his glossa, but as Primus was his witness he was sure going to try!