Arranged Seduction (Part 3/3)

Inferno brought his hand down, lightly brushing over Red's interface array, then grinned. "Ya can always spike me...?" he offered, and felt an almost painful ache as his spent systems tried to signal their approval for this idea. He didn't think he would be able to manage another overload quite this soon, but it would let him enjoy Red's introduction to the experience without being distracted, which could, to his mind, be a very good thing.

A low noise stopped itself before making its way from Red Alert's vocalizer, the moment the other spoke. He tipped his helm enough to glance up at him, clearly unsure. "But I'm smaller than you…" he wasn't worried about actually doing it, he was more worried about the other feeling the same way he had when the pleasure had taken over after his seal broke. "I don't… think it'd feel as nice…"

"I... uhhh... haven't exactly had loads of mechs usin' my valve," Inferno admitted, misunderstanding what Red Alert was worried about with relation to their size difference. "I haven't seen many, neither, but I was told it was a mite small fer my frame. I think... I hope.. it'll be tight enough for ya."

Red Alert stared at him for a moment, fighting off the urge to sigh. "That's not exactly what I meant." He left it at that though, minutely glancing down to the others interface panel. It was another moment before he brought his hand down, bypassing the bigger mech's depressurized spike, pressing his hand below to feel for his valve, hesitant at first about touching him.

Inferno's valve had been given plenty of opportunity to prime itself during their other activities, and had lubricated itself generously enough from the firetruck's previously aroused states that it would need no preparation. He smiled encouragingly at Red Alert, finding his hesitancy endearing – the red and white mech might have had his seals broken, but he wouldn't lose that adorable aura of virginity for a while yet, and it was so cute that Inferno didn't mind in the least. "It's alright, Red. I want ya ta do it. I want ya in every way possible."

Red Alert curiously felt around the edges of the valve, still slightly hesitant. He had never even really toyed with himself in any kind of intimate way, since the only time he had opened his panel was for medical checkups and his own in between peeks to make sure everything was still fine. He didn't know what he could and couldn't do here just yet, especially since it was someone else's valve. He was more worried about accidentally pinching or hurting the other mech it almost made him pull his hand away.

Inferno's engine managed a tired purr, and he sucked in a small gasp through his vents. His valve wasn't as sensitized as it could be seeing as he had been brought to overload using his spike instead, so the feeling of Red's shy touch was more pleasurable than a similar caress to his spike would have presently been. "Ya won't hurt me," he said, smiling encouragingly. "If ya do, I promise I'll tell ya, trust me ta do that like ya trusted me before."

"…I'll try." Red Alert glanced down, watching his fingers and slowly letting them slide a bit in the lubricant around his valve before he chanced pressing a finger into it. The texture was odd, but it enticed him a bit further and he let the finger slide a bit deeper, feeling around slowly.

The fire engine watched the smaller mech explore him with interest, and even though the finger inside him felt more clinical than romantic, the fact that this was part of Red Alert's growing sexual awakening was not lost on him, and the tentative entry took on on a much more exciting meaning that sent surprising twinges through him. "Ooooh..."

Red Alert glanced towards his face at the noise, surprised but slightly worried it may have been one of pain. He visibly relaxed once he realized otherwise, and glanced back down to watch his fingers again. It didn't take long for him to work up the courage to slide a second finger into him, curling them slightly to gently rub against the inner lining of his valve.

This time Inferno's hips gave an involuntary buck upwards as a node in his valve seemed to flare and come alive under the inexperienced touch. "Ahhh...!" The look of pleasure on his face plates seemed more like pain, as it often did, but the sound of his voice indicated it was very much otherwise. Well, he hadn't been expecting that, at least not so soon after two overloads. He very much wanted to let Red continue his exploration at his own pace since this would be his first time as a more active participant, but if things kept up like this it could rapidly turn into some serious sensual torture.

Red Alert jolted at the noise, his own systems responding with a flash of heat and he felt his own valve excreting a small bit of lubricant itself. He squirmed a bit, crossing his legs, instead forcing himself to focus on the task at hand. While the two fingers were inside of the other, he brought his other hand around to go back to exploring the rim, purposely trying to locate the outer sensors this time.

"Mmmm...!" Inferno's hips twitched again, optics shuttering for a moment as he forgot he was supposed to be watching. So much for enjoying Red taking his pleasure from the relaxed perspective of someone who was physically sated. His previous satisfaction was disappearing rapidly, replaced by yet more want for this gentle, sincere, and beautiful mech.

The Lamborghini shifted a bit closer, though eventually moving to settle himself between the other's legs after a bit of shifting about. It gave him a much better look at just what he was doing, and made his internal temperature shoot up a few notches. He bit down on his bottom lip, chancing a third finger and pressing them a bit deeper to feel more of his valve.

Inferno knew he would be ready any time Red wanted to take the next step – one finger would probably have been enough to get him lubricated even if he hadn't been so previously wound up - but he didn't want to rush the other mech, especially not when he was being so generous. It was so thoughtful and caring, even more so when the whole point of Inferno offering his valve had been to get Red the overload he hadn't quite been able to achieve before.

And he would be lying if he said it didn't feel good, even more so as Red pressed deeper, causing his engine to rev with excitement. "That's... uhhh... that's..." Words failed him for the moment and he got a rather silly-looking smile on his face plates

Red Alert was stalling a little bit, not sure if it was okay to move on or not. Given the others reaction and the lack of resistance he figured it wouldn't be bad to try. It took him a moment to pull his fingers free, doing so carefully, but then resting his hands on Inferno's thighs and wriggling closer. He hesitated again, before the words from earlier came back to the front of his processor. "It's…really okay?"

"It's more than okay, darlin'," Inferno purred, feeling a bit relieved when Red withdrew his fingers and he saw him shifting around, perhaps ready to progress further. He spread his legs wider in invitation and smiled. "I'm yours, Red, yours only, from now on..."

There was a moment of hesitation, an unsure look passing over Red Alert's face before the other's words reached his logic centre. It made sense, having the other give himself to him as well, even if it wasn't as pure as he had been. He shifted a little closer, awkward from his nerves, but eventually pressed his spike against the other's valve, carefully pushing in. He curled forward at the feeling, keening softly into the other's plating before he straightened up to push the rest of the way in, slow, just to be sure.

Inferno watched avidly as Red entered him, experiencing a hot throb of bliss that was sweetened by a fond recollection of his own first time doing this, and the acknowledgement that the same sort of memories were being made for the other mech at this very moment. He remembered how aroused he had been, how exciting it was. The spike inside him wasn't a bad fit either, and he hissed slightly as Red slid all the way in, brushing a few nodes along the way. "Ya don't have ta go slow, Red," he said, grinning. "I like it hard."

Red Alert started some, glancing away in a moment of shyness at the comment. "I don't…" his hands flexed a bit on his thighs, gripping before letting go, almost pulling away entirely. "Inferno I don't know if I…" he wasn't sure whether it was the being rough or just the thought of possibly messing up while doing so that made him more nervous.

Inferno saw Red's hesitancy and wrapped his legs around the other mech's waist – unintentionally, although quite pleasantly, tightening the fit and drawing him deeper - before he could bolt. He reached up to stroke the other's face, gently encouraging him to meet his optics. "Aww, Red... ya don't have ta do that either. What I want is fer ya ta do what feels good... Listen ta yer body an' do what it wants... I already feel so good havin' ya with me, havin' ya inside me, I know whatever ya do will feel good too..."

The smaller mech tensed up at first, not sure how to feel about being kept where he was, fidgeting slightly. It took a bit for him to make up his mind, but eventually he reached to trail his hands along the other's hips and abdominal plating. A moment later he shifted to pull his hips back, though only part way before he had to push back in, shuddering at the feeling.

The larger red mech watched as Red began to move, a shiver of his own coursing through his frame at the first beginnings of delicious friction. "Ahhh...That's it, Red," he encouraged. "Feel's good, don't it?" He reached up, stroking the other mech's back and spoiler. "I guess things worked out after all, 'cause I wanna do everythin' with ya. Everythin' I did to ya, I want ya to do to me – when ya'are ready for it."

Red Alert didn't try to fight the natural urge to move more. He focused part way on the other's words, hands sliding over his plating slowly. He enjoyed touching the other mech, something about it was very calming. But in this case it only helped his internal temperature to rise, especially with the encouragement. He was still minutely worried about harming the bigger mech, since he was in contact with rather sensitive equipment, but so far he hadn't harmed him. That was a plus.

Inferno allowed Red Alert to set the pace, unwrapping his legs from around the other mech's waist, so they wouldn't be slowing his partner down if he wanted to move faster. All the while his hands continued petting Red's back, and even trailed down lightly over his aft, though they didn't linger there in case it made the less experienced mech feel uncomfortable. His engine purred quietly with contentment, the level of his arousal wasn't picking up as quickly now, but he was still having a good time, and the other mech seemed to be as well which was even more important.

Red Alert managed to keep the slow pace up for a bit before the need for more kicked in. His hips pushed forward with more force than before, his pace increasing as well. He really couldn't help it when the heat seemed to take over his thinking processes, and he just let his body do as it wanted.

That got Inferno's attention, alright, the purring of his engine deepening to a rumble once again. "Oh, that's good, Red, I like that..." He continued to watch the other mech eagerly, enjoying the expressions of need and desire sweeping over his face plates "Ya'are so beautiful, so passionate..."

Red Alert felt the pressure again, his fingers curling around bits of the other's plating to ground himself. It built fast this time, probably from coming close earlier and then a bit of cool down gave him his thinking back. Now it was gone again, and he curled over him a little bit, groaning low at the growing pleasure.

Inferno's hips tilted unconsciously upwards to angle his external sensor node into a position where it would get the most benefit from Red's new position, and his valve clenched spasmodically with growing excitement. The red mech moaned softly before getting a devious idea and began clenching his valve deliberately around Red's spike, trying to arouse him still more.

A gasp made his intakes stutter for a moment, his whole frame shuddering at the first clench. Oh that was new and absolutely divine. The following tightening made him groan again, hips twitching in response to the feeling. He couldn't even keep himself from bucking into him a little harder, surprised and nearly melting against the other mech.

The firetruck emitted a gasp of his own as Red's pace roughened in a most delightful way, the movements hitting external as well as internal nodes and causing a deep, molten ache in his circuitry. Buoyed by his success, he grinned and continued to tighten and release the muscle cables of his valve rhythmically. "Yeah, Red... Just like that... Mmm... I think yer gonna have me on my back a lot if ya keep doin' that..."

Red Alert groaned the other's name, his grip tightening. The rhythmic squeezing was driving him absolutely insane, and coaxing his hips to drive into the other more, faster, harder, pulling him closer and closer to the overload that seemed so far away earlier. He understood the appeal, and somewhere in the back of his processor made a tiny note to learn how to entirely control his own valve and do something very similar later on in their relationship.

Inferno whimpered softly, feeling the knot of heated tension that signalled an approaching overload of his own. Red's frantic movements within him were exciting on so many different levels, not the least of which was the purely physical one. His hips began unconsciously lifting themselves against the other mech in time with his thrusts. "So good... Red..."

The feeling of Infernor pushing back against him pulled a low moan from Red Alert. His arousal only seemed to increase as the other started having even more and more reactions to the pace he provided. He didn't think he would last for too much longer, since he could feel the overload building and it was getting increasingly hard to fight it off. "I-Inferno…"

Tension quivered and creaked through the firetruck's frame and his hips tilted up still more, lifting his valve like an offering, a supplication to the other's pleasure and his own. His intimate circuitry burned with need, each achingly deliberate clench of his overheated channel, coupled with Red's thrusts, making him moan aloud. "Ahh Red, so close...!"

After a few seemingly too short moments of thrusting into the clenching valve Red Alert had to give in, letting go under the strong pull for the need to overload. He called out the others name loudly, and let his instinct take over, body still moving even through the waves of pleasure. His grip tightened almost painfully as the rush took him, mewling lightly with each of the extra thrusts afterwards.

Suddenly the movements in Inferno's valve were no longer his to control as the sight and sound of the other mech in the throes of passion caused the ache within him to blossom into a burst of release so exquisite that the upward jerks of his hips were enough to lift Red slightly off the berth. His inner walls clenched wildly with the unmistakeable spasms of his overload. "Primus...! Red..."

Red Alert's frame shuddered as the other's overload pulled more sensation from his spike. It was so blissful, and until the waves receded he managed to keep himself upright. Once the pleasure fizzled into the post orgasm bliss, he all but collapsed on top of the larger mech, fans still going as the fought to cool him off.

Inferno eventually subsided to the berth as well, and wrapped his arms more tightly around the smaller frame resting atop his own, one hand stroking over Red's helmet. "That was wonderful..." he whispered, between pants from his vents. "Ya did good... yer a natural..."

Red Alert's engine managed a faint, tired and sated purr at the gentle petting, his frame entirely rested against the larger one. "Mnn… I really need to rest before we finish…" his tanks still had a decent amount of the high grade in them, but he was exhausted in other ways. Mentally, from embracing all the new and strange things, and being nervous and shy about it all.

Inferno made a sound of agreement. What they had just gotten through had been arduous, but what was next was in a class all its own, and hung over them like a spectre of uncertainty. "Ya can rest here if ya like," he offered. "Or if ya wanna move I can get us cleaned up a bit..."

Slowly Red Alert nodded and moved to gingerly pull out, sighing through his vents as he did so. "It would be best. After we finish I plan to recharge… I don't want to do so… covered in fluids. No offence."

"None taken," Inferno replied amicably, having expected as much. "They left us some cleanser and a bunch of cloths that should take care of things fer now," he said, rolling onto his side and opening up the bedside drawer, pulling out the items in question, the cleanser itself marked gentle, which meant it was probably safe to use on more intimate areas. "When we get home though, ya can have a nice long shower in the wash-racks, or even a bath if ya want."

Inferno's optic ridges lifted slightly when Red took a cloth for himself. "I can do that for ya, if ya wanted," he offered, "but if not, that's fine by me, too." He didn't think he would ever get tired of touching the gorgeous red and white frame.

"Hu-? Oh… If you want," he offered the cloth back, face plates heating faintly. "I'm just so used to doing things myself…." Truth be told, he'd willingly lay back and allow the other to clean him, or do whatever he wanted now. He had a strong sense of trust with the large bot, and his attraction to him had only seemed to inflate since the first time they had met. His body enjoyed the others touch, and he wasn't going to say no.

Inferno gladly received the cloth, beaming happily. "Ya don't have ta do anythin' alone anymore, Red," he told the other mech affectionately. "Unless ya want ta." He flipped open the bottle of cleanser and squeezed a little bit onto the cloth. "Why don't ya get comfortable?"

He nodded a bit, reaching to resettle all of the cushions and lay back against them. He was willing to part his legs to give the other proper access, but hesitated the moment he remembered the wall, and that at the moment Inferno wasn't blocking him from their families. He snapped his thighs together tightly for the moment, trying not to squirm under the invisible gazes.

Seeing Red Alert's reluctance, Inferno followed his gaze and then quickly placed himself between the other mech and the glass. "Nothin's gonna hurt ya," he whispered gently, referring not just to the present situation, but to their future together. "I'll keep ya safe."

Red Alert relaxed visibly once he was blocked from exposing himself to the audience watching them. It was one thing for his own family, but for Inferno's to see him as well… it made his spark flutter in embarrassment. He was okay with parting his legs for the other bot once he was blocking the view. "I know."

Inferno privately thought that Red Alert, dishevelled and adorned with the evidence of their couplings, had never looked more desirable than at this moment, but he quashed the lecherous thought and got to work. He started by gently wiping down Red's spike, carefully cleaning it of their mingled fluids, then took another cloth and repeated the process with Red's valve and aft, conscious that the areas might be sensitive or sore. "There ya go," he said, when he had finished, tossing the cloth aside. "Ya can close up now."

The cleansing made Red Alert's engine purr happily. He was almost disappointed when it was done and over with. He sat up just as Inferno discarded the cloth off to the side. "Do you… want me to..?" he trailed off, glancing to the cleanser.

The red mech smiled in pleased surprise. "Why Red, that's nice of ya ta offer! I sure would like some help, if ya really want ta do it – but ya don't havta." He settled himself so the area between his legs was accessible to the other, too tired, and a little too enthralled with the company – truth be told – to care much if he was seen.

"No it's alright. I want to." Red Alert managed a half smile, gathering what he needed before inching closer to the other mech. It took him a short moment to encourage himself the rest of the way. He was much more comfortable with the audience behind them with his panels closed, and his plating clean for the most part, minus a few scratches and paint transfers. He put a generous amount of cleanser on the cloth before gently pressing it to the other's plating and working slowly and a bit meticulously.

Inferno's engine made a contented rumble that was echoed by his vocalizer. "Mmm, that's real nice, Red," he praised warmly, watching the red and white mech's diligent efforts with a smile that held a significant amount of burgeoning fondness, especially considering the shortness of their acquaintance. With each passing astrosecond he became more and more convinced that he had made the right choice in this courageous, generous, and sensitive mech.

The encouragement was nice, and made Red Alert glance up towards the bigger mech's face plates before back down to make sure the area was clean before moving on. It took him a little longer to get it all nice and clean, to his specifications, but once he was done he was proud of himself. Discarding the cloth off to the side he sat back, to do a quick once over to make sure, well, that's what he told himself. He really just wanted to really look at the other mech for a few moments.

The firetruck grinned as Red Alert looked him over, allowing him to look his fill rather than immediately shutting his panels, despite the spectre of the mirrored glass and the prying optics it hid. By virtue of his work with the Iacon fire department Inferno was used to being uncovered, even around mechs he wasn't intimate with. Fighting fires meant ashes and debris could sometimes find their way into places that were uncomfortable enough that waiting to get home and use private wash-racks was a lower priority than getting rid of the irritants as soon as possible.

After Red Alert was content with his work, and ogling the other's frame, he moved to place himself close to the other's side. He tried to hide the sudden wave of nervousness, half curling over his frame and immediately hiding against him in the form of nuzzling his plating. Out of everything that night so far, the next part was going to be the biggest step, and therefore the most terrifying.

"Aww, yer so cute," Inferno murmured affectionately as Red cuddled up against him. Shutting his panels, he wrapped an arm around the red and white shoulders, rubbing gently over the other mech's back and spoiler, and down over one shoulder door. He could tell Red Alert was still nervous, understandably so, and he would have been lying if he didn't acknowledge some apprehension of his own.

The smaller frame melted under the soft petting. It seemed like Inferno's hands glided right over every sensor in such a nice relaxing way… His engine purred, betraying the contentment he would have preferred to hide with others watching, probably closely now that they were getting to the final part. He tightened around the larger mech as best he could, embarrassed now that his own frame was betraying him.

Inferno continued caressing the white and red plating in a soothing manner. "It's gonna be alright, Red," he whispered softly, and it was, he realized, probably true, unless either one of them was vastly different on the inside than what they pretended – and even then, it depended on what exactly was different. He very much doubted that Red was concealing a hidden psychopathic nature since no one that disturbed could radiate so much sincerity.

"I'm afraid too, ya know," Inferno admitted cautiously and with no small measure of reluctance. He was a proud mech, one who worked at a dangerous occupation and prided himself on being able to handle anything thrown his way, so this confession was not easy for him. It was, however, something he thought Red would benefit from hearing. "I... I'm afraid ya won't like me..." His voice was so low as to be almost inaudible.

The words surprised Red Alert more than anything, and he tipped his helm enough to look up towards the other's face. "To be honest, I won't have a choice but to like you." He settled back down, laying to where he could watch his hand on the other's plating. "But… I can say I'll do it willingly at this point. I like you well enough to accept you."

The crimson mech looked relieved by Red's words. They weren't a declaration of spark-felt love - he would have been a complete idiot to expect one under these circumstances anyway – but they were something he could work with. In answer he sent a ping to the other mech's comm system, face, optics, and movements not betraying the clandestine communication at all to the spectators behind the glass. :44524762248951:

A bit of a confused look passed over his face, and he found himself peering between Inferno and the glass wall for a moment. He wasn't sure what had happened, or really what to do next to start. Part of him wasn't sure if he wanted to start at all, but a fluttering in his spark told him this was a good idea. He calmed marginally, though still unsure due to confusion. "What….?"

: It's the number of an account I opened in yer name at Iacon Central Bank : Inferno explained, still on the private channel, continuing to pet Red's plating as if there was nothing happening. : The full amount of yer dowry is gonna be automatically transferred there when yer creators pay me. I want ya ta have credits of yer own, in case ya ain't happy with me. :

"Oh." After a moment he nodded and settled back down, nuzzling into the warm plating again. The petting was easily relaxing him again, and he eventually melted against the larger frame, engine purring again. "Thank you… for everything."

"Aww, it ain't nothin'," Inferno murmured, placing a kiss on the top of Red's helmet. "I should be the one doin' the thankin' 'cause ya honoured me by lettin' me be yer first. I know it wasn't what ya wanted, but ya were so brave an' willin' ta try, ta give me a chance... Yer a special mech, Red."

Red Alert felt his face plates heat at the sweet words, and he moved to hide against him more than anything. "I…mnn.." he couldn't help being shy then, not sure how to respond more than anything. "Sorry I… uhm… should we?" he pulled back enough, once he felt confident, and glanced up towards him.

"Yeah, it's the last thing we gotta do before we can be all 'official' like." Inferno frowned slightly as he realized that his time as the patient, knowledgeable teacher was drawing to a close. The role open for him now, that of the inexperienced – and likely fumbling – student was not as much to his liking, but at least he wouldn't be in this alone. "I ain't never done this, o'course," he said, speaking his thoughts aloud, realizing that this would be one of the last times he would need to do so with the mech before him. "We're gonna have ta learn together." He shuttered his optics, cycling air for a moment as an almost imperceptible tremor went through his frame, betraying the very real fear he felt.

When his optics opened again, they fixed themselves on Red's, flickering with emotion. There was a hissing sound, and the plating below his windshield parted, revealing the gunmetal grey oval of his spark-chamber. It, too, irised open, exposing him completely to the other mech amidst a dazzling glow like the blue heart of a flame. "I'm yers, Red," Inferno whispered, a slight waver in his voice.

The surprised look came back, though much more subtle and more awe than anything. Red Alert slowly let his optics drop to the exposed spark. He felt his own flutter in response. A moment later he could feel his own plating parting, by sheer response to seeing the others. His intakes stalled briefly, and he wasn't sure why he felt self conscious all of the sudden, but he felt the reflexive need to cover his chest. It took will power not to though.

Inferno's optics dropped reflexively towards the chasm in Red's plating, simultaneously disappointed and relieved when the other mech's spark was not immediately revealed. His hand latched onto a nearby cushion, apprehension causing him to unconsciously squeeze the memory foam hard enough to leave finger-sized dents. "It's gonna be okay..." he murmured softly, not sure whether it was to reassure Red, or himself.

It was a few more moments before the casing over Red Alert's spark parted as well, though once it started it seemed to snap back fast enough, his spark pulsing again. Well it seemed his core knew what he really wanted. He fidgeted, betraying himself for a moment before moving closer, holding a hand out for extra support. "O-okay."

The red mech remained on his back, still clutching the cushion, rather concerned by how nervous he still felt. Red Alert had responded favourably to their other activities, he had said he was willing to accept the bond, so there was nothing to fear in that regard, but the fact remained that this was a life-changing moment. It hadn't seemed like it would be this difficult when he was sitting in the living room of Red's family home, or even before, when they were cementing the physical side of their relationship... Oh Inferno wanted this, there was no question he did, but it wasn't happening the way he thought it would at all. "Take yer time," he said, trying to force his voice to sound firm.

The smaller mech nodded, slowly moving himself closer, carefully gripping at the others arm for balance while he settled himself over him. It wasn't much different than before, except his panels were closed and his systems weren't hot. His fingers curled tight around the plating under his hand, nervous, a little scared, but there was a sense of underlining excitement. Once he was settled over him, he let go of his arm, though his hand lingered a moment. He peered up to Inferno's face for a brief moment of reassurance before glancing down to his spark, noting the mixed light between his and Inferno's.

The moment was approaching, and Inferno smiled the most encouraging smile he could muster, trying to focus on the more positive emotions he was feeling so as not to hit the other mech with nothing but undiluted fear. He wouldn't be able to hide how scared he was, but at least it would be tempered by tenderness, admiration, affection, pride at the fact that he would soon be able to call this wonderful mech his bondmate, and such fierce protectiveness that he had been willing to risk his own happiness rather than see Red Alert end up with another who might not have appreciated him, or worse, in this Pit-spawned arrangement that his creators had come up with.

In a moment of comfort seeking, beyond the warm look the other gave him, Red Alert reached to grip onto one of Inferno's hands. Holding it between two of his own as an anchor before lacing the fingers on one hand and just holding it while the other dropped down to support his weight as he leaned forward a bit. He appreciated being in control, he didn't feel rushed, or crowded like this. Though part of him wondered just how he would actually feel if Inferno was the one to initiate the bond. He did know it would be a nice memory to know that the first bonding would be on his terms, everything after that was free game.

The Lamborghini's hand tightened, and he leaned forward, first catching the other in a kiss before lowering their chests together. The first brush of energy against his spark made his intakes hitch, and he couldn't help a small shiver as the feeling grew as his own spark extended the tendrils of energy to connect to Inferno's and pull it close to merge.

Inferno's smile brightened as Red interlaced their fingers, and he gave the digits a gentle squeeze as he returned the offered kiss. As he felt the first touch of their sparks his frame shuddered, and he concentrated even more deeply on the feelings within him that he very much wanted to share with Red. Desire, appreciation, an intent to protect and to nurture, and a fondness that was already perilously close to love, he poured all those thoughts and emotions into the connection of their sparks along with the certainty that Red deserved all that and more. I'm gonna be so good to ya, he promised, the vow resonating with undeniable sincerity.

Another shiver ran up his spinal strut. Red Alert's spark knew exactly what it wanted at the moment, and it wasn't holding back. The tendrils curled around Inferno's own, securing itself to the other's spark. A soft noise left the smaller mech when he felt them draw closer to each other, the actual outer edges brushing before pressing more insistently into each other.

Releasing the cushion he had been gripping with the hand that wasn't entwined with Red's, Inferno used the now free hand to resume lightly petting the red and white plating. His worry was gradually abating, being replaced with excitement at the thought of his first experience with spark-bonding and finally being able to see what all the fuss was about, especially with someone as appealing in all ways as Red was to him. They were going to do well together, it was going to be alright. "Yer so wonderful, Red, ya have so much courage," he whispered reverently. "I just know I'm gonna be proud as can be ta call ya my bondmate."

Red Alert would have managed to respond to the words, but his own died in his vocalizer the moment their sparks really pushed and started to slip together. His hand tightened on Inferno's, frame arching slightly in response to the mildly pleasurable feeling. He could already sense trace bits of Inferno in his own frame, so he could only assume it was the same for the larger mech. And the more they slid into each other, the stronger the feeling got.

"Oh Red..." As their sparks united by slow increments Inferno began to detect a sense of otherness, which he guessed must be the first glimpses of the other mech. He embraced them eagerly, wanting everything they offered, wanting everything they represented, wanted to know the enigmatic, enticing miracle that was his soon-to-be bondmate in every way that he could.

Red Alert pulled in air sharply, almost tensing up at the foreign feeling. He barely paused, the pull in his spark wouldn't let him stall. He was drawn forward more, his spark sliding deeper into Inferno's, all up until he felt it stop all of the sudden. There was a moment of calm before he felt everything start. His own memories and thoughts coming out of hiding to mingle in the new connection with the others.

Excitement tinged with a small amount of fear... admiration, for Red's courage... pride, because his bondmate was so intelligent, well-educated, kind, passionate and beautiful... love, because even though Inferno was not quite 'in' love yet (though very close) he still harboured a great deal of love which he delighted in sharing with those he cared about, and there was no doubt that he cared about Red, very, very much... I feel ya, wonderment rose to prominence as Inferno managed to form his first coherent thoughts and direct them awkwardly through the forming bond.

Red Alert started a bit, glancing up so their optics met. He wasn't too sure how to react still, and felt a bit shy about his processor being so open to the other mech in a way that not even the medics would be able to access. His grip on the other tightened, and then relaxed. He knew better than to try and hide things, since like this Inferno would see it anyway, and he tried to relax into the calm and slowly work his way through the other's information that was open to him.

The hint of shyness that he glimpsed was not surprising to Inferno at all, and he reflexively offered up warmth, encouragement, and protectiveness in turn. He remembered the day the matchmaker had shown up on his doorstep, carrying a holo showing a mech that was far too beautiful to be displaying the awkward nervousness that seemed to radiate from his every bolt and seam... Ever since that day what he wanted most, above all else, was to protect that mech, to save him from the cruel and unusual bargain of arranged bonding that his creators seemed bent on offering to all and sundry.

The warmth was more than comforting. It relaxed Red Alert, and lowered what little remained of any firewalls. He slowly worked his way through the various bits of info at his disposal. He enjoyed the cute little things he found, amused to no end over a few past experiences, embarrassing moments, etc. He was lost in a few of the memories before a few key points came to his attention with something recent. He couldn't bring himself to react right now, his spark too far gone inside of the other's and enjoying the forming bond which was well on its way now. If he remembered later he'd have to bring it up...

Everything was just fine until Red Alert found the conversation between the other mech and his creators. Well, it was all still fine, but he didn't really feel like looking at his creators after this anymore. He let it go for the moment, not pleased with the discovery but not willing to ruin the moment, even though he knew Inferno had felt the shift in his mood. He forced the annoyance down in favour of melting under the others calmer feelings, and directed his presence to a much happier part of Inferno's thoughts, mostly the ones directed at him.

Inferno felt the emotional climate within their co-mingled sparks change as Red Alert accessed that particular memory which had crossed his mind. Naturally, that had only served to bring the events that had lead up to this moment back to the forefront of his processor. He felt helplessness and guilt over the part he had been forced to play in all this, as well as a healthy helping of disgust for Red's creators. He hadn't blindly accepted their barbaric offer – he had tried to reason with them, tried to convince them that a traditional bonding contract wasn't necessary in order for them to see their creation set up for life. Primus, he had even volunteered to court Red the modern way! He didn't want their money, he didn't want Red, who was obviously a sheltered innocent, forced into a permanent relationship whether he wanted it or not. Unfortunately Red's creators had been set upon an unbreakable union, and had said that if he wasn't interested in doing things their way they would simply move on to the next mech on their list.

And so he had agreed to the match, because if this whole situation was unavoidable, he at least knew he could do his best to make it as easy as possible for Red, something he could not count on any of the other suitors to do - even the ones who had an honourable reputation. If you wanted something done right it was best to do it yourself.

Then there was also the fact that he hadn't wanted to lose Red, there was something about him, something that had stayed with him though they had been introduced only very briefly...

The different things that filtered through made Red Alert look away for a long moment. Part of him really didn't want to believe what his creators had done, what they had said, how they acted… but it was clearly true, memories weren't something one could fabricate easily. He really couldn't put any blame on Inferno, the mech was just looking out for him all without even knowing him. It was rather endearing. However his opinion on his own family had changed dramatically.

He felt Red's disappointment and sense of betrayal and for a moment regretted that he had not been able to hide these facts, even though the old adage of the truth setting someone free was rarely untrue, despite often being painful. Still, Inferno felt that he could not just leave the matter as it was, for it had seemed to him, in their own extremely misguided way, that Red's creators had been trying to look out for their introverted offspring. They had highlighted how worried they were about him not having a social life, concerned because he never found someone despite being exposed to many possible partners at the Academy, and fearful that others were put off by his glitch, even though, after they had explained it to Inferno, it didn't strike him as anything particularly bad. In their minds, this arranged bonding was the only option, a business deal in which each party knew exactly what they were getting, and would be forced to honour the contract with no possibility of escape.

Inferno still felt he should have thought of something besides going along with this farce, though he couldn't think of what would have worked, short of outright kidnapping Red from underneath their olfactory sensors, and that probably wouldn't have gone well...

Red Alert fought off a momentary urge to pull back and break the bond before it was complete, but that was only his nerves hitting him again. He felt a little trapped, but not in an entirely bad way. He was thankful that Inferno had taken the offer, if only to keep him from something that would only make anything worse, but at the same time, even with the emotions all laid out for him he couldn't help but doubt it all a little. After all it was all on a spoken agreement with his creators, and they certainly couldn't be trusted with his life any longer. In fact they seemed pretty concerned with ruining it, if they were willing to just hand him off to the first willing partner. His grip on the other tightened, but only because of the rising level of annoyance that came back. Now he was suddenly thankful for not going back to his old home, ever.

The firetruck experienced a flare of pure anguish as he felt Red about to pull away, and a massive flood of relief when he didn't, but despite the fear of loss him, Inferno resisted the impulse to cling. This was more than a business deal to him, more than an agreement, he genuinely wanted the mech who perched uncertainly above him, wanted the chance to grow with him in love and companionship, because he had never met anyone like him, who felt so right in his arms, who, he felt, seemed to bring out the best in him without even trying... His optics brimmed with cleaning fluid as he focused on Red's face. Please don't leave me...

Red Alert started at the strong feeling, immediately glancing to his face and feeling regret. The annoyance completely drained away immediately, and he uncurled their hands just so he could reach up to smooth his fingers over the other's face plates and helm. I'm not going to…. He would have been able to give a wave of assurance that he didn't blame Inferno, he wasn't upset with him… he was just a little unsure again. But it didn't change anything between them thus far. He felt it when the bond fell into place, an almost too intense wave rushed over him and he could really feel Inferno. Through his entire systems, his frame, everything, everywhere. It made his shiver, hands dropping to tightly grip at the upper edge of his chassis as a soft noise was pulled from him. After that he found the chance to send that wave of reassurance.

Inferno gasped, arching upwards as he felt the connection settle between them, and drank in Red's offered reassurance desperately, his own spark answering with pulses of affection, gratitude, relief, hope, and, above all, welcome... Welcome inside me, welcome to what I hope is always gonna be yer safe place... He sat up just enough to rest his hand on the side of Red's cheek, and then press their lip components together in a tender kiss.

The soft kiss felt a million times more important all of the sudden, and Red Alert willingly leaned into it, returning it without putting too much pressure. His hands released the grip they had on his chassis, arms stretching so he could curl them around the bigger mech's shoulders. All of the feelings Inferno had sent in response brought back a little bit of the trust, and again he felt a little bad for doubting him. He just really couldn't help it.

Understanding, Inferno sent, understanding and reassurance. He had panicked before, unused to the rawness of emotions shared in their purest form, without the filter of words or social conventions, but it was getting easier. It was natural and normal for Red Alert to experience fear and doubt even now, but Inferno knew he would have the rest of their life together to prove his intentions were true, and for the moment, that was enough.

The smaller mech finally felt the need to pull their sparks apart, his chamber becoming a rather uncomfortable temperature from the mixed energy. He carefully pulled away, his spark gently easing back into his own chest and the covering sliding shut afterwards. It was way too hot to the touch to close his chest plates just yet. But even though they were physically separated at the moment now, he could still feel everything, and for a moment it felt nice not to be by himself. He carefully squirmed himself to curl at the other's side, angling so the heat could ease off his chamber so he could close his plating again.

Inferno trembled slightly as Red separated their sparks. He was a little disappointed, even though he too felt the build up of heat, but he had thought that there was going to be an overload, or something. Though he supposed with all the overloads they had shared previously, not to mention the somewhat uncomfortable memories they had partaken of, it was probably something wouldn't have been able to happen at this point anyway. But they had done it, they were bonded. He wrapped an arm around Red's shoulders, and sighed, loudly addressing the empty room and the watchers beyond. "I hope y'all are happy now."

There was silence for a moment, and then a metallic drone as a wall dropped down over the ominous mirror that had borne witness to their tryst. For the first time, they were truly alone together.

Red Alert draped his arm over Inferno's abdominal plating, engine giving a content half purr before quieting back down. His model really didn't allow for many noises like that without a lot of work. It was hard to get his engine worked up to emit anything worthwhile right now, his energy was low again, and he felt a rather strong need to recharge. The sound of the wall settling into place made him start, even though he heard it lowering. He had to glance to make sure, and once the glass was gone he relaxed fully, and settled entirely once he could close his chest plates.

Inferno shut his chest plates as well, and turned to face his bonded. His bonded! The thought made him grin so hard his facial plating felt like it was going to crack. "Do ya need some more fuel before we rest?" he asked solicitously. "I can pour ya some if ya want."

"Mm?" Red Alert managed to glance up at Inferno, though briefly. "No. I'll be alright. Recharge sounds nice though. Especially if it means a nice hot shower later without actually waiting for it." He cycled a bit of still too warm air, optics dimming as he settled in to rest for the moment. He wouldn't go entirely offline unless Inferno was alright with it, or planned to join him. He didn't want to recharge alone, even if Inferno was there being a big pillow.

"Alright," Inferno agreed amiably. "Recharge an' then home an' then a hot, steamy shower all to yerself, unless ya think ya might care fer some company?" His engine tried for a lecherous rev, but only managed a sleepy rumble. "Oh, we're gonna have fun, Red..." he murmured tiredly, his systems already beginning to shut down. "Ya ain't seen nothin' yet..."

Red Alert hardly managed an amused hum of sorts before he allowed his optics to dim and shut, frame instinctively curling closer to Inferno. He could feel his spark pulse happily at being so close to the newly bonded, and it all actually helped to keep him relax and lure him into a peaceful light recharge. It didn't take too long before the light sleep turned into something much deeper as all of the systems powered down for the evening.