"What?" exclaimed Abby, astonishment clear in her voice, "he's sick?" she continued, "Gibbs is sick?"

"I know…" answered Tony, his eyes almost widened with shock, his voice low, "weird, right?"

Abby nodded in agreement, "Gibbs never gets sick! This is beyond hinky, Tony."

Tim walked into Abby's silent, and empty, lab, his pace fast, his eyes darting every which way, "guys! He's got a note an- everything!" he whispered loudly, having heard their conversation as he walked in.

Tony scoffed, "no way, Gibbs has a frikin doctor's note?" he asked, unbelieving.

Tim nodded enthusiastically, "yes! I saw it with my own eyes! Leroy Jethro Gibbs forcefully excused from work due to the flu!"

Abby looked both ways before getting into Tim's personal space, and whispering, "did you hack into the director's computer?"

Tim's eyes widened even more, if it was even possible, and he huddled in with Abby and Tony, "no…" he whispered in answer, his voice astonished and breathy, "I asked!"

"No way!" Tony whispered loudly, unwilling to believe Tim computer geek extraordinaire could just ask instead of hacking into something.

"…Way…" answered Tim, still in shock that his boss could actually get the flu.

"So now what?" asked Abby, putting up her hands in question, as if wondering how do we go on while Gibbs is gone?

Tim shook his head slowly, almost lost, with his eyes wide and his shoulders hunched. "I dunno, Abby… I just… dunno…."

Tony bit his lower lip, "I knows…" he trailed off. Both teammates turned to him, and then at once their eyes went wide, "really?" they asked together.

"Yep…" answered Tony, "director Vance made me team leader again… I guess he thinks I've got enough experience by now…" he explained, almost embarrassed. Tony still remembered the last time he had been made boss… it hadn't been an easy experience both for himself, or his team.

Abby nodded, and smirked, "right on, boss." She said, thumping Tony on the shoulder. Tony grinned happily, and bumped his shoulder against Abby's.

Tim looked down, then up, and then he looked at Tony and smiled, "good show…boss." He finished in a whisper, and Tony's eyes went wide, and a small pleased blush unwittingly covered his face, and he smiled, grinning widely at the almost ten years younger member of his team.

"Aw shucks, thanks, guys." He answered them, beyond pleased that both Abby, and Tim, of all people, had willingly called him boss! Amazing. It gave Tony flutters in his stomach.

Then he clapped his hands together once, and rubbed them excitedly, "alright, let's get to work, guys!"

Abby cackled, "yes, sir, boss-man!" then she turned around and skipped over to her stereo, turned on her loud, and annoying music and went to work on some backlogged analysis orders for the other teams.

"McGee, let's get to work." Ordered Tony with a wide smile, patting Tim on the back as they walked over to the elevator. "On it, boss!" exclaimed Tim with a bright smile, following behind Tony with a fast step.

And as the elevator doors closed on them, Tony couldn't help but wonder if Ziva would react as well as Tim to Tony's temporary ascension to team leader. He sighed as he remembered Ziva's most recent screaming match, accusing him of being an irresponsible child. Then he saw Tim smiling at him as they walked out of the elevator, and he grinned back at the younger man, at least I always got him and Abby.