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John gently offloaded her onto the sofa and stood up, stretching out his limbs and shuddering slightly, easing the stiffness in his muscles. The kettle had long boiled and gone cold again, so he flicked the electric switch and set the water heating again. After a few moments of leaning against the side he realized that her blade was still on the floor and also that there was a couple of drops of blood on the floor. He knelt and used a small piece of damp paper towel to remove the red stain and tossed it smartly in the bin with a practised flick of the hand. He turned sharply as there was a tap at the door; it broke into his thoughts, rudely interrupting his train of thinking.

'Who is it?' He called softly, careful not to wake Martha but loud enough that it carried through the thin wooden panelling of the door. There was a muffled reply, so he walked to the door and opened it; the white panelling swinging inwards to reveal a young woman perched on his top step. He clinically observed her, her deep chestnut hair that fell in gentle waves around her face and her blue eyes that seemed to sparkle in her pale face.

'Oh… I was told Martha Lawson would be here.' She smiled at him and he kept his eyes fixed on her, not removing his eyes from her form.

'She is… who are you?' She seemed startled at this and then shook her head.

'Sorry, I meant to introduce myself. I'm DCI Rosie Phoenix, metropolitan police force.' John made no move to invite her in or even be hospitable.

'How do you know Martha?' He asked, moving backwards to allow her entrance to his flat, which was significantly warmer than the corridor outside.

'We did basic training together in Portsmouth, we were friends.' John nodded and shut the door, leaning against it and watching the young DCI as she stood awkwardly in the small corridor, her uniform neat and pressed. Her black leather jacket that seemed well worn was slightly too small, but not to the point of incredibly noticeable. John heard the kettle click off and loped slightly into the kitchen, laying out a mug and then, as an afterthought, called over his shoulder.

'DCI Phoenix?'


'Rosie, coffee, tea…?' John went clattering through the cupboards and his eyes alighted on another pot. 'Hot chocolate?'

'Hot chocolate, please.' She sat down on one of the wooden chairs next to the small table, covered in chips and stains from old coffee cups. John set out another mug and filled it with Martha's favourite blend of coffee that he had recovered from hers on his visit there a few days earlier. He handed her a hot chocolate, the top whipped up into a light froth and a float of cream, topped with chocolate sprinkles. Rosie hadn't even noticed that John had used whipped cream or sprinkles, yet smiled and took a deep sip anyway.

'Do you want to see Martha?' John asked her slowly, sipping his black coffee whilst leaning against the work surface, the mug warming his hands. Rosie lowered her mug gently and set it down on the tabletop, wiping her mouth with her sleeve.

'Is it possible?' She smiled at him and lowered her bright blue eyes.

'Sure.' He placed his mug down and walked past her into the lounge. Martha was asleep, her eyes fluttering gently as she dreamed, her auburn hair hanging over her face in a delicious way. John touched her hand gently and she stirred, sitting up and wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

'Hey.' She whispered, her cheeks red and puffy with the remains of mascara trails running across the pale porcelain coloured skin.

'Martha… a friend's here to see you.' Martha blinked her slatey eyes and looked up at him in abject confusion, her brow furrowing slightly.

'What…?' He touched her wrist gently, stroking the smooth white dressing fondly and smiling at her.

'A friend.' She sat up and he pulled her into standing, wrapping his arms around her and holding tightly to her so that she didn't fall. She whispered into his ear softly.

'Who?' He squeezed her tighter to his chest.

'Rosie Phoenix. She said you did basic training in Portsmouth together or something.'

'Oh. Yes. I remember.' She pushed away. 'Stay here, okay?' He looked at her and kissed her lips gently, applying slight pressure to her waist as he held her.

'For you, okay.' She kissed his cheek and left, her hand trailing on his waist as she made her way out. She stepped into the kitchen, looking around awkwardly and smiling as she saw her old friend sat at the table, sipping on her signature drink, the one she always had. Rosie stood awkwardly, placing her drink on the table and watching Martha warily. Martha took an awkward step forward, and then Rosie wrapped her arms around the burnt auburn haired woman that stood in front of her.

'Martha I missed you!' Rosie exclaimed, letting go of one of her closest friends and sitting back down on her chair, lifting her mug to her lips and taking a long sip of the warm liquid that tingled slowly down her throat. Martha smiled and sat down opposite her, resting her bandaged wrist on the tabletop, the whiteness incredibly conspicuous against the chipped dark Formica of the table. Rosie covered her mouth with her hand and then grabbed loosely onto Martha's wrist.

'What happened, Martha please don't tell me you started again. Please.' Martha stared up at her with tears twinkling brightly in her eyes, her pale skin blemished with mascara tear trails.

'You… you knew before?' Martha shook gently, her eyes welling up and tears rolling down her cheeks in a slow trickle. 'I'm sorry.' She whispered, her voice hoarse and full of deep sadness. Rosie nodded, her eyes also full of diamond tears that sparkled in the light.

'I knew. I saw, I noticed that you went out alone and came back, skin pale and clammy and with your sleeves pulled far over your wrists. When you pulled them back they were covered in plasters. I knew.' Martha bit back a sob and Rosie stood, wrapping her tightly in her arms as Martha sobbed gently. John walked in and touched Rosie's shoulder, making her let go of Martha. There was a silence for a moment as John hugged Martha too and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

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