Okay, so this Idea came to me last night, and it's rated M, because you never know where the teenage mind will take you :D but anyways enjoy :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Sonny with a Chance or the characters, just the idea in my head. I got the idea from reading Seducing Sonny and thought, well, what if it was both ways :)

Seduction – Chapter 1

Tawni was sitting in her dressing room, it was Tawni Time after all, when an angry looking Sonny Munroe stormed into the room.

"Ughh I HATE THIS!" Sonny yelled at the top of her lungs.

Normally Tawni wouldn't care, but as much as she hated to admit it, Sonny was her best friend. "What did Chad do this time?"

"They – wait, what? No, no, no surprisingly Chad did nothing. This one is all Tween Weekly! They wrote an article saying that Chad and I are having a secret 'friends-with-benefits relationship'!"

"Well, really, after all that you two have been through, I wouldn't be surprised."

"Yea- wait, what to you mean? I would not be in ANY type of relationship with that 3-named jerkthrob, EVER!"

"Ouch Sonny, that hurts." Speak of the devil, Chad Dylan Cooper stood in the doorway faking hurt feelings with his hand over his heart.

Tawni knew they needed to talk, so she took a compact mirror with her, and left to spy… what? She might as well look pretty while eavesdropping!

"Oh, shut UP Chad, this is serious!"

"So, I'm guessing you saw the article?"

"Hell yeah I did! Did you tell them to write this?"

"Pfft! No. Why would I want the world to think a random was worthy of my greatness? No reason, yeah that's what I thought."

"You are such a JERKTHROB! I hate you! Why do you even talk to me if you can't tarnish your reputation by being seen with randoms?"

"Oh, that's easy, you're easy to annoy."

Tawni chose this moment to have an epiphany, and texted a number she would have never thought she would ever text.

*In text*

T – I need your help. Chad and Sonny, you want them together as much as I do right?

?- Of course, but how?

T- Girl, I have an idea. Go to your dressing room, I'll meet you there.

? – Kk, see you there.

Tawni POV

You may wonder where I'm headed, and that is simple. Two words can describe it. Enemy Territory. As I open the door to the dressing room, I see her at her vanity waiting for my arrival. "Hey Portlyn"

"Oh my gosh finally, you're here! So what is this genius plan?"

"Well, have you seen Tween Weekly lately?"

"No, why was I in there? Positive or negative article?"

"I'm not sure if you were or not, but a certain two people were…"

"Oh my gosh! I knew it! Zac and Vanessa broke up!"

"Noo, they think that Chad and Sonny are in a secret friends-with-benefits relationship!"

"Ohmygosh that's even better! How did Little Miss Sonshine take it?"

"She was pissed! It was hilarious, but anyways Chad heard her say she would never, ever be in a relationship with him and they started bickering so I left"

"This is rich! Oh my gosh that is hilarious" Portlyn giggled.

"I know right! But, back to the topic at hand, we both want Channy sooner rather than later right?"

"Correct. So what's your plan?"

"Easy, neither Chad nor Sonny can back down from a dare."

"Elaborate please?"

"You dare Chad to try to seduce Sonny and get her to fall in love with him in one month's time, or else you get to take your pick of his cars and drive it for a week. I will do the same to Sonny, but my prize will be that I will have to pick out her clothes, and do her hair and make-up any way I want for one month."

"You. Are. A. Genius"

"So you're in?"