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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

A That 70's Show Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving at the Forman house is like any other Thanksgiving…

The women in the kitchen…

The Forman kitchen is full with the women of the family. Jackie and Donna are sitting at the round table while Laurie sits on one of the orange bar stools and Kitty busies herself with checking on a few of the pots resting on the stove.

The men watching the game…

The men in the living room are all seated in the sitting area. Red is in his armchair intensely watching the television set. Hyde and Eric are seen sitting on the couch; Hyde is relaxed and leaning back as he watches the game while Eric looks bored and is reaching into the nearby bowl to grab some of the snack mix and then adding it to his growing tower.

And the kids running around the house…

A line of small children are seen running from Red's den through the living room and kitchen—past those in the rooms—and into the basement. A little girl no older than five leads them as a young boy the same age follows and behind him another little girl who looks a few years older than them both. Behind the trio chasing them are the oldest of the kids; Fez and Kelso.

Yes, Thanksgiving is a time when those close get even closer…

Down in the basement while the rest of the gang is sitting down on the couch and chairs, Jackie and Hyde are standing up. Hyde has his arm around her shoulder and Jackie as her arms around his waist; they share a smile before exchanging a quick, loving kiss.

But this year, things may be a tad bit different…

"Oh for heaven's sake, how many times do I have to hit you for you to die, Dumbass?" Kitty asks irritably.

She is seen standing in the middle of the living room, her eyes glued to the TV screen and her hands glued to the game controller. Her six older grandchildren—three girls and three boys—are seated on the couch slightly surprised by the outburst but more into watching Kitty continue to play their video game.

There'll be lots of laughs…

Fez and Kelso are seen in the basement; Fez is sitting with a pen and notepad in his hands as Kelso paces around the room, his hand under his chin to show how deep in thought he is.

"We need a good name…a good turkey name…" Kelso says out loud and Fez nods as he starts to think, "A good turkey American name…"

"I got it!" Fez shouts happily, "Pablo Juan Francisco Hernandez the Turkey!"

Kelso stares back at his foreign friend, who is smiling brightly, with a blank expression on his face.

"Fez…that is brilliant!" he shouts, letting his own smile appear, "Write it down, write it down!"

A few tears…

In the kitchen Jackie is seen wearing one of Kitty's aprons—her hair is a mess, she looks very tried and close to tears. Hyde is standing in front of her, trying to listen to what she's saying while still taking in the scene of the chaotic looking kitchen.

The noises coming out of Jackie's mouth are more like squeaking high pitched sounds that sounds nothing like any kind of words.

Jackie continues on for a few more seconds before dropping her head onto Hyde's chest.

"Uh, it's ok Jacks." He says sounding a bit awkward as he wraps his arms around her and then looks around the room again "I think…"

And you'll never guess who the surprise dinner guest is…

The gang—except for Jackie—is sitting in the basement, each of them with their own shocked expression as they stare at the basement door and the person who has just entered through it.

"Who is that?" Brooke whispers to Donna who is sitting next to her on the couch.

Donna shakes her head, "You don't wanna know."

"Oh my God." Laurie says as she frowns and stares at the dinner guest, "I have that same top in blue!"

Fez quickly swinging his head to the blonde and smiles largely as his best friend beside him smiles and nods approvingly.

Donna and Jackie are talking in the messy kitchen, suddenly Jackie stops smiling and an angry, ready to fight snarl appears on her face.

"Oh she is going down." She announces with a shake of her head before pushing open the kitchen door.


Red is seen walking in from the sliding door in the kitchen with an angry scowl on his face and a large paper bag in his hands. Fez and Kelso are sitting the basement glaring at each other until finally Fez leaps off the couch and rings his hand around Kelso's neck and sending them both to the floor.

Brooke and Laurie watch the scene from close by—Laurie looks annoyed while Brooke looks more concerned.

"Ugh, Daddy's right. They are dumbasses." She says out loud before taking a sip of her wine.


In the kitchen the uncooked turkey is in front of Jackie while she sticks two wooden spoons inside the bird as if she were trying to retrieve something from inside. Kitty is seen standing in the living room, still playing the video game while the kids around her look very bored.

"Kitty, I've got the perfect Christmas gift for the dumbasses this year." Red tells his wife as they sit on the living room couch both looking exhausted.

Kitty turns her head towards him, ready to hear his idea.

"Let's just give them the house. They're here all the time anyways. And then you and me can move somewhere else and never give them our new address." He says seriously and almost excitedly, "It works out for everyone."


Jackie, Hyde, Donna, and Eric are standing in the kitchen until suddenly Eric jumps behind Donna and grabs a turkey baster—using it as a sword—trying to protect himself from Jackie. Hyde is seen ducking his head down just seconds before a glass cup is thrown against the wall near the swinging door in the kitchen.

Eric sighed contently as he sits on the couch, "It's just like what the pilgrims and Indians did on the first thanksgiving."

Thanksgiving 1990 is going to be a thanksgiving no one will forget…

"At the rate you're going when it comes time to say the things your thankful for," Red began to say never moving his eyes away from the game on TV, "Not having my foot up your ass, isn't going to be one of them."

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