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"Jump up!"

"No, she's still gotta defeat the guy down there!"

"If she jumps up she won't have to!"

"But there's a Mouser up there! Stay down there."

"He doesn't see her! Just jump up, Grandma!"

Kitty was only half listening to the argument being had by her grandchildren as she continued to play The Ninja Turtle game trying her best to finish the level she'd been playing over and over again for the past hour or so. It may have just been the first level but it's level of difficultness was at least a ten—at least to Kitty. Her fingers were hurting, a headache was beginning to form from watching the TV screen for so long, and she was only getting more and more confused by her grandchildren's shouts. She knew they were trying to help but they weren't.

Finally she decided to listen to her older grandchildren and she looked down at the game controller, remembering which button she needed to press to get her Ninja Turtle to do the task she wanted him to do. Michael Angelo leapt up in the air and onto the next platform that was above the one he'd been on previously; the action caused half of the game's audience to cheer while the others groaned and covered their eyes.

Luke leaned forward and began to walk his grandmother through the steps she needed to take, "Okay, Grandma now just walk up behind that guy and hit him. He still hasn't seen you so you have that advantage."

"Alright." Kitty said in uncertain tone of voice before she started to move her character closer to the enemy, sneaking up behind him very, very slowly. Instead of holding down the side arrow button, Kitty would press it, let go, press I and let go making her Ninja Turtle move slowly and in a kind of movement that made it look like he was doing some sort of dance that could have been in West Side Story.

When Michael Angelo at last reached his enemy—who had by this time turned around and seen him—the battle begin and the usual events started over again. Kitty started to press down on a combination of the various buttons and the audience became quite vocal.

"Get him!"

"Kick him!"

"A! Press A!"

"Pull out your weapon!"

"You've almost got him!"

Then abruptly the shouts of instructions and advice switched over to exclamations of warnings.

"There's a guy coming up behind you, Grandma!" Becky informed while pointing at the TV.

Mandy shook her head, "No, it's okay. Just finish killing this guy and he'll be dead by the time the other guy gets to you."

"No! No! No!" Mikey argued, getting quite into the game, "You've gotta go and kill that new guy first! He's got a longer life than you!"

"Yeah and he can start fighting you while you're still busy trying to finish off the other guy." James pointed out.

Kitty shook her head, she'd listened to most of what her grandchildren had to say but had come to her own decision, "No, no. I'm sure I'll be fine. I just need to kill this guard first and then I'll move to the next one." She explained, still fighting the first 'guard' she had encountered with on the second platform, "This other guy will just have to wait his turn.

While Mandy grinned because her suggestion was the one closest to her grandmother's decision the other kids who had instructed the opposite like James and Mikey had dropped their heads into their hands, covering their eyes form seeing the sight they had a feeling was going to happen. Their hutch was proven right when the unhappy tune that they'd all become very familiar with since their grandmother had start playing, filled their ears again.

"Well that was just rude." Kitty commented, "That other guy didn't wait for his turn."

"Grandma, that other guy was a bad guy. Bad guys don't wait their turns." Luke said, sounding much like his father.

"Oh. Well," Kitty laughed nervously, "Lesson learned!"

"My turn!" Ricky shouted excitedly over his grandmother's laughter.

Not ready to give up or let someone else have a turn just yet, Kitty reached over and grabbed another cookie off the plate and handed it to her youngest grandson. That had been the way she'd been getting so many turns at playing the game, trading their turns for cookies. It had so far been working and this time was included. Ricky took the cookie and contently settled back on the floor munching on his treat.

After handing the remote to her son's son so that he could set the game up again for her, Kitty took back the controller and got ready for her signal to start the game.

"You know Kitty, I don't know why you're having such a hard time at this game." Jackie spoke up from her seat in Red's chair.

Jackie had come upstairs after getting bored in the basement when Eric had come back from his trip to the kitchen and continued to make his argument about how he was a cool teacher but his friends still refused to believe it. She had actually agreed and said that he probably was a cool teacher—if only to get him end the whole argument that was getting boring and repetitive. Unfortunately her plan hadn't worked and the only way to escape the debate was to get away from it and out of the basement. She'd chosen the living room since it was the only other room with people in it. However, the events in this room were just as boring as the one downstairs, but she'd managed to keep herself semi entertained by braiding her youngest daughter's hair.

Kitty turned to the brunette; she was really tired of people saying that the game wasn't hard—because it was! "Jackie, this game is not as easy as it looks."

"Sure it is. Watch." she then stood up and grabbed the controller out of the older woman's hands.

Once she had the controller Jackie sat back down in the green arm chair and got into her game zone. Her eyes stayed on the TV screen as she—like Kitty—pressed the different buttons several times; but the difference between the way Kitty pressed the buttons and the way Jackie pressed the buttons was that Jackie never had to glance down to remember which buttons she was pressing, she also never hesitated when pressing a button, and Jackie unlike Kitty, seemed to have a better idea of how to play the game.

Another difference between what happened when Kitty played and what was happening as Jackie played was that the watchers of the game weren't shouting over each other. They simply sat there—speechless—staring at the screen watching as their mom and aunt played their video game.

Not more than five minutes had passed when a happy little number played out of the speakers of the television alerting the player and those around that the level had been completed and not only that but a new records had been set!

"Go Aunt Jackie!" Betsy cheered for her godmother.

"Yeah, Mom." James said with a nod, "That was pretty cool."

Jackie smiled, "Thanks honey." She kissed the top of her son's head as she passed the controller back to Luke.

Kitty, who had also been shocked by what she'd just seen, blinked her eyes a few times before reasoning, "You…you've played this game before haven't you?"

"Nope." The younger woman shook her head as she settled back into her seat, "This was my first time."

"Then how did you…" a confused Kitty started to ask.

"I'm just good at everything." Jackie replied with a simple shrug of her shoulders.

Frowning a frown that had a hit of jealousy in it (though she'd never admit it), Kitty looked back at Jackie, "Alright, Miss. Good at Everything, why don't you go into the kitchen and check the turkey for me?"

"Okay." Jackie answered before standing up and heading for the kitchen. She was never one to do anything too domestic especially checking on the thanksgiving turkey but things were getting boring in that room too.

"Alright Luke, sweetie, start the game over." Kitty instructed.

Luke frowned, "But Grandma, Aunt Jackie beat the first level, you can move on to level two if you just play from here."

"No, no." Kitty said shaking her head from left to right, "I want to beat this game all by myself, no help from other people completing levels for me."

"This is gonna be a long night." James mumbled to his cousin.

Having heard the words and ready to prove them wrong Kitty stuck out her hand, "Give me that remote." She said still refuse to call it a controller.

"A very long night." Luke agreed but still handed the controller over.

As soon as Kitty had the controller back in her hands and she began the game the 'cheers' from eth children began again. She didn't understand why they had been so quiet when Jackie was playing but chose to yell everything to her; she tried to see to as a positive thing though and used their 'cheers' as some sort of guidance.

"Get that one!"

"Use the nunchucks!"

"You fell off! Get back up! Get back up!"

"They're coming!"

"Pres B!"

"Use the nunchucks! Use the NUNCHUCKS!"

"I'm done checking the turkey." Kitty heard Jackie inform over the kid's shouting.

"Oh…how…um…" Kitty struggled to concentrate on the game and ask about the bird, "How is it?"

Jackie shrugged, "Okay, I didn't really know what to check for."

Kitty turned to Jackie but her eyes were diverted back to the TV when one of her granddaughter's shouted out, "Watch out!"

"What did it look like?" Kitty managed to ask while playing the game, though probably worse than before.

"Um like a turkey." Jackie replied not sure of how to answer that question.

Sighing heavily, Kitty wasn't sure what frustrated her more at the moment, the game or her daughter-in-law, "I mean what color was it."

"Oh!" Jackie nodded and furrowed her brow as she tried to figure out the best way to describe the shades she had seen on the turkey in the oven, "Well it's not that sickly pale, Eric-y color but it hasn't turned the golden tan-ish color of my skin tone. So I'd say somewhere between there."

"It's April!" Katie noticed.

"Wow." Mikey said seeing the female captive character up at the corner of the screen, "She's never gotten this far before."

Kitty tore her eyes off the TV just long enough to send a warning look to the youngest Kelso, she then went back to playing the game and multitasking a bit as she asked Jackie some more questions.

"Well did you baste it?"

Jackie frowned again, "Did I what it?"

"Did you at least check the thermometer?" Kitty questioned.

Now Jackie was even more confused "Okay, you're just making stuff up now, right?"

Before Kitty could answer the unhappy wordless song played in the room, ending Kitty's turn once again.

"My turn!" Mikey announced ready to take the game control.

This time Kitty didn't put up a fight, though it couldn't be said that she gave little resistance. Still she knew she had to check out the turkey especially since sending in Miss. Good at Everything didn't work out so well, guess she wasn't good at everything. Kitty handed the game piece over and stood up from the sofa.

"Fine but as soon as he dies, I'm next." She declared sounding a bit intimidating but quickly changed it to a happier one, "Come on, Jackie, let's go check on that bird."

The two women entered the kitchen leaving the video game addicted children behind; once they were in the next room Kitty quickly went to work on checking the main course of the big holiday meal. Opening the oven door she smiled at the large bird that appeared to be cooking down on the right track.

"Jackie honey, can you pass me the turkey baster?" Kitty asked, still bent over near the open oven door.

"Um…sure." Jackie looked over the counter and all the various cooking utensils on it. She could do this, she could. Turkey baster, okay it had to be something that a turkey would fit in right? Her hand started to reach out of the colander but she quickly withdrew it remember that that item was used on days besides thanksgiving, she wasn't exactly sure for what but she had a good feeling that it probably wasn't a turkey.

Seeing that she was having a bit of a difficult time Kitty smiled warmly at her, "It's the long one with the yellow top, dear."

"Oh!" Jackie exclaimed and then grabbed the item, examining it for a bit, "Is that what this is? Michael and Fez always use it to squirt water at everyone."

Kitty smiled and shook her head before taking the plastic tube, "Oh those two."

Jackie nodded in agreement and when she saw Kitty open the oven door completely and then stick the turkey baster into the pan where the turkey was cooking, she became curious and decided to get a better look. As soon as she crouched down beside the blonde she instantly regretted her decision.

"Eww!" she cried in disgust, "That's what basting is?"


"Squeezing the turkey sweat over the turkey?" Jackie asked, showing her repulsion by scrunching up her nose.

Laughing nervously Kitty continued her task, "Well I suppose that's one way to put it."

"That's just gross." Jackie stated, standing up straight again, "Why would you do that?"

"Jackie, basting the turkey helps give it that golden tanish color, and it helps keep the meat moist." The mother figure explained.

Jackie just shook her head, "I'd rather have a pale, dry turkey than one drenched in turkey sweat."

Shaking her own head as she fought back a smile, Kitty stood up to put the turkey baster back in place, she had a feeling asking Jackie to do it would not be the best idea. Jackie watched and though she should have learned her lesson from the last time, she let her curiosity get the best of her and pressed for more knowledge about preparing this big holiday dinner.

"Now what?"

At first Kitty was a little taken aback by Jackie wanting to know more, but she was more than happy to share some of her thanksgiving knowledge, "Well next we check the thermometer." She then proceeded to check the meat thermometer that she'd put into the turkey earlier that day. "It's moving right on schedule, but sometimes it's good to adjust the temperature just a little bit."

Jackie watched Kitty mess with the stove top knobs, "And that's it?"

"That's it!" she nodded.

"Well that's easy!" she said, surprised that she hadn't realized it before, "I could do this."

"I'm sure you could." Kitty said wanting to be encouraging, "Oh and then you use the time between checking the turkey to work on the other side dishes. I still need to work on the…"

Suddenly the well known little end of game tune was heard and was soon followed by an 'Aw man!'

"Oh good, Mikey's dead!" Kitty said excitedly, not realizing how wrong that sounded, "It's my turn again."

The short blonde woman scurried out of the kitchen ready to get back to playing the video game, meanwhile Jackie stayed in the kitchen examining the various cooking instruments and ingredients scattered over the counter tops.

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