Chapter 1

Ezra POV

Ezra laid in his bed naked. He turned his head and let his blue eyes roam over his naked girlfriend's body. She had been his girlfriend for three years. Her body was so beautiful, that he got hard from just looking at it. He felt his member throbbing. He needed to be inside of her again, letting her feel every inch of him as he thrusted into her wet hot core. He knew that she would love that, just as much as him.

He and Jamiee were always sexually good together. They always made sure to satisfy the other, always allowing each other to climax explosively. He loved Jamiee and she loved him, but she wanted to get married eventually and he didn't.

Ezra wanted to get married someday, but he felt that Jamiee wasn't the one. Don't ask him how he knew, because he just did. He didn't want to make a mistake. He wanted to get it right.

He and Jamiee had just graduated from Hollis College. He got his degree in teaching and she got hers in journalism. She was an editor at a top prestigious publishing company in New York City called Robards&Rowling.

Her breasts were round like oranges and she had big nipples. He loved sucking them. God he was hard as a rock. He ached with undying need. He reached over and traced a finger around one of her nipples and she moaned, but didn't open her eyes.

Ezra used that same finger to trace down her flat abdomen, feeling her shiver. Her breathing began to quicken, but she still didn't open her eyes.

He got to her thighs and she opened them, granting him access. He could smell her essence and he grew harder. He could feel the heat emanating from her. He looked into her beautiful face and saw her watching him.

Her long black hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. Her cornflower blue eyes were glazed over with lust. She licked her full cherry lips and it drove him insane. He wanted to kiss them and suck on them at the same time.

Ezra smirked at her and then turned his attention back between her thighs, staring at her core. He could see her wetness gathering. It took all his self control not to bend his head down and start licking her up. Instead, he inserted his finger and began to thrust in and out of her wetness.

She threw her head and little moans fell from her lips. Her hands gripped the sheets. He added another finger into her wetness and she nearly came undone. She screamed. He bent his dark burnet head and captured one of her harden nipples in his mouth. She got even wetter.

He sucked her nipple with wild intensity. His fingers thrusted inside of her, deeper and deeper they went. His lips and tongue toyed with her nipple, and then he moved to capture the other nipple.

Harder and harder he sucked on her nipple. Over and over she thrashed her head from side to side, moaning louder and louder. Faster and faster his fingers thrusted.

Ezra could feel her inside walls constricting around his fingers. He released her nipple and started to lick around her nipples and her breasts, all while still fingering her.

He crushed his mouth onto hers to capture her ear splitting screams as she came. Her body shook with orgasm after orgasm. He gave her one more hard kiss as he removed his fingers from her core. His fingers were coated with her juices.

Ezra made sure Jamiee was watching him as he took his fingers into his mouth. He groaned as her taste filled his mouth. He sucked his fingers until her wetness was all gone.

He glanced at his clock on his bed side table. It read 7:30 am. He had to get ready for work. He cursed. Damn his luck. He didn't have enough time to take her. He could still take her, but he wouldn't have enough time to satisfy them both. He was so hard, that he was about ready to explode. He needed some way to relieve himself. He couldn't concentrate on teaching, if he was like this.

Like she could read his mind, she gave him a little sly smile and then bent her head down towards his hard member. He held his breath as she took him into her mouth. As soon as her warm mouth closed around him, he almost jumped out of his skin. Her mouth felt so good.

She began to suck him, deeper and deeper she took him into her mouth. He groaned deep in his throat. His fingers ran through her hair, which felt like silk. The more she sucked, the more he thrusted into her mouth.

Ezra could feel himself getting ready to cum. His strangled cries could be heard throughout the room. Faster and faster she sucked him.

He could feel the pressure building inside of him. He was close to the edge, he could feel it. He cried out, and then he grunted as he came inside of her mouth. His body shook with spasms. After he finally still, he watched as she licked up his cum, smacking her lips all the while. He grinned down at her, which earn him an extra lick with the flick of her tongue.

Ezra grabbed her to him and kissed her long and deeply, before pulling back. Her naked body pressed up against his. He gazed into her eyes.

"I'm thinking we can finish this up tonight" Ezra said as he caught his breath.

"I wish we could, but I'm staying in my apartment in New York City tonight" Jamiee said. She traced one of her fingers around his male nipple, pinching it slightly. "I have a lot of manuscripts to read and plus I have to be into work early tomorrow morning".

"Tomorrow night then," Ezra suggested as he brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them tenderly.

"Tomorrow night is no good either. Ezra I'm sorry," Jamiee said apologetically. "I have to go to a banquet with some clients and my bosses are insisting that I go".

"The next night then," Ezra said. "We could go to a dinner and then a movie. I know how you love those two combinations".

"You know I would love that more than anything, but I can't" Jamiee said softly. She looked into his face, hoping that he'll understand. "I have so much to do and catch up on. I'm swamped to be honest".

Without saying a word, Ezra disentangled himself from her and got up angrily. He stared down at her. Her body beckoned him, but he ignored it. He was pissed.

"When will I see you again?" Ezra asked briskly. "Or do I need to schedule an appointment so you could fit me in?".

"Ezra, please don't be this way" Jamiee pleaded. "You know my job is very demanding".

"How do you want me to act Jamiee?" Ezra asked coldly. "If you want me to be understanding, then I can't. Not if we can't spend time together and don't pull that demanding crap with me. I'm asking you again, when will I see you again?".

He could see that she looked hesitant to say it.

"Next week," Jamiee said as her eyes held his.

"Are you serious?" Ezra asked with disbelief in his voice. "It's only Monday for god sake. I knew this long distant relationship was going to be an issue".

Jamiee looked like he had slapped her across the face. She got off the bed, and then she went to him, her arms wrapping around his neck. She gazed into his eyes.

"What are you saying?" Jamiee asked. Her eyes searched his. "Are you saying you want us to be over? Because I don't want that and I don't want us to leave off on bad terms".

"I don't know what I'm saying" Ezra said with frustration. "I just need to think. I got to get ready for work". And he removed her arms from around his neck and left her staring after him as he headed into his bathroom to take a quick shower.

He was nervous, real nervous. This was his first teaching job since graduating. He was teaching what he loved, English. He just hoped that he would be just as good as his professors. He was going to be the new English teacher at Rosewood high school.

Ezra had planned out his lesson plan for the whole week. He refused to be one of those mean and strict teachers or one of those teachers that constantly loaded their students with work.

He hoped that his students will be able to adjust to him, since it was the middle of the school year and not the beginning. He made sure to learn all their names, because he didn't want to make any mistakes.

Ezra got out the shower and dried himself off with a towel, he then ran the towel roughly through his wet hair, and then he threw the towel into his dirty hamper. He went to his sink and turned on the faucet, making sure the water got really hot, before he took out his shaving equipment and started to shave his face.

After he was done, he left out the bathroom and went back into his bedroom. Jamiee had put on one of his big T-shirts and was making the bed. She looked up at him, and then she smiled softly at him.

He smiled back at her ,and then he went to take her in his arms. She came willingly. She sighed as his arms wrapped around her waist. She lifted her head and pressed her soft lips against his, kissing him with such love that rocked his entire body. He deepened the kiss, before pulling back and looking down into her face.

"We'll figure something out" Ezra said as he brushed his nose against hers affectionately.

"I know we will" Jamiee said with confidence as her lips found his again. "I hate it when we fight".

"I hate it as well," Ezra said as he kissed her on the forehead.

Ezra dropped his arms from around her waist, before he headed over to his closet to put on his light blue button down shirt, then he pulled on his black, blue ,and green vest over his head.

"Are you nervous?" Jamiee asked as she watched him dress, her eyes not missing any part of his naked body. "I made your favorite, some hot chocolate. It's on the kitchen counter".

"Thanks," Ezra said as he walked over to his dresser to pull on his black slacks. They hung off his hips, but they still fitted him perfectly. "And yeah, I am".

"Well, don't be" Jamiee said reassuringly. "They're going to love you".

"What makes you say that?" Ezra asked with one eyebrow raised as he put on his black shoes and tied up the shoe laces.

"Because I love you," Jamiee said as she handed him his watch. "You're going to be a great teacher".

"We'll see," Ezra said smiling at her as he put on his watch. "I really hope so".

"I believe in you Ezra, and you should believe in yourself too," Jamiee said encouragingly. "And that's the only thing that should matter".

"Thanks, for your confidence in me" Ezra said. And he kissed her and she giggled.

"You're welcome," Jamiee said. "I can just imagine the teenage girls' in your classes drooling all over you, but who can blame them. You're hot Mr. Fitz".

"Now I get to experience what my male professors went through" Ezra said laughing.

He was doubtful, he didn't really think so. Of course he knew that he was good looking, but he was bookish and he was quirky. He was nowhere near the bad boy type that the girls' seem to be drawn to these days.

"Just don't go encouraging them" Jamiee said warningly, giving him a playful tap on the arm. "Because you're mine".

"Oh, I love your possessiveness" Ezra said. And he grinned at her.

"That's not all you love about me," Jamiee said sexily as she smiled seductively up at him and rubbed her body up against his.

"So true," Ezra said, his eyes filling with lust. "If I wasn't afraid of being late for work, then I'll show you what else I love about you".

"Too bad you got to go to work then," Jamiee said as her lips took his again.

"I really have to go," Ezra said as he broke off the kiss, before it could turn into something more. "Believe me I want to stay more than anything".

"Okay, go" Jamiee said with a pout, and then she gave him one last kiss.

"I'll call you tonight" Ezra promised.

"I'm looking forward to it" Jamiee said as she headed into the bathroom.

Ezra left out his bedroom, and then he headed to his office. It was filled with bookshelves, stack with loads of books and shelves stack with his favorite DVD's. He walked over to his desk and took all his print outs from the printer, and then he made sure his computer was shut off. He grabbed his black leather shoulder bag and put his papers in. Then he went over to his DVD collection to grab the movie Gone With The Wind, and then he put it into his bag. He couldn't leave his apartment without them. He slung the bag over his shoulder, and then he headed out the office and made his way to the kitchen.

He grabbed a mug from the cabinet, and then he poured his hot chocolate into it, filling it up to the rim. He took a long sip, and then he took another sip as he put two slices of bread into the toaster.

Ezra went to the refrigerator to grab the peanut butter and his pasta salad he was going to have for his lunch today. He put the salad into his bag, and then grabbed his toast from the toaster. He got a knife and spread peanut butter on both sides of his toast. He munched on his toast, and then he threw back the remainder of his hot chocolate.

He put the mug into the sink, before heading out the apartment door, promising to wash it when he got home from work. He locked his door, and then he headed to the building parking garage. He unlocked his trunk, and then put his shoulder bag in. He then went to the driver side and got in and headed towards school.

Ezra parked in the teacher's parking lot, and then he got out, locking his doors. He glanced at his watch, it was 8:20am. He was twenty minutes late. He shook his head. He didn't know he would be this late. He should have checked the time constantly, then if he knew he was going to be late, he would have called the office and told them to assign a substitute until he got there.

"Not, a good way to start your first teaching job" Ezra said to himself.

He got his shoulder bag from his trunk, then he slammed the top down ,and then he headed into the building to find his classroom. He stopped by the teacher's lounge to put his pasta salad into the refrigerator. He didn't have time to check in at the office or check his mailbox. He stood just outside of room 112. He placed his hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath, and then he turned the knob and opened the door, walking into his room for the first time.

As Ezra walked in, he headed to the blackboard without looking at his students. The whole room had gone quiet at his arrival. He could feel them staring holes into his back, murmuring in little whispers. He wondered what they were saying about him.

He wrote down his full name and the daily objectives for the day on the board, before turning around and putting his shoulder bag on his desk.

Ezra looked up and scanned the many different faces. He heard all the girls' intake of breath. His eyes moved from student to student. They stared back at him openly.

He did a double take, when his eyes landed upon a very attractive girl. His eyes ran over her slowly, like he was savoring her looks into his memory. She had long rich dark brunette hair like his, but a little lighter. It was gathered to the left side of her face. She had beautiful big brown eyes, and her lips were full and luscious. His brain urged him to finish his assessment of her, but he finally tore his eyes away from her. He didn't want to feel like a pervert by checking her out.

Ezra eyes met hers nervously. He hoped she didn't notice him staring. She smiled at him and he had a feeling she knew. Her eyes and her enticing smile held him captive, until he finally tore his eyes away from her a second time. He cleared his throat and focused.

"Good morning class," Ezra said smiling. "Excuse my lateness, I was running behind this morning and I assure you, it will not happen again. I'm Ezra Fitz and I'm going to be your new English teacher this year, so I'm hoping you guys will welcome me with open arms. I can tell by some of you guys faces, that you weren't expecting someone as young as me, but rest assure I am qualified. I'm going to go over the attendance now, so hopefully you guys are in the correct seats".

He picked up his seating chart from off of his desk, glancing down at it, and then he looked at his students. When he got to the attractive girl, he glanced down at his chart, then back at her. Her name was Aria Montgomery. What a beautiful name. He wanted to hear it spoken out loud and for some reason he wanted to hear her voice.

"Aria, is that correct?" Ezra asked. He waited for her to speak.

"Yes, that's right" Aria said as she nodded her head and smiled at him.

"Yeah, okay" Ezra said, swallowing hard and running a hand through his hair.

She had a sultry voice.

Ezra went around the classroom, passing out papers. Aria's eyes followed him. He explained to them, that the papers that he had just handed out were his grading scale. The rules and regulations in his class, and the topics they were going to cover for the whole year. When he got to Aria's desk, he handed her, her papers. His fingers brushing hers in a light caress. He felt her shiver and heard her sudden intake of breath. He looked into her face, his eyes collided with her beautiful brown ones.

He read the explicit need in her eyes, a need he dare not try to understand or return. Her need held him spellbound. Was she aware, of what she was inviting? By looking at him in such a way. Her scent was intoxicating. It played with his nose, teasing him. It was a flowery scent. He congratulated himself for keeping a strong poker face.

"Thanks," Aria said softly as she licked her lips, and then she bit her bottom lip.

Her eyes never left his.

"You're welcome," Ezra said huskily.

And then he left and made his way over to the next desk, trying to put it out of his mind.

Next Ezra told them to take out their notebooks and a pen or pencil, but not a red pen, because he graded in red. He told them since he didn't know them, that he wanted them to tell him in writing about themselves. He said what they didn't finish would be for their homework. Some students groaned and he chuckled softly, his smile reaching his eyes. He told them to get started as he set the timer.

He left the room to go to the library to check out a DVD player, and then he headed to the office. He signed in and checked his mailbox, before heading back to his class.

Ezra had everything set up as the timer went off. He went around the room, passing out questions for Gone With The Wind that he had typed up late last night. He made sure that his fingers didn't come into contact with Aria's again.

"This will be graded" Ezra announced to the entire class as he hit the play button, and then he sat on top of his desk, with his own pen and his own questions. "So, make sure you do it and I don't mind if you guys work together, but only in sets of two's".

He was so engrossed in the movie, that he didn't hear when the bell had rung to end first period or feel someone tapping him on his shoulder. He turned and came face to face with Aria. She was even more attractive up close and her brown eyes seem to engulf his entire being.

Ezra looked at her questioningly.

"The bell that ends first period just rung" Aria said.

He looked around the classroom. Everyone was up and gathering their things to leave to go to their second period class. He was very much aware of Aria's hand still on his shoulder, which was inappropriate on so many levels. He got up off his desk, towering over her.

"Right, thanks" Ezra said.

He told them to leave their questions on their desk and that they will finish them tomorrow.

"Bye Mr. Fitz," Aria said as she waved and headed out the classroom door.

"Bye Aria," Ezra said as he went around collecting papers.

Ezra got ready for his second and third period classes. They went by fast. He had a free fourth period, so he went to return the DVD player back to library, and then he headed to the teacher's lounge to grab his lunch. He brought himself a Pepsi from the drink machine, before heading back to his classroom to eat his lunch.

He was just finishing up his lunch, when there was a knock at his door. It opened and Aria peeked her head through, smiling at him, and then she came all the way in, but not before shutting the door quietly behind her. She walked up to his desk.

"I hope I didn't disturb you" Aria said apologetically. "I just wanted to drop my notebook off. I got it done during my third period class. She pulled the notebook from out of backpack,and then she gave it to him.

"No, of course not" Ezra said as he took it from her and put it into his shoulder bag."I was just finishing up".

"Something smells delicious" Aria said as she sniffed the air. "Let me guess, pasta salad".

"How did you know?" Ezra said.

He smiled up at her.

"I've cooked it for me and my brother many times before, so you sort of know the smell by heart" Aria said laughing.

"Very true," Ezra said laughing softly. "It's one of my favorite dishes I love to make".

"Oh yeah, mines too" Aria said as she leaned her hip against his desk, her eyes sparkling. "So, how do you like being here so far?".

"I actually love it so far," Ezra said as he took a sip of his Pepsi.

He loved the way her eyes sparkled.

"So, what college did you graduate from?" Aria asked curiously.

"From Hollis," Ezra said proudly.

He could tell she was curious about him. He could hear it in her voice.

"I want to go there when I graduate" Aria said, her voice filled with ambition. "My dad teaches there, so maybe you have met him before. His name is Byron Montgomery".

"I don't recall meeting him, but I have heard a lot of good things about him," Ezra said. "It's an awesome school. You're going to love it. What do you want to major in?".

"In English," Aria said excitedly. "It's my favorite subject and I want to be an English teacher, so I figured I'll do something I will love and enjoy".

"I'm guessing you love to write also" Ezra said knowingly.

"Yeah, I do. I can't believe you knew that about me," Aria said with admiration. "I write here and there, whenever I'm in the moment. I even wrote a couple of stories. Some are finish and others aren't. I might have them publish one day, but who knows. I basically write for me".

"I would love to read them for you, if you need an opinion" Ezra offered. "I write myself, but it's mostly poetry".

"I don't know I'm kind of shy about letting someone read my work" Aria said honestly. "So, writing is another thing we have in common. I would love to read one of your poems".

"It's a good thing I'm your teacher then," Ezra said, steering clear of the situation. "And I might just read one of my poems to the entire class".

"I'm looking forward to that," Aria said, her eyes showing their meaning. "I guess we're going to have a poetry club now".

"That's right," Ezra said, nodding his head. "The principal has already approached me".

"Well, put me down as your first official member" Aria said. "It would be good to try my hands at something new".

"All right," Ezra said as the bell rung to end school.

He got up and started to pack up his belongings, while Aria watched him intently. He felt her eyes run over every part of him.

"Well, I better go" Aria said. And then she headed towards the door. "I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Fitz".

"You too Aria, "Ezra said as he slung his shoulder bag over his shoulder and watched as she left.

Ezra shouldered his way through the crowded hallways. He made is way to the teacher's parking lot. He was unlocking his trunk and putting in his shoulder bag, when he happened to glance to his right.

Aria was leaned against her car talking to some guy. He didn't know how long he stood there watching them. It felt like minutes. It felt like hours. They hugged and then they kissed, before Aria got into her car and drove off.

He got into his own car. Of course she had a boyfriend, Ezra thought. A girl as attractive as her had a million guys lined up vying for her attention. He didn't know why he even cared or why it bothered him. She was his student and he was her teacher and he was older than her.

He started up his car and headed home with Aria on his mind. Her beautiful dark hair, her enticing smile, her full lips, her voice, and her big beautiful brown eyes lingered in his memory.

Ezra wasn't going to cross the line when it came to Aria. He knew better. No matter how attractive he found her to be, but he just didn't know how dead wrong he was.

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