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Chapter 13

"Shifted?" Dean asked him, confused. "And how would it be my fault? We've only met once."

"But you're here, close to tribal lands and that's enough of a threat." Sam growled.

"Why don't you explain calmly?" Sam told him and the new wolf took a deep breath. He looked between the two men, fighting the urge to attack since the garage was too close to other business for the noise to go unnoticed. "Whatever you're thinking Sam, we aren't going to hurt you." The older male assured him and there was something so earnest and honest about him that Sam found himself relaxing and telling them the tribal history.

"That's horrible." Dean stared at him with wides eyes after hearing about their first run in with his kind. "We're not all like that! I'm a hunter!"

"A what?" Sam asked.

"A hunter. We hunt anything supernatural that attacks humans. Demons, vampires, ghosts, you name it we've probably dealt with it." Sammy told him and Sam stared at him with wide eyes.

"All those things are real?"

"Yeah, came as a big shot to me too. Sammy grew up with all this but I didn't. First I knew was waking up as a vampire."

"So you don't…"

"Eat people?" Dean asked and Sam nodded. "No, I eat animals….and occasionally Sammy when I can't get out to hunt." That had Sam staring at them both in a sort of horrified shock.

"What are you?" He demanded and Sam shrugged.

"Part human."

"Part?" Sam asked warily.

"Not human and not vampire." And that was all he was going to tell the kid. Sam sensed that and backed down, for now.

Sam laughed as Dean chased him through the trees, ducking beneath branches and leaping over logs. They paused as they heard a growl and looked as a massive black wolf emerged from the fog, sniffing at them curiously. Dean sniffed and frowned. "That's not a normal….Sam?" Dean asked in awe and the wolf nodded its massive head.

"Incredible." Sam murmured and cautiously moved closer, reaching out to run his fingers through thick fur when the younger Sam didn't warn him off. "I've never seen a wolf anywhere near as large."

Dean moved closer and the wolf tensed slightly but stayed still so he slowly held his hand out to him. "That's it, not gonna hurt you." He whispered and Sam nosed his hand, making Dean smile. "You're amazing but I am sorry my being here caused this, if I'd known we'd never have moved here." Dean assured him and Sam whined softly.

"You're the only one; you don't have a pack to run with do you?" Sam asked and the wolf cocked his head. Sam grinned. "Catch me if you can." With that he took off through the trees and Dean laughed.

"Come on Sam, let's catch Sammy." Dean urged and the wolf hesitated before taking off with Dean, amazed at how fast they had to go to keep the older Sam in sight. And suddenly Dean yelped as he was tackled, the two rolling across the ground together. Sam watched, dancing out of the way whenever they looked like they'd roll into him. In wolf form he could smell it all over them, they were mates. It was sort of odd but since vampires couldn't reproduce maybe gender didn't matter for them. He yelped when they rolled into him, pulling him into the wrestling match and he was careful not to use his teeth or claws.

Sam's tail practically wagged when the two older men showed up. Since that first time they made an effort to meet up at least once a week to help him train his abilities as a wolf. Who would have thought a Cold One would ever help one of them learn? He hadn't told anyone about the two men, he wasn't sure what the Elders would say, especially about him hanging around them but Dean was nothing like the stories. He'd seen the vampire take down a deer to feed off and it was strange to see but he did it as humanely as possible and then Sam butchered the animal to cook and eat, wasting nothing. They weren't a threat to the Tribe. If anything maybe them being around would keep other vampires away.

He'd even been shown where their house was in case he needed them when the garage was closed and he knew that took a lot of trust to do. It was a nice place, better than his by miles and secluded from others which made it a great place for non-human residents.

Dean grinned and took off running, it was their turn to chase him this time and the two Sam's took off after him, weaving expertly through the forest, working as a team to catch and take Dean down. It made Sam wonder what it would be like to hunt with a pack but he wouldn't wish this on any of the other boys on the Reservation.

Dean yanked open the door and stared in shock at the naked teen on the doorstep. "Get in here before you freeze!" He pulled the unresisting boy into the house and grabbed a towel, rubbing him down briskly to dry him off and warm him up. What had happened to have the young wolf in such shock? He dashed upstairs and grabbed some of Sammy's clothes, gently helping the young man into them. "Okay sit down." He eased Sam down in front of the roaring fireplace and then went to the kitchen to get him so cocoa. Sam's hands shook around the mug so Dean kept a hold on it as he drank. "What happened?"

"I…..I nearly killed her." He choked and Dean's eyes widened in alarm.

"Killed who Sam?" He asked gently and tortured brown eyes met his.

"Emily. I….I shifted and she was too close and…."

"Where is she?"

"Hospital. Her face…." He crumped and Dean held him, rocking the young man gently.

He could imagine clearly what he was going through, how many times had he worried over accidentally hurting Sammy or his Mom? He was lucky that it had never happened. Why did Sam have to pick today to go to Seattle? He was better with this sort of thing after all. But wait…. "Who's Emily? Aren't you dating that Leah girl?"

"Was. But I imprinted on Emily. Broke up with Leah." He admitted.


"Like you and Sam are Mates, wolves Imprint on one person and it's for life. But we don't get a say in who." Sam explained and Dean winced, ouch. Great way to end up with a lot of broken hearted people, stupid biology. "I didn't mean to hurt Leah or Emily. I didn't!"

"Shh Sam, I know that." Dean assured him. "It'll be okay, you'll work it out."

"Poor Sam, this wolf thing is seriously messing his life up." Sam commented as he lay with Dean in their bed.

"He's so torn up over hurting her." Dean murmured.

"And you've been really quite." Sammy nuzzled him and Dean squirmed. "Dean?"

"I….I used to be so afraid of hurting you or Mom accidentally." He admitted.

"But you didn't and if you had we would have never blamed you." Sam assured him, kissing him softly. "And what happened with Emily and Leah isn't Sam's fault either. Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason. You can't dwell on it." Dean nodded and shifted on the bed, pulling Sam even closer and Sam smiled, knowing what he wanted. They kissed lazily for a while before things got a little more energetic as they touched before Dean rolled onto his back in offering and Sam grinned, moving to give him what he wanted.

Dean pulled himself out from under the car he was working on and smiled in greeting. "Hey Chief Swan, need something?"

"There's a funny noise in the cruisers engine. Think you could take a look?"

"Sure thing." Dean wiped his hands and went to pop the hood, leaning in to see what was wrong.

"Where's your co-worker?"

"Sammy? Needed a part so he went to Seattle to get it." Dean answered and Charlie nodded.

"Business seems to be going well."

"Yeah, keeps us both busy which is good." Dean straightened up and cleaned his hands off. "It's nothing major, should take about two hours to fix. If you want to bring it back in when you're off shift I can get it done."

"Thanks." Charlie nodded at him and left.