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Chapter 19

"Please wake up Sam, I can't lose you." Dean whispered into Sam's throat as he held the slack body in his arms. Sam was pretty much in a coma from what they could guess, utterly unresponsive and yet he wasn't dead from dehydration or starvation despite how long it had been since they had managed to get anything into him. Eleazar had dragged him out to hunt several times since Sam had lost consciousness but he hated leaving him. No matter what they tried though Sam remained unresponsive.

"Dean you need to" Kate was cut off as the house literally shook, almost knocking her off her feet. Dean covered Sam's body with his own protectively but thankfully the roof didn't come down on their heads.

"What the hell?" He snarled.


"Sammy! Come out and play!" A childish voice called and Dean shivered. They'd found them. He picked Sam up and nodded at Kate, the two of them leaving the room at top speed and placing Sam gently in the unused basement since it was actually the most secure room in the house. Kate covered him with some blankets and then they ran upstairs to join the others.

"Demons?" Carmen asked and Dean nodded.

"What do we do?"

"You guys get out of here, she's after Sam."

"Dean you're family and family sticks together." Irina pointed our firmly.

"So we fight." Tanya looked around nervously and the others nodded. Kate was really the only one of them with a power and she would have to touch the demon to shock it. Though if Dean got mad enough maybe whatever power he had would finally fully manifest. Hugs were shared and then they were outside facing an army of demons led by what appeared to be a child.

"Where is Sammy? I want my toy back." She even stomped her foot in anger.

"Sam isn't yours, he's my Mate." Dean growled, shifting into an aggressive stance.

"Not anymore silly vampire."

Dean smirked. "Think you broke the bond? Sorry, it's there and Sam can feel it too."

"NO!" She denied. Dean cried out as he was thrown back painfully.

He was locked in the darkness, consumed by fire and freezing cold. It was all he knew, all he could remember. But that wasn't right, was it? He couldn't think, mind refusing to focus on anything. Something was wrong.

Then for the first time sound intruded into the darkness, a scream of pain. That scream…something…it hurt!

Sam gasped, hazel eyes snapping open even as he surged to his feet, stumbling slightly as legs that hadn't been used in a long time tried to adjust to the sudden change. He looked around in confusion before vaulting up the stairs, Dean needed him.

Lilith smirked as the vampire writhed under her power, the others held down by her minions. Maybe she'd just kill them all and then find where they had stashed Sammy and take him. He would be hers forever. So she was rather shocked to be sent flying back.

Everyone turned to look at the house and saw Samuel Winchester stalking from the house, eyes once again a mix of hazel and yellow even as longish hair moved in an invisible wind. Dean stared at him in shocked happiness. He was awake! But was he Sam or Sammy?

"Sammy let me go." Lilith commanded.

"You won't touch them." Sam all but growled even as he raised his hand towards her and they all watched as Lilith convulsed.

"NO! You can't do this! You're mine!" She screamed as she fought his power.

"No I'm not. You won't hurt my Mate." He increased the power, destroying the First Demon juts as he had destroyed his own 'Father'. Lilith screamed and writhed as she was ripped apart and Dean scrambled to Sam's side, leaning against his legs since he couldn't stand yet. He felt Sam's free hand come to rest in his hair and sighed in contentment at the familiar touch. Lilith went still, the child long dead. Sam then looked at the other demons and glared. "Go to Hell." He commanded and they obeyed to the shock of the vampires. Sam's legs buckled and Dean turned to ease him down.

"Sam?" He called before coughing up some venom and Sam gave him a shaky smile.

"Hey Dean." They leant tiredly against each other, not able to move.

Dean lay in Sam's arms happily, after some blood he had healed up quickly but Sam was still a bit shaky. The others were off hunting, leaving them alone together. "I missed you so much."

"Missed me? Dean what happened? Why are we in Alaska?" Sam asked, pulling back to look at Dean and Dean frowned.

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"We were in Forks, just got back from a road trip and then we're here and some demon was attacking you and saying I was hers."

Dean closed his eyes, he was happy Sam didn't remember the torture or what he'd done under their control but how could he tell him. "It doesn't matter Sam, we're safe."


"No Sam, please. Not yet." He whispered and Sam sighed but let it go and soon he was asleep. Dean stayed where he was, content to watch over his mate. How was he going to make Sam understand what had happened wasn't his fault?

"Dean? Is he okay?" Carmen whispered too softly to disturb Sam.

"He doesn't remember anything after Forks. How do I tell him?"

"Slowly and gently. Nothing that happened was his fault but it will take time to accept that and heal."


"You can stay as long as you like."


Sam sat staring out over the frozen water without really seeing it. He couldn't believe it, he didn't want to but Dean wouldn't lie to him. He brought his knees up and wrapped his arms around them, resting his head on top. To break him so thoroughly the torture must have been extreme and his body proved that, he had so many scars that he didn't remember getting. He was skinnier too and his hair longer than he ever wore it. He felt….odd in his own body now and he hated it. Dean had seen him killing hunters, who knew how many had died because of him. Just thinking about it made him feel sick.

"It's not your fault Sam."

"Isn't it? I've spent my whole life fighting demons and….I know who she was, Lilith the First Demon created. Why couldn't I fight her?"

"You did Sam, you fought for a long time and no one could have done any better. You can't blame yourself for finally breaking. But even when you did you chose to follow Dean when given the chance, you chose to leave her behind." Eleazar assured him gently.

"Why can't I remember?"

"The mind is an extraordinary thing Sam, it is probably better you don't remember."

"Maybe." He shrugged.

"Just come inside before you freeze."

Sam helped Dean pack up the car, he felt nervous to be leaving the Denali's place. But he knew the longer they stayed the harder it would be to ever leave. They weren't heading for Forks yet though, he wasn't ready for that.

"Stay safe." Kate hugged him and he hugged her back.

"We'll try." It was the best he could promise.

"If you go back to Forks you should know the Cullens are back there." Eleazar was warning Dean who nodded.

"Wolf Sam called me when they moved back in. we won't be going back for a while…if at all except to see Sam. I'm not sure either of us would feel comfortable enough. We can sell the garage and house easily enough."

They said their goodbyes and finally hit the road, they weren't going to be hunting, Sam was nowhere near ready for that but they were just going to travel around sightseeing.

Dean pinned Sam to the bed and stared at him, searching for any signs of distress but Sam leant up and kissed him needily. "Please Dean, been so long." He murmured. His hands went to Dean's shirt and the vampire nodded, pulling it off and then moving for Sam's. That got him to tense a little but Dean just kissed all of his new scars, showing they didn't matter to him. He soon had Sam forgetting about his new body issues and writhing in pleasure on the bed. Dean grinned, he had missed this a lot too.

Sam hung up and Dean frowned. This did not sound at all good. "Do we go?" Sam asked and Dean sighed.

"Can we not? We owe them so much, their family Sammy."

"I know."

"It means going back to Forks after all these years. Its time Sam, we can't keep avoiding it. We've barely seen Sam since we got you back."

Sam sighed and went to pack a bag. "I know. They'll need everyone they can get for this fight so we're going."

"It'll be fine, you'll see." Dean whispered, wrapping his arms around him. Sam leant into his hold but then they went back to packing what they would need from their New York apartment. They would be in Forks in a few days since Dean didn't need sleep breaks when driving.

When they finally reached Forks Dean hesitated and looked at Sam. "Well? The house or Cullens?"

Sam closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "House." He answered, it would be better to stay somewhere on their own. Soon they were outside the place they had happily called home for too short a time. They got out and went inside, wincing at the mess from years of neglect. "Let's get this place liveable."

Sam paused on his patrol and turned down a once familiar path, scenting the air. He picked up his pace and then howled in greeting. The door opened and there was Dean, grinning at him. He collided with the vampire and they play wrestled on the floor for a few minutes, able to hear Sammy laughing at them. They parted and Sam moved into the hallway to shift back. "Where have you been?"

"New York most recently." Sam answered quietly and Sam looked at the older man, taking in the changes.

"I'm glad Dean found you Sammy."


"But maybe you two should go, things are pretty tense around here."

"The Volturi, we know. We came to help."

"You sure?"


As the two armies moved into place Sam and Dean left the trees and moved into place with the Denali's, making the family smile. "Was wondering when you two would show yourselves." Eleazar commented even as the others looked the two over, obviously confused by Sam who was wearing sunglasses to hide his eyes. They stopped, waiting on the Volturi and Dean took Sam's hand even as a pitch black wolf moved to nudge his leg.

In the end they weren't needed as the little vampire did something to convince the Volturi to leave. "Well that was anti-climactic." Dean muttered and Sam elbowed him.

"Sam!" He caught Tanya as she threw herself at him and he hugged her tightly.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered even as Kate pulled a vampire closer.

"Sam, Dean this is Garrett."

"Nice to meet you. Take care of her." Dean's 'or else' went unsaid and the other vampire nodded. Sam nodded over Tanya's head.

"You aren't staying in the forest or something are you?" Carmen asked and Dean laughed.

"No, we opened up the house."

"Eleazar I am sorry about Irina." An approaching vampire said and Eleazar nodded.

"Thank you Carlisle."

"And thank you for coming…?"

"Dean, this is Sam. Eleazar asked us for help so we came."

"Well thank you."

"Your welcome."

"You brought a human to a fight?" a beautiful blond asked disdainfully.

"Rosalie." Carlisle admonished and Sam chuckled before removing his sunglasses and shocking them with his strange eye colour.

"Who said I'm human?"

"Come on Sammy, let's go. You know the address Eleazar."

"Of course." He looked at Sam who nodded and the two of them took off.

"How?" Carlisle stared in shock.

"Never underestimate those two." Carmen smiled.

"You're not human are you?"

"Chief Swan?" Dean asked in surprise even as he finished putting the for sale sign up.

"You like suspiciously like my daughter now does, too pale and odd eye colour."

"Your daughter….Bella?"


"Oh. Well, yeah. Sam's not though."

"You boys haven't been around."

"Some stuff happened. We're not coming back, just selling up."

"Well take care."

"You too chief."

"So what next?"

"How do you feel about airplanes?" Sam asked with a smile and Dean laughed but nodded, the world was their oyster.

The End