A/N: I'm back with a new story! So this one is a rewrite of Gaining Groudon and The Scuffle of Legends, because I thought (1) Steven and/or Wallace should have been there instead of Lance, (2) it should have been a movie, and (3) there should have been more and better battles between Ash and his friends and Team Magma/Team Aqua. This fanfic is plain adventure and action, with no pairings or anything, like the anime series. And btw, a lot of dialogue and scenes here won't match the anime, because I don't remember the episodes too well. Anyway, please give it a read, and I hope you like it!

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Pokémon: The Clash of Legends

By Meerca aka Butterfly Meadow

Prologue: Trouble Stirring in Hoenn

Steven Stone stretched as he stood, wiping dust off his pants, looking proudly at the Moon Stone he'd just found. It had certainly been worth all the time he'd spent here in Meteor Falls—almost two days, to be exact. Good timing, too—the Steel-type Hoenn Champion was almost out of bottled water.

Carefully placing the sparkling bluish-silver stone into his knapsack, Steven drained the rest of the water in the water bottle and began retracing his steps out of Meteor Falls. He turned a corner, recognizing the crater glittering with what Steven distinguished as moon dust. With a few more turns, Steven saw sunlight brightening the exit, and he gratefully left Meteor Falls.

Steven was glad to smell fresh air and feel warm sunlight shining on him again. Though now, his dustiness was bothering him. He looked around and then spotted an isolated spring with no one there, so he decided to take a quick bath.

Just five minutes later, Steven was clean, wearing his signature black suit with purple zigzags down the blazer and a white shirt with a red handkerchief through the collar. Before hitting the road to find some more rare stones, he had decided to take a little break and restock his supplies.

"Go, Skarmory!"

The shiny silver Armor Bird Pokémon cawed and looked expectantly at its Trainer. Steven mounted and told it, "I need you to fly me to Lilycove City, okay, Skarmory?" Skarmory nodded, and with another caw, extended its silver and red wings and soared into the air.

Within half an hour, Skarmory landed and Steven thanked it and returned it into its Poké Ball. He always came to Lilycove City to replenish his supplies; Lilycove had everything he needed—even though they were a tad bit more expensive. Steven walked up the city steps to the Lilycove Department Store.

"Hey, Mr. Stone!" A man with brown hair wearing a Lilycove Department Store uniform waved at him. "Back for your usual supplies?"

"Of course, Mr. Albert," Steven smiled.

"Where'd you come back from just now? Looks like you just took a shower!"

"Oh, I was in Meteor Falls for about two days. I got quite filthy in there."

"Find anything?"

"A Moon Stone, actually. It was well worth the effort."

When Mr. Albert opened his mouth to reply, something pinged from Steven's dress pant pocket. Steven smiled at the clerk apologetically and said, "Excuse me for a moment." He went outside and held his PokéNav to ear. "Hello?"

"Steven, where have you been? I've been trying to call you for two days now!"

Steven recognized the voice immediately. "Wallace, calm down! My signal was probably out, because I was looking for rocks at Meteor Falls, and I found a Moon Stone—"

"Okay, Steven, that's great, but I can't listen to your rambling right now. We've got a serious problem."

"Don't tell me that you have a terrible bed head or something," Steven chuckled.

Wallace sighed. "Ha ha, very funny. But no, it's not that. It's much bigger. Just get to Ever Grande as soon as you can! I'll tell you there, it's too dangerous to communicate via PokéNav. Outside the Hoenn League Building, Champions Café. See you then!" The line dropped, and Steven sighed as he stowed the PokéNav into his pocket. Ah, well, I'll restock later.

"Come on out, Skarmory!"

When the Steel- and Flying-type Pokémon came out of its Poké Ball, it gave Steven an incredulous look.

"Sorry, Skarmory," Steven apologized, slipping onto the metal bird's back. "Wallace needs me in Ever Grande City. Can you take me there?"

Skarmory rolled its eyes as if to say, Do I have a choice? and nodded. With a caw, it took off for Ever Grande City.

Meanwhile at Champions Café . . .

Wallace put his special blue PokéNav on the table, tremendously grateful to have finally contacted Steven. He took off his white beret and ran a hand through his turquoise hair. Who knows what could have happened in two days? The pessimistic thought still nagged at his mind, but he shook it away. He reminded himself that Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake were already scattered all over Hoenn, investigating. But he was still very worried.

His PokéNav tinkled with a melodious tune, and he picked it up. "Hello?"

"Wallace, Sidney here. Just callin' to tell ya that there's nothin' over here in the west."

Part of Wallace's heart sank. "That's okay, Sidney. I'm sure someone else will get a lead."

"Didja talk to Steven?"

"He's on his way, don't worry about him."

"'Kay. I'll keep on searchin' and call ya if I find somethin'."

Almost immediately after Sidney hung up, Wallace was attending to another call. "Have you got anything, Glacia?"

"Most unfortunately not. Dewford Town and all residences in the south are as normal as always."

More of Wallace's heart sank. "Okay, Glacia, make sure to call if you find anything."

"I most certainly will, dear Wallace. Do not fret too much."

After Glacia hung up, Wallace kept his PokéNav at his ear, expecting another call at any second, and his prediction came true. "Phoebe, I'm assuming this is you?"

"You got that right. Well, I'm sorry to report that there's nothing up north."

"How are your grandmother and grandfather?"

"I visited them. They're a little traumatized by the theft of the Red and Blue Orbs, but I think they're getting better."

"That's some of the best news I've heard all day. Call if you find anything else."

"You bet I will."

Wallace paused, waiting for Drake's call. Drake was probably upturning every pebble looking for clues. The Dragon-type specialist loathed Team Aqua especially, because he found them a disgrace to pirates like him. The fact that Team Aqua now had the Red Orb just made Drake madder.

Within moments, the PokéNav rang again, and Wallace answered with high hopes. "Drake, how're things in the east?"

Drake growled at the other end. "Couldn't find any of those Team Aqua scum, but I got me something. I saw a huge red submarine slipping out of sight on the Lilycove coast. Before it was completely underwater, I saw a brown and black mark near the tail. Looked exactly like Team Magma."

"Team Magma in a submarine?"

"Unless they switched roles or something, I'm sure as Seaking that I saw Team Magma's mark."

"That's peculiar . . . okay, thanks a ton, Drake. At least we've got something to go on."

"Oh, and another thing. I saw ol' Stevie flying on that Skarmory of his, and he was headed towards Ever Grande. Is it safe to assume that you finally talked to him?"

"Thankfully I did. Drake, wait in Lilycove for anything else peculiar until Steven and I get there. We're going to investigate the Lilycove coast."

"Sure thing, Wallace. I'll keep me eyes peeled."

Wallace put down his PokéNav and leaned back in his chair. All he needed now was for Steven to get there.

"B-begging your pardon . . . welcome t-to Champions Café!" The waitress held her notepad and pen, her cheeks turning red. "W-would you l-like anything, Mr. W-Wallace?"

Wallace gave the waitress his usual elegant smile, only making her grow redder. "Actually, I would, ma'am . . . could I have two marinara penne pasta dishes, please?"

"W-would you like some p-parmesan cheese on any of th-those?"

"Um . . . one with, one without. And the one with it, put a little more than you usually do."

The waitress nodded and wrote down Wallace's order. "Y-your order should b-be ready in ten m-minutes." She walked into the back room.

Wallace heard the Chimecho at the door make a ringing melody, and was relieved to see Steven enter, his silvery hair windswept. Steven noticed him and waved, walking to Wallace's table.

"Looks like someone else was the one with a terrible bed head," Wallace chuckled at the sight of Steven's hair, sticking out at even odder angles than usual.

Steven laughed and ran a hand through his hair to fix it. "You can't blame me, I just took a shower and went flying through the Hoenn skies on Skarmory. How can it not be messed up?" He sat down at the table, his face turning more serious and his voice dropping just above a whisper. "I saw the weirdest thing when I was on Skarmory. There was a blue submarine with Team Aqua's emblem off the coast of Mossdeep City."

"You did?" Wallace's hand flew over his mouth as he looked around. No one really seemed to care. He then lowered his voice. "Drake called a few minutes ago and said there was a red Team Magma submarine headed off the coast of Lilycove City, a few moments after you left!"

"He did?" Steven's brow furrowed. "If those two subs meet, nothing good will come out of it." Steven's grey eyes locked with Wallace's turquoise ones. "What's going on here, Wallace?"

Wallace sighed. "There's a huge problem. The Red and Blue Orbs were stolen from Mt. Pyre two days ago."

Steven gasped. "What? Are Phoebe's grandparents okay?"

"Phoebe says they're getting better, but the worst news is this: Team Magma has the Blue Orb and Team Aqua has the Red Orb."

Steven seemed to have frozen, simply staring at Wallace with his mouth open. Finally he exclaimed, "That's catastrophic! If they find out where Groudon and Kyogre are, the world will be at its end!"

"Exactly why we need to do something about it," Wallace stated firmly. "Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake are all scouring Hoenn for any new details. Meanwhile, we are going to find those submarines. Somehow, we need to get the Red and Blue Orbs out of their possession."

"If we could snag Team Aqua or Team Magma uniforms, we could sneak on to the respective submarines," Steven suggested.

"And how would we get those?"

"U-um, here's your order . . ." Two plates of steaming pasta were put down in front of the two Hoenn Champions.

The Water-type Hoenn Champion turned to smile at the blushing waitress, whose eyes were darting between Steven and Wallace, seemingly shocked to. "Thank you very much, ma'am." He withdrew a couple of bills from his pocket, putting out a hand to stop Steven from doing so. "It's on me, Steven, don't worry."

"I hope y-you enjoy your m-meal!" The waitress retreated into the back room again.

"I'd figured you'd be hungry after two consecutive days of rock hunting," Wallace declared proudly. "So I went ahead and bought you some pasta—with extra parmesan cheese." He scooped some pasta into his mouth.

Steven smiled as he took a bite. "Thanks, old friend."

"Don't mention it. So, anyway, back to the other topic . . . how do we get the uniforms?"

"There's only two ways I can think of—steal one from a current grunt or make one ourselves."

"I choose the former. I think we can manage to do that. I'll take Team Aqua—I blend in more."

"Even though I'm at a sore disadvantage if it comes time for me to battle, I should be fine in Team Magma."

"Make sure not to get caught, Steven," Wallace warned. "I have a feeling that I'll stick out like a sore thumb because even a dull-brained pirate like a Team Aqua grunt could recognize me as a Champion of Hoenn. There's a hood on Team Magma's uniform, so keep a low profile. And if you do have to battle . . . I'd suggest Claydol or even Aggron."

"I'll keep that in mind. You be careful, too, Wallace—we need people on both ends to check out what's going on. Just get the Red Orb out of there; swim away on one of your Water-types."

"Okay. That's settled then." Wallace took another bite of his pasta, then continued. "We go as soon as we're done eating. Agreed?"


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