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Pokémon: The Clash of Legends

Chapter 4: Not Enough

Steven and Ash soared through the bombarding rain and lightning, Skarmory slicing through the air with its bladed wings so quickly that they reached the Team Magma submarine within minutes. "There it is, Skarmory! Begin to descend!"

Skarmory obeyed and went into a sharp nosedive for the descent, when abruptly, the rain stopped pelting, the thunder ceased to roar, and the lightning disappeared. Harsh sunlight flooded into their eyes, and Skarmory gave a helpless cry, beginning to swerve out of control.

"Hold on tight, Ash!" Steven yelled, trying to block out the sunlight as they began to plummet. Fumbling the side of his belt, he tossed a Poké Ball and commanded, "Metagross, use Psychic to get us down!"

Metagross gave a metallic groan and its eyes glowed as it guided Steven, Ash, and Skarmory down to the submarine. "Ash, are you okay?" Steven helped the boy down from Skarmory's back.

"Yeah, just fine," Ash replied, determined. "Let's go find Pikachu!"

At that moment, thick dark clouds rumbled in with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain once again. As well as two Team Magma grunts.

"Not so fast, Mr. Champion!" one of the grunts yelled, pulling out a Poké Ball. "And your accomplice brat!"

"Yeah, think you can fool us?" the other grunt added, pulling out his own Poké Ball. "Well, I've got some bad news for you—you ain't getting by here without a battle!"

"It might be easier for you to just let us go," Steven said lightly, his tone daring a challenge. "As you identified yourself, I am one of the Champions of Hoenn."

"And I'm going to be a Pokémon Master one day!" Ash declared. "Nothing stands in the way of me and Pikachu, so just try and see if you can beat me!"

The faces of both Team Magma grunts contorted with rage. "Let's teach these idiots not to mess with Team Magma! Go, Mightyena!" The black hyena Pokémon snapped its jaws.

"Show 'em how it's done, Camerupt!" The fire camel Pokémon snorted and stomped its feet.

"Go, Corphish!" The crab Pokémon snapped its claws.

"Metagross, let's go!" Metagross hovered over next to Corphish.

"Mightyena, use Shadow Ball!"

"Corphish, counter that with BubbleBeam!"

Corphish opened its claws and hammered rock-hard bubbles into the Mightyena's Shadow Ball, vaporizing the dark sphere and hitting home. Mightyena snarled.

Meanwhile, the other grunt called out, "Camerupt, use Flamethrower!"

"Metagross, use Light Screen!"

The Iron Leg Pokémon's eyes gleamed and a blue glass square appeared in front of it, deflecting the Flamethrower back at Camerupt.

"Finish it with Double-Edge!"

A gold aura surrounded Metagross as it rammed into Camerupt.

"What? A one-hit KO?" the grunt shouted in disbelief as the Eruption Pokémon fell to the ground with a thud.

"Don't underestimate a Champion," Steven said lightly. "Especially when you're a Team Magma thug."

"Why you—!"

"Gah! Mightyena!" the other grunt shouted.

"All right!" Ash cheered. "Great job, Corphish!"

The grunts looked at one another, not knowing what to do. They recalled their Pokémon but stayed where they were.

"Now, are you going to be gracious and leave . . . or . . ." Steven put a hand on Metagross' crown. "Would you rather be forced to leave?"

The grunts looked at each other again, and began to run. One of them shouted, "You won't get far, Champion, Pokémon Master, or whatever! The world will belong to Team Magma and Groudon!"

Steven and Ash tensed when roars echoed around them, followed with the sound of clashing attacks. "We have to hurry," Steven said urgently. "Or this could be the end of the world as we know it!"

"No—it will be the beginning of the world, crafted into the perfect image of land Pokémon!"

Steven and Ash looked up to see the red-haired, pale-faced Magma Leader standing on the hull before them. His hands were folded behind his back and he seemed eerily calm in such a calamity.

"Maxie!" Ash clenched his fists. "Where's Pikachu?"

"You want that electric rodent back that badly?" Maxie laughed. "I would be more than glad to give it back to you." At Ash's relieved look, he mocked, "Foolish child, that would mean giving you the Blue Orb, as well! So your pleading is useless."

"Maxie, don't do this," Steven warned. "You're being blinded by your desire for power, don't succumb to it! Realize what you and Archie are doing to the entire world, its people, and its Pokémon!"

"Only naïve fools speak such babble," Maxie laughed again. "I care nothing for what or who stands in the way of my goals!"

"Give me back my Pikachu!" Ash insisted. "Or I'll battle you to get it back!"

"You, child?" Maxie laughed harder. "I could defeat you like a Magikarp!"

Ash grabbed a Poké Ball from his belt but Steven stopped him. "Ash, you need to find Pikachu and fix this mess! I'll handle Maxie," Steven assured him, turning his steely eyes to the Magma Leader. In a lower tone he added, "I'll clear a path for you, and when I give word, go!" Raising his voice, Steven shouted, "Let's go, Aggron!"

The Iron Armor Pokémon roared as it came out of its Great Ball.

The Magma Leader looked amused. "A battle, then? Fine, a battle with one of the Hoenn League Champions should be quite entertaining. Go, Houndoom!"

The dog-like Fire- and Dark-type Pokémon snarled as it came out of its Net Ball. "Flamethrower!"

"Get ready, Ash," Steven muttered. "Aggron, Earthquake!"

As Aggron smashed the ground with its tail, Ash sprinted, just out of reach of the seismic waves. By the time Maxie realized the ploy, Ash had reached him and the Magma Leader caught his waist and held him tightly. "Houndoom, get over here and use Crunch to keep him here!"

"Ash!" Steven shouted. "Aggron, make sure Houndoom doesn't get there! Use Thunder!"

The massive lightning bolt paralyzed Houndoom and it gave Ash enough time to wrench himself from Maxie's grasp.

"Ash, keep going!" Steven commanded. "I'll hold Maxie off, just find Pikachu!"

"Right!" Ash broke into a sprint again, making lots of space between him and Maxie. "Pikachu!" he called, looking every which way. "PIKACHU!"

Ash skidded to a halt as he finally spotted his beloved Electric-type Pokémon. "Pikachu . . ." he breathed, but at the menacing look on its face and the electricity sparking from its red cheeks, he knew it wouldn't be easy to console it. "Come on, buddy, don't you remember me? It's Ash!"

"Pi-KA!" Pikachu cried, letting out a Thunderbolt that Ash narrowly managed to dodge.

"Pikachu, don't do this!" Ash cried. "Please!" He dodged another Thunderbolt.


Both Ash and Pikachu whirled around at the raucous roar, in time to see a massive tidal wave coming their way. Without a second thought of what would happen to him, Ash lunged at Pikachu and shielded it with his body as the tidal wave crashed into the Team Magma submarine. He could feel Pikachu's relentless electric shocks, intensified by the water, but he refused to let go, even as he slipped into unconsciousness. Pika . . . chu . . .

Meanwhile at the Team Aqua Submarine . . .

"Where are all the Team Aqua thugs?" Max inquired.

"Maybe they're scared that we've got Wallace with us?" May suggested uncertainly.

"Maybe, but I doubt it," Brock pondered.

"Well, we should be thankful," Wallace said, glancing at the lightning-blazed sky above them. "It wastes less time this way."

The four had walked quite a ways before finding themselves at the Red Orb—with Archie and Aqua Admin Shelly. Archie looked as though he'd been possessed by the Red Orb, similarly to how Pikachu was currently possessed by the Blue Orb.

"We've been expecting you," Shelly sneered.

"Are you going to step aside or not?" Wallace took a Poké Ball out of his pant pocket.

"Like we actually would," Shelly laughed. "Come on out—"

"Wait, Shelly." Archie turned to face all of them, his body flickering with a strange blue pattern. "I would like to take this oppurtunity myself."

"But sir, then Kyogre—"

"Stand aside, Shelly," Archie ordered in a dark tone, and reluctantly Shelly backed away from the group and back inside the submarine. "Now, Wallace, you are a Hoenn League Champion who has mastery over the Water-type. But can you defeat me, the man who now controls the legendary beast of the sea and soon the entire world?"

"Of course I can," Wallace said simply. "You may control Kyogre temporarily, but you're still a criminal, and I can't lose to anyone who tries to destroy the world, its people, and its Pokémon!" He stepped in front of May, Max, and Brock. "You three, stay back. If I defeat Archie, I might be able to get the Red Orb out of his system."

"You goody-two-shoes never learn!" Archie smirked, and his body began glowing with the strange blue pattern again. "Mighty beast of the seas, I summon you—KYOGRE!"

The intense sunlight from Groudon's powers suddenly disappeared, replaced with storm clouds and pelting rain once again. Kyogre rested in the water behind Archie, ready for orders.

"Whoa, it's Kyogre!" Max gasped.

Wallace clenched his Poké Ball. "This might be bad," he muttered. "May, Max, Brock, you have to get out of here."


"If Kyogre comes it will be way too dangerous. Go, Gyarados!"

The Atrocious Pokémon looked at its Trainer expectantly. "Gyarados, get these three away from danger. Take them to Steven and Ash, okay?"

Gyarados nodded as Wallace quickly helped the three onto its back, but it looked at him worriedly. "I'll catch up later, Gyarados, don't worry," Wallace assured his Pokémon. "Now go!"

With a small snarl, Gyarados went on its way, leaving Wallace with Archie. Taking another Poké Ball out of his belt, he called, "Wailord, let's go!"

The mammoth whale Pokémon towered over them, but Wallace was still worried. He couldn't take extremely long with the battle or it could be costly, but beating Kyogre would be something he knew would not be easy. "Wailord, Water Spout!"

Archie laughed. "Watch and learn—Kyogre, use your Water Spout, too!"
Two huge cannons of water collided, but Kyogre's managed to power through Wailord's and hit the whale Pokémon. Despite the fact the attack was not very effective and had hit a large target, it still sapped almost half of Wailord's energy.

"Now, Kyogre, Blizzard!"

"Wailord, Light Screen!"

As Wailord's Light Screen warded off Kyogre's Blizzard, Shelly ran to Archie. "Sir, you must stop! Groudon is coming this way after Kyogre!"

"Why so concerned, Shelly?" Archie sneered. "Kyogre has the advantage with its Water- and Ice-type attacks!"

"But Groudon has shown the capability to use SolarBeam and Thunder attacks, as well!"


Immediately after the ancient land Pokémon's roar was heard, huge rocks began tumbling out of the sky. An AncientPower attack! Wallace realized. I need to stay here to guard the Red Orb! "Wailord, Light Screen again!"

Wallace got behind Wailord's Light Screen and watched with held breath as the AncientPower attack was blocked, but the rocks seemed relentless. Wallace only hoped Wailord could hold on for long enough.

At that moment, Wailord's Light Screen disappeared, and it took a single hit from the attack which was enough to make it faint. Wallace recalled Wailord and looked around. Kyogre had disappeared, while Archie was face down on the submarine, seemingly unconscious, as Shelly tried to wake him up. The strange pattern had stopped flickering on the Aqua Leader's body, and the Red Orb rolled out from under him.

Wallace approached the Red Orb cautiously and knelt, opening a bag. He nudged the Red Orb with his shoe into the bag and pulled the drawstring closed. There!

Wallace pulled out his PokéNav. "Steven, I've got the Red Orb!"

Meanwhile at the Team Magma submarine . . .

Ash coughed as his consciousness began to return to him, tasting the salty seawater in his mouth and still feeling little jolts of electricity jostle his body. He opened his eyes, intense sunlight flooding into them, and with a groan he rolled over and looked around; Steven was right next to him and talking on his silver PokéNav. When he saw Ash was awake, he smiled and said into the PokéNav, "Ash just regained consciousness. We'll see what happens."

Ash then noticed Pikachu sitting next to him. It didn't bound into his arms as he expected, but it had less malice in its eyes than before. Once Ash looked into its eyes and grinned, however, Pikachu's face broke into a grin, as well, and it began to glow, the pattern on its body disappearing. With a small thud, the Blue Orb fell to the floor.

"Pikachu, you're back!" Ash threw his arms around his beloved Pokémon, and this time it returned his happiness with a jolly, "Pika!"

Steven, however, froze as storm clouds covered up the sun yet again and rain began pelting. Why isn't it stopping? he wondered worriedly.

"Wallace, did the weather go back to normal where you are?" Steven asked into the PokéNav, He paused and frowned, running a hand over his face. "This is definitely not good . . . yeah, we'll wait and then meet up there. Okay, bye."

"Steven?" Ash asked, noting the older Trainer's tense face. "What's wrong?"

"Pika pi?" Pikachu added.

Steven sighed heavily. "We're in trouble. The Red and Blue Orbs being rediscovered has had no effect on the weather, which means Groudon and Kyogre are still battling."

"What?" Ash cried "But isn't it supposed to end everything? Isn't everything supposed to go back to normal?"

"That's what we thought," Steven replied gravely. "Which means we have to find another solution fast, or Groudon and Kyogre will destroy the entire world—very, very soon."

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