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Chapter 1

I stare into the comforting eyes of my mother. She holds out her arms, and I find myself snuggled between them. My sister wedges herself next to me, and I hold her sweaty hand. My mother pats my blond hair, trying to give me courage, but I can see the fear in her eyes.

She takes my hand along with my sister's. We trudge through trough the gray streets. The air is damp and depressing, it's as if the earth itself knew that there was a Reaping. Already, a commotion was starting in the Town Center. I hug my mother, take my sister's hand, and cross over to the roped-off section that holds the children that are fourteen. I find my best friend waiting for my sister and I. She greets us, and we all hold hands, grasping for dear life. I know that the chances of any of us going were slim, but…

The District 12 escort, Rita Mason, bobbles onto the stage. "Welcome to the 50th Annual Hunger Games", she says in that ridiculous Capitol accent. "As you know, this is the second Quarter Quell! It has been selected that the number of tributes from each District will be doubled. That means two boys and two girls!"

Duh, I think. Then I grasp what she means. My chances of going in are doubled. My name is still less likely to be drawn then those of the Seam, but there have been cases…

Rita scurries over to the girls' glass bowl, singing, "Ladies first", leaving trails of glitter behind her. She reaches in with her long nails, and snags a piece of paper. She pulls it out and gives a commanding cough. "Lucy Peters."

I give a sigh of relief. Not me. Not my sister. Not my friend. Still, one more name to go… I lean into my sister, and our little trio holds tight. Rita reaches for another slip of paper. She gives another cough.

"Maysilee Donner."