My dearest readers, reviewers, and patient fans,

If any of you out there are still getting update notifications from this story, rejoice! If you loved this story, I bring you glad tidings!

I am rewriting this story completely in honor of it being my first fanfiction ever. My style has certainly changed (and improved greatly) in the past years, and it would be injustice to leave this fiction in the crappy state it's in.

It will be titled Prism Bound and will make an appearance in two-three days! Excited? I am!

There is currently a poll on my profile asking whether or not there should be a romance between Haymitch and Maysilee. Please take part!

My personal thoughts are that "Haysilee" has been done too many times in too many ways. But should you wish me to write a romance (I really don't care, it's up to you), I promise to make it unique and something you've never seen before.

The plot, yes, will be altered (as there really was no plot progression in the original), but the morals and basic story line will remain the same.

And our lovely characters will be the same as well. Skyla, Kedia, Larson, and Sophronia will all be there.

I hope you're looking forward to this will as much excitement and anticipation as I am!

Until then,

Layne Muffins.