This story took place between Voyage of the Damned & Partners in Crime.


The Doctor had a rough adventure. Just yesterday, he saved Star Ship Titanic crashing into Buckingham Palace including the rest of London. He's in his TARDIS right now, thinking on where to go for his next adventure. He can't go back to see Martha Jones since it's only been a week; he misses her that much. But there's one woman on his mind. And that woman is Rose Tyler. Rose is now living in a parallel universe with her mother and father and her boyfriend Mickey. God blimey! Where to go next? he thought. He paced around the TARDIS thinking on where to go next, but nothing has come to mind. He stood still as the sound of the engines going in the background hoping that the sound will help him think. Which it wasn't. Well… I could go see Sarah Jane, The Doctor thought. He hasn't seen Sarah for awhile now; after he and her reunited together saving a school. He started towards the console of the TARDIS until, BOOM! The entire machine shook violently making The Doctor lose his footing.

"What's that mean?" The Doctor said out loud.

The TARDIS was behaving erratic, but The Doctor couldn't make out what's wrong with her as he began to push buttons and pull levers, "What's wrong sweetheart?"

BOOM! Another making him slam into the console again and again. The TARDIS shook more violently as The Doctor tries to hold on. Holding on very tightly, The Doctor went to the screen to see where the TARDIS was taking him. He reached it with difficulty as he stared at the screen. The screen is nothing but scrambling lines, in which The Doctor can't make out why the screen was doing until, SLAM! The entire machine lands very hard. The Doctor slams to the floor of the console room and looks up at console. The lights are still on and the TARDIS is now all calm. He went to the screen once more and saw that he has landed somewhere in in Kansas.

"Well… Will you look at that! We landed in the States!" The Doctor said. "But what was all that about?" The Doctor begins to push buttons to see what went wrong, "Huh? What went wrong sweetheart? You were flying and then the next, you went bonkers!" He checked and can tell the machine is all right. "Well, whatever that was… You're fine now," he said as he patted the console, "Well… Let's see good old Kansas!"

He ran towards the door, grabbing his long coat. He opened the door and the smell of Kansas farming wafted into the TARDIS making The Doctor Smile. He stepped onto the ground of a field and closed the door behind him. Smiling again he spins around slowly catching the site of the field and spotted a farm in the distance.

"Well, where in Kansas am I?" The Doctor said.

He started towards the farmhouse, after making sure he had his trusty sonic screwdriver. It seem for awhile as he finally comes out of the field and now sees the entire farm. He looked at the barn and the nice yellow two story house. Then he noticed a young handsome man coming out from the barn carrying a some hay. Hoping not to be notice The Doctor stood still as he watched the man stack it with other stacks of hay on the side of the barn. The man turns, but notices The Doctor. Great. Now I have to introduce myself, The Doctor said to himself. He walked towards the young man as the two met.

"Hello there, I'm The Doctor," he introduced himself.

"Hi, Doctor who?" the young man asked.

"Nah, just The Doctor,"

"How can you just be called, The Doctor, you can't be just The Doctor," the young man chuckled.

"Just… The Doctor," he said scratching the back of his head.

"Fine. I'm Clark, Clark Kent," the young man said.

Why does that name sounds so familiar, The Doctor trying to remember the name, but ignores it. "Nice to meet you Clark Kent. Mind telling me where in Kansas I am?"

"What happen? Knocked your head? You're in Smallville," Clark said to him.

The Doctor stood silent for a moment. For sure he has heard that name somewhere before as well, but nothing isn't coming to mind. Something has clicked in his head. Smallville. Clark Kent.

"Indeed I am in Smallville," The Doctor said smiling.

"Well. You seemed a little hungry, come with me to my house, Lois and I can fix you up something," Clark afford him.

"Why that's very nice of you!" The Doctor said following Clark to the house.

Things have gotten interesting! The Doctor thought.