The Doctor's sight was turning black from the pressure that the Cyberman was giving him. The Doctor tries to stay awake, but couldn't stop the strength of the upgraded Cyberman.

"Your companions will not help you now! I am superior! I am an all new upgraded Cyber-" he stopped.

The pressure went away as the Doctor gasped for air. The Cyberman… was… in pain. Cyberman feeling pain! the Doctor thought. The Doctor looks and sees Captain Jack holding out a piece of green kryptonite as the Cyberman releases him from his grip. Jack has a smirk on his face as he walks to the dieing Cyberman.

"Yeah, I know what you're thinking. How can I feel pain? The Doctor read in the files that Lionel made your new upgrade with feelings," he said.

"And… what you are feeling… is… pain," Doctor taking some deep breaths.

"Impossible… Cybermen should never… feel pain!" it cried out.

Clark stayed back as Oliver covers him in a lead blanket to protect him from the harm of kryptonite. The others gather around as they watch the Cyberman slowly dieing. He began to glow as cracks started to form on the Cyberman. In the next second, sparks started to shoot out from the cracks as the Doctor, Jack, Oliver and Lois runs away as in time the Cyberman explodes into particles. Jack places the kryptonite in a lead box as Clarks comes out of the blanket.

"It's not over yet. We need to destroy this facility or the Cybermen will get an upgrade," the Doctor turning to the facility building.

"I can handle that," Clark with a smirk.

The Doctor smiles as everyone does the same. "I knew you'll say that."

Clark speeds inside the facility making a giant hole in the building. The others slowly back away when they start to hear booming sounds coming from below the ground beneath them. An explosion escapes from a cracked hole in the ground as pieces of Cybermen comes spitting out followed by fire as well. The entire area begins to shake and rumble as they watch the entire facility falls into a sinking hole and soon was followed by a large fiery explosion. Smoke and pieces of the buildings began to fall back to the earth. Everyone waited as Clark comes out unscathed from the explosion and pieces of the building. Lois runs to him and kisses him, but only to feel the heat on her hands as she let out a yelp.

Days later, after the destruction of the Cybermen, Doctor and Jack are inside the TARDIS as the others are outside saying their goodbyes.

"So… You're going back to your parallel world, eh?" Oliver asked. "You should stay awhile."

"Wish I can Oliver, but the rip between my world and yours is closing up," the Doctor explained.

"Yeah. We… just don't belong here," Jack chuckles.

He salutes to them. "Lois." He winks at her, she blushes. "Gentlemen." He does the same.

They wave at their new best friends as they watch the doors to the TARDIS closed in front of them. Before their very eyes, the machine begins to materialize as the engines roars to life. Then in an instant, the great blue box disappears and the heroes smile as they walk away from the spot where the TARDIS was sitting.

Jack sits on a chair in the console room a props up his feet on the console.

"Feet off!" Doctor smacking them away.

"Man… Meeting Superman, Lois Lane and the Green Arrow was awesome!" Jack replies.

"What a delight! Falling through a rip and then end up in-" the Doctor was cut off as the TARDIS shakes violently again.

Jack falls off the chair as the Doctor lands right next to him. The shaking continues as the Doctor tries to see what's happening.

"Was it supposed to do that?" Jack wondered.

"No! Something's wrong," the Doctor struggling to get to the console.

The TARDIS slams violently as the Doctor falls off the railing and on the floor beneath the console. The Doctor looks around to see if anything is out of place. He sees Jack rubbing his right arm as the Doctor runs back up to the console and checks the screen. The map is showing them that they're in Washington. Jack walks to the door followed by the Doctor as they took a peek outside. Trees were almost everywhere instead a school building to their left. It was night, but the Doctor was able to make out the sign of what school it is. Jack follows him and they both looked at the sign.

"Right!" both said at the same time.

What they were staring at was… FORKS HIGH SCHOOL.

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