"Oh god... what happened last night?" Sonic said rubbing his head, he looked at his surroundings and saw that he was in a... hotel room? He had a major headache and the room was trashed with clothes... His and someone else's... He heard the bathroom's toilet flush and out came... A HOOKER! 'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shity, shit shit!' Sonic thought.

"Mmm... morning baby, crazy night last night. No?" she said in a seductive voice.

"Uhh... I'm going too be married in a couple of months... Oh god... I was drunk!" Sonic said finding his boxers, his pants, and his shirt on the floor. The hooker lit up a cigarette. She was a sky blue fox with white crystalline eyes. She smirked and chuckled.

"Married, Boy-friend... or single... I take 'em all" She replied and liked her lips, gazing lustfully at him. Sonic backed away from her got his clothes on and ran out the door. He did have too admit that she was kinda attractive looking... he slapped and cursed at himself as he drove home. Looking at the time on his dash board, Amy wouldn't be up for another three hours... Hopefully... it was close to 5 in the morning, she usually never got up this early. Maybe he could sneak in, and get in bed and pretend to sleep in till Amy wakes up, she always liked waking up first anyways.

Sonic carefully pulled into the garage and closed it, he locked it and unlocked the door leading into the house, he carefully slipped in and put the spare key on the table by the door and went upstairs, he slipped into his room, took off his pants, shirt, and socks and climb into bed with Amy still asleep, he wrapped his arms around her sleeping frame and nuzzled her neck. She gave a soft moan of displeasure of being awakened.

"Mmm, Sonic? What are you doing waking me up?" Amy asked turning over so they where facing each other.

"I wanted to see your face before the day starts" Sonic said, Amy cracked a small smile.

"When did you get in?" Amy asked and gave a small yawn,

"About midnight" Sonic said, Amy blinked sleepily and nodded, they got up out of bed a couple hours later getting some more sleep after Sonic gave his answer and Amy was fixing breakfast when Sonic's answer rang through her head again.

"Hey Sonic?" Amy asked as Sonic looked up from the paper he had gotten on the way in.


"You said you came in at midnight, right?

"Around midnight, yes"

"I didn't get home in till midnight and didn't sleep in till 1:30"


"Where were you last night, Sonic?"