AN: It may seem like this jumps from present to past tense but really its Izzy doing a lot of thinking while taking care of thingsā€¦

Chapter 12

Izzy paid for their gas, snacks, phones and medicine for Sydney. Seeing a stuffed wolf on the shelf she grabbed it and tossed it on the counter with the rest of the stuff. She hoped Sydney would be comforted by it; Sara had always wanted a stuffed animal to cuddle when she was sick.

Sydney had started throwing up outside of Dallas, since they were so close to the meeting place Deanne had told Izzy to just drive on, they could get her medicine there. It was one of those big truck stops with a hotel next to it. Sydney had since fallen asleep and when they got to the stop Deanne had moved her sleeping daughter to her car that they were towing behind the truck.

Izzy was adding drinks and snacks to the cooler for the tow car. That way anything De and Syd might need would be right there. She had also picked up some prepaid phones, less chance of tracking toss phones. They had to get to Washington without leaving any paper trails or digital trails. Calls bouncing off cell towers could be traced by Deanne's ex, if that happened all of this would be for nothing.

Deanne had decided Sydney would be more comfortable stretched out in the car. Plus it would give her a chance to get used to Quil in little doses. Izzy understood why Sydney would be scared of Quil she just hoped his child like nature would win her over. She deserved to feel safe and loved. She dreaded going back to LA Push but for this child she would put her guilt aside, if the council granted them asylum then the girl had a decent shot at having a good life. Putting what happened behind her as much as possible.

Izzy quietly opened the driver side door and put the cooler in the front seat. She quietly explained the phones to Deanne and that the number to the phone she would have was already programmed in. Izzy quietly slipped the stuffed wolf next to Sydney on the seat. When Quil got there they would head out, but if either of them needed anything or for them to stop, call or honk the horn. The plan was to drive straight through to Denver stop for the night then make it the rest of the way. It was a 35-hour drive but between her and Quil they could do it no problem.

The longer it was taking Quil to show up, the more nervous she got. She looked different now and she knew Quil would be able to tell just how out there she had gotten with the drugs. Weed wouldn't bother him but if he smelled something else he would have plenty to say. She just needed to get into town, get Sydney and Deanne safe, and say good-bye to Billy. She owed him that much for destroying family, his life. She didn't like spending time with her own thoughts, so she climbed into the back of the truck, lit a joint and anxiously waited for her past to meet the new her.

She didn't have long to wait until the driver side door opened and Quil stuck his head in. Taking one look at Bella he laughed. "Could you be any higher if you tried? Damn girl you are a hot mess." Izzy laughed before throwing herself into Quil's arms.