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Chapter 16

Not knowing what to expect, it hadn't take me more than 3 minutes to decide to get Izzy out of this rat trap as quickly as possible. Calling this place seedy would be giving it way to much credit in he thought as he made his way to the door, knocking quietly not wishing to draw any unwanted attention. Jasper was surprised it took only a few seconds for Izzy to answer the door her relief tangible even if it wasn't already evident on her face.

"Please tell me you're ready to crawl out of this whole and head home. It will only take a minute to load your bike. Even less time if I load it while that couple is still fighting drawing everyone's attention I won't have to look like it's a struggle." I blurt out completely forgetting my plan for subtly and kid gloves.

The petite brunette shrugged her emotions muted but calm, "Sure. It's not like I've got much to gather." She moved towards the bathroom returning with small toiletries she carelessly dumped in the bag. She then pulled a glass jar from the fridge adding it to the other items before closing the bag. "If you could grab that box for me? I'm ready." She motioned to the table in the corner.

"Anything else?" I asked box in hand a bit surprised at her at her willingness to immediately leave after wallowing here in a stupor for days. Again not sure what I was expecting but this almost impatience without a doubt wasn't it.

"No. I never should have stopped being here doesn't change anything. It was a place to get numb. A place to die if I'm not careful, and I'm not ready to die yet. I'm not finished. Not yet. So why stay?" She said with resolve her eyes almost clearing as she talked. For just a minute I could almost see the old Bella. She was gone as quickly as she came but it was a relief she was still there somewhere behind the pain and anger. Behind the drugs.

"Glad to hear it." I responded unsure the right thing to say so I just opened the door for her taking her at her word. As I lead her to my truck I took in our surroundings gauging how much time to spend loading her bike. Even though things looked clear I decided to play it safe and struggle a bit once Izzy was comfortable in the passenger seat. I climbed in the truck a bit nervous about where the conversation might go during such a long drive.

I should have known Izzy would seize control the radio being a woman and all. Thankfully, her taste was both eclectic and good making her channel surfing bearable. It was also a relief to find her singing wasn't bad when not yelling at the top of her lungs. They managed to pass half the trip talking about music, movies and books.

"So…" Izzy hesitated. "Any news from your tracker friend?"

Having no intention of lying to her, I tried to prepare myself for any reaction. "He had some leads… the most promising in Africa. He headed that way try to pick up her trail. He'll keep me updated. I'll let you know as I know if you want." I offer.

"I would, thank you." She replied quietly her anxiety rising for the first time. As she seemed to search for how to continue. I sent a bit of calm her way as I maneuvered the highway interchange.

Her resolve back she blurted, "I have put all my human affairs in order and I really want to talk about the possibility of you changing me."

"Izzy it's not as simple as just changing you, if you survived the change. Which is questionable given the strain the drugs have put on your body. Have you thought about after Victoria is gone? You would be condemned to a life without your mate not a short human life but centuries. The pain you feel now will be intensified with nothing able to numb it. I've seen vampires go crazy." I asked voicing some of my main concerns with her plan. "You will be giving up the rest of the wolves… You'll never be able to go home again. You will watch all the rest of those you love die. I can get you your revenge. Is it worth all that to be the one who does the torturing? I would do this for you, as would Charlotte or Peter."

"I know you would and I love that about you but I need to do this Jasper. I need to end this. My final gift to my family would be peace. That's worth everything. A thousand lifetimes would be worth that peace." She implored her conviction and honesty was overpowering.

"I need to think more about this, but if you're serious you need to get clean and give your heart some rest before we could change you. I need to see if the others would be up for helping with a newborn. It's not just my decision." I admit feeling both mine and Izzy's weariness. "Why don't you get some sleep, I can feel how tired you are." I suggest needing to think… Izzy surprised me again when she just nodded and closed her eyes relaxing quickly.

Once I was sure Izzy was in deep sleep I called Peter to update them on Izzy's request to be changed. I really needed a devil's advocate. Although I had concerns, valid ones. In my heart I want to tell her yes, I want to help her get her revenge. Of course all my call accomplished was to start a fight between myself and house guests. I'll have to sort that shit out later. I think after hanging up the phone and turning it off. First priority was to get Izzy home.

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