This story actually came to me when I was reading a half-Demon Harry story, in which his father was a Demon lord, I then watched 'Abandon all hope' immediately after, Starring our favorite the King of the crossroads, Crowley.. Just hearing Crowley's British accent and his 'King maker, Deal breaker' attitude made a plot bunny that would just not leave me alone.

So I decided to feed this plot bunny a bit just to see how it would go.

I'm leaning towards ether Harry/Sam or Harry/Castiel for this story. There will be Dean/Lisa later on, because I like Lisa and Ben is far to cute to ignore..

Hope you enjoy!

Set in the Beginning of season 5, Supernatural. End of book 5, HP.

Harry groaned as he woke up in his wide and comfortable bed in the Gryffindor boy's dormitory. He stirred quietly and sighed, as he allowed himself to fall back into his pillow. He was feeling both mournful and unbelievably pissed at the same time.

Sirius was Dead. Remus was devastated. And Albus had been lying to Harry.. For Years. YEARS.

Harry buried his head in his pillow again, and he tried to close his eyes and not think about these facts at the moment. Albus had lied, Yes. Sirius had died, yes. But he knew that Sirius would want him to live his life and be happy. And a part of him already knew that Albus had been lying for years, and was still lying. But he was just a kid, and had to trust that Dumbledore knew best.

After all, Harry had survived this far, right?..

He just wanted to wanted enjoy his last two Dursley-free days before the summer holiday began. That was the only half-cheerful thing he could think to do at the moment.

So he was going to sleep in, then take a nice longgg shower, then spend the rest of the day hanging out with Ron and Hermione, Maybe even hop on their brooms. The wizarding world could wait for one day.

It was then that a falling of footsteps, and sound of a door opening quietly was heard. If Harry wasn't already awake it wouldn't of rose him.

"Ron?" Ginny then whispered, walking over urgently to her brother's bed.

"Umm… Gin.. What do you want?.." Ron groaned from his own bed, and Harry could tell from the sound that his face was still half-buried in the pillow.

"Ron, something's wrong.. Wake up now!" Harry's eyes now snapped opened, as he looked to where he heard Ginny's voice. The drapes around his four poster where closed, so he didn't see Ginny, and Ginny didn't see him. But he still knew that she was there even if she didn't know he was awake.

"What do you mean? What's going on?.." Ron asked, now completely awake. Apparently those words had knocked him awake as well. The fight in the ministry still fresh in their minds.

"I Don't know.. Professor Dumbledore just found me and told me that someone was coming to Hogwarts for Harry. We need to make sure Harry was still asleep, and keep him out of the great hall until they left."

"What? Why?…" Ron questioned, as Harry heard Ron jump to his feet. "It's not people from the Ministry is it?"

"I don't know.. Professor Dumbledore just told me to keep Harry away from them…"

"But.. But.. But…" Ron stuttered. "Why?…" He then asked. And Harry had to admit, that was a good question. Harry opened the drapes to his four poster and looked at both Ginny and Ron. Both looked at his tired and messy appearance, and realized he had just been awakened as well.

"Well… Why don't we go find out?…" Harry said, now rushing to his Hogwarts trunk.

"Harry! Don't! Dumbledore said…" Ginny began, but then Ron jumped into his own chest and started pulling clothes out. Harry just grabbed his invisibly cloak, and wrapped it around himself.

"I know what Dumbledore said, Ginny, but I need to know what's going on.. I Promise, I won't get caught." Harry said, now making his way out the door and down the stairs.

"Met you down there in a minute, Mate!" Ron called after him as Ginny shrieked in protest. Harry just smiled. He knew he could count on Ron. Harry flew down the stairs, and through the commons. Soon he slipped out the portrait door. Luckily he knew of a special staircase that lead straight to the Great hall on Saturday mornings. God, he loved Hogwarts. Even the changing doors and stair cases.

The Doors to the great hall had obviously been blasted open, and where nearly hanging off there hinges. The professors where shouting orders, the prefects where trying to keep control, and the first years where near wetting themselves.

"Crowley, I must insist that you stop this foolishness and leave." Dumbledore said. He was standing tall, even though he an inch shy of shaking in his boots. Harry had just arrived and peered over the railing, listening to the two men argue.

"It's KING Crowley now, if you please… Oh, don't worry, Albie boy! I'll be out of your hair in a Jif.. After you hand over Harry, Of course." Harry blinked.

The man, 'Crowley', was definitely English. But that was where the similarities ended between the two. Albus was old, Thin, and tall with long white hair and colorful and tacky robes.. Crowley looked around 26-30 maybe, shorter, but bulky with short brown hair and a widow's peek. His clothes where Black and Grey, obviously tailored and top of the line. And it was a Muggle business suit. Go figure.. Now what in the world would this guy want with him? And why has he demanding that Albus hand him over?

While Albus held the air of a grandfatherly sage, this man held a powerfully Evil aura. Infact, it was so evil that Harry wasn't sure that the man was even HUMAN. Not really. He looked human, but seemed to be something else.. Something that Harry couldn't place. Even the professors where giving him a wide berth of space. Every inch from the wide open doors to the middle of the great hall seemed to have been claimed by him. And soon Harry realized why.. There where four huge dogs stalking the space around him.. And he used the words "Dogs" in the lightest of terms.

They had four legs, the body, and the build of dogs, Yes… but they where at least 3 times larger. And their bodys seemed to shift and change, just like the veil in the ministry. An odd Hand, head or other body part would seem to press against the outside skin of the dog that left an imprint on the outside of the body. Like the dog was carrying people inside of his very flesh… and the silky, shining black coat of 'Fur' that covered them didn't help at all. They where bloody terrifying.

"I don't believe you understand the situation properly, Crowley… Harry is not yours to take. He is the son of Lily and James, and a wizard. This world needs him.. Needs him more then you could ever understand." Albus said, and Harry slowly and silently made his way down the stairs. Carefully avoiding and sidestepping the awe-struck students and odd professor that where watching the scene.

"Oh, No.. I understand.. I understand perfectly well." Crowley said, now stepping forward. His dogs growling and snapping, as they moved with him. Crowley's eyes growing angrier and darker, as he stalked forward. Craning his neck as he strolled, almost stylishly, over to the old man. A hunter stalking the pray.

"I know that you got hold of prophesy before anyone else… You where the only person in the world that knew what it said. Well, the whole of it, at least." The man said, as he shrugged and curled his bottom lip. Harry blinked silently as he stopped himself at the bottom of the stairs. He tightened his hold on the Cloak and stood very still so he wouldn't get caught. At the same time, a good deal of the students and one professor started stepping back. Backing away from the Man.

"I know that you KNEW that James was a barrier, even before he did.. I know that you arranged the wedding between him and Lily… I know that you put the idea into James mind, to have the child of the prophesy.. Even though you knew he could NEVER Father a child with Lily…" The man said, inching closer and closer to Albus, before he stopped in front of him, now glaring openly. His anger showing more and more.

"I know that you made an.. Arrangement.. With Lilith. Introduced James to me, and had a Fool-proof plan put into action… And that, After one very Passionate night, YOU where the one that took my James away from me. and had Lilith make sure I stayed in the dark! COMPLELY ignorant! And that, Nine months later, on the 31rst of July, James had a son!… MY son!… Not Lily, JAMES!" The man screamed, in a full-out rage at the end of his speech. His dogs then howling out there rage as well. Albus's face was now pale, as everyone stared at the two in shock.

"YOU made the arrangements… YOU took James from me… YOU took our child that he birthed… YOU made Peter Pettigrew the Secret Keeper… YOU locked away Sirius black… and YOU where the one that handed MY child.. MY Heir… MY SON… over to LILY EVAN'S sister! LILY'S EVANS… SISTER!"

Crowley said, now red in the face and spitting with Rage. Harry could only stand, frozen, as the shock from suit. He even those words hit him full force. But then, the man suddenly calmed down. He stood straight up. He fixed his flatted the left side of his hair with his hand. He then seemed to shrug it off and shake himself back into his professional facade.

"So… You manipulative, Self-rightist, Life-Ruining Fuck-ass…" Crowley then said, in near perfect upper-class prefecture. "If you'd be so kind as to return my child to me, I'd gladly be on my way."

Dumbledore then stammered and stuttered like a moron in the face of the regal man. Making more and more of a fool of himself as the seconds pasted. It seemed Dumbledore had nothing to say for himself, or nothing to defend himself with in front of the entire school population. Crowley even went as far as to check his (Diamond and gold plated) watch and tap his foot impatiently as he waited. It had to take at least 20 more seconds, before Albus could come back with a single statement.


Crowley tossed his arms up, as if it thanks. "FINALLY! It Speaks!" he then placed his arms back down, and smiled cruelly at the old man.

"You don't get it, do you, you brain-dead old coot?… Lilith is dead. Killed, you see. Yesterday night. A sad, nasty business.. And I Inherited every contract, Deal, trade-off and.. Arrangement... She ever made.. So now, I call the shots.. And after reviewing your contract, I've decided that I'm calling your marker in. So yes.. YES… I will be taking Harry… YOU have no choice in that. " Albus's face then went deathly pale.

"As a matter of fact, the only choice you have at the current moment is if I'll be taking anybody else with me when I leave.." Crowley then tilted his head, and looked to the side. "Well, PIECES of bodies… But.. You get the point." He said, then looking back to Albus. grinning cruelly again. It was obvious in his tone and his eyes that he really was ready to do it.

"YOU CAN'T! I Refuse to let you! This is Hogwarts castle, and I am the headmaster! No Student may be removed the grounds without my express permission!" Dumbledore said, his wand out and pointed, trying to stand as tall as he could. A few of the students and Professors looked to Dumbledore in horror. Not because he was willing to fight for Harry, no… But that Dumbledore was willing to let people get killed just to keep Harry from leaving.

Harry winced at the looks on the faces of the students and teachers. 'Sure, fine, let's throw Harry to the demonic dogs.. So long as no one else is hurt… He won't mind…' Harry thought spitefully. And then sighed. He'd probly go along quietly anyway, even if he wasn't asked. He couldn't stand to see people hurt..

"Without the PARENTS or GUARDIANS permission, you mean. And didn't you just hear me?.. Harry IS my son. You know that better then anyone." Crowley said. Glaring down Dumbledore's wand, looking fearless.

"I am Harry's magical guardian! And you, You inhuman abomination, have no legal right to him!"

"Magical guardian? You're JOKING, Right? " Crowley said, now scoffing at the headmaster.

"You didn't even lay eyes on the boy after you dropped him off at Petunia's for a good ten years! Your title as magical guardian no longer applies… And as for me not having any legal rights..…" Crowley now said, as he tossed his hand up. In an interesting flare of magic and flame a folded piece of paper, obviously a legal document, appeared in his hands.

"Well… This little piece of paper says differently…" Crowley said, giving Albus a grin as well. "It's a transfer of guardianship… Signed by a certain Petunia Dursley… 100 percent legit. Completely legal."

Dozen of students gasped around him, as Albus Dumbledore looked on in shock. Crowley simply un-folded the piece of paper in one hand, and flashed it to everyone in view. And then asked, impetuously. "Would you like a copy?"

"WHAT?… WHEN?... HOW?" Dumbledore then sputtered.. Crowley, though, just continued to drive the nail through Dumbledore's coffin.

"Quite easy.. I simple made Petunia an offer she wouldn't refuse… Well, honestly, I would have been glad to just have the genetic testing or adopt him right from under your nose.. But that would have taken precious time, and, as you'll find… I'm not a very patient demon…" Crowley said, as suddenly all amusement and cruelty was wiped from his face. Leaving only stone cold rage and hate as he stared at the headmaster. Harry heart then stopped. 'Demon?…' Harry thought, feeling as if a vat of frozen water was just poured over his head. 'A Demon… My father is a Demon?'

"You see now, Dumbledore?.. See what you've lost?… What harm your action's have caused?.. No one screws me over. No one takes what's mine. And No one breaches there contracts with me. Not without SERIOUS consequences… And you, you poor, pathetic, worthless old fool… You've done all three."

It was then that one of the dogs that came with Crowley suddenly stopped right in front of Harry. Harry froze in terror as he looked at the thing. He was listening so intently to the conversation, that he hadn't been paying attention to what was going on around him... Which included the demonic dogs. He swallowed harshly… Oh, he was so screwed….

The Big, Evil, Demonic dog then sniffed deeply a few times. And then gave a kind of humming growl. Not angry, or a warning of attack.. Just a humming growl… But it still chilled Harry to the Bone.

That also seemed to get Crowley's and Albus's attention.

"What is it, girl?…" Crowley then said, looking directly at the dog, as Albus looked at the space around the dog, as If he couldn't see it. "Find something interesting?…"

The dog merely Gruffed, and then Barked. That lone bark causing Harry's invisibly cloak to fly right off of him, reveling him to the whole room. Gasps echoed throughout the Hall, and Harry could only stand still, Frozen with fright and the shame of being caught.

"OH! Harry! Glad you showed, Love!" Crowley then said, his face lighting with happiness. He now took out what looked to be a Iphone and started typing away madly. "So, I take it that you heard the whole conversation?"

"Yes… I heard…" Harry answered waywardly, as that man that seemed to be his father seemed to be sending a text. "Is it true?.."

"GOOD! Then I don't have to repeat myself… Sad to say, Harry, but Yes. It's true. That, and a fair bit more… but that's for later." Crowley then said, now putting his phone back in his pocket. He then looked to Harry, a smile then appearing on his formerly enraged face.

"…Your headmaster in a lying, manipulating, neglectful, kidnapping, life-fucking, soul-sucking, self-fulfilling son of a bitch. He had your whole life.. Including and your death, arranged even before you where even born… and I'm a Demon, and your dad." Harry could almost see his heart crack in his chest.

"I'm Crowley. King of the crossroads. I've come here to make you a deal…" he now said, as he put his Iphone away and turned to look Harry directly in the face. "I'll help you knock off this dark-lord guy, If you blow this popsicle stand and come and live with your old man across the pond.. Whatta ya say?"

Harry only blinked at the taller, older man. He then turned and looked at Albus who seemed to be on the edge of having heart attack.

"Is… It's True, isn't it?…." Was all that Harry managed to say. It was crushing to think that his whole life was a lie. And that Dumbledore, his mentor, the person he looked up to the most was behind it all. This was almost to much at once. Far to much.

Dumdledore looked back to him. His eyes shining with a unknown glint. Could it be… Guilt?..

"Harry, My boy.. It was for the greater good…"

"What did he mean by you planning to kill me?…" Harry then questioned forcefully. His calm demeanor changing in a instant. If this all was true, then he wanted answers. Albus froze as his jaw locked at the younger man next to him.

"My Boy, that is not the truth at all…"

"BULLSHIT!" Crowley raged from his post in front of everyone in the great hall.

"Bullshit, Bullshit, BULLSHIT.. Harry, he planned your death, Or TECHNICALLY, he planned for you to kill YOURSELF at the end of this war. Or was counting on it at least.. But, If you had managed to live through the end of the war, he still would have seen to your death."

"Harry, my boy, we are beginning to approach a very sensitive topic.. I believe we should take this conversation to my office.."

Harry then narrowed his eyes as he stared at the headmaster. Anger and pain shining through.

"No… No I don't think so.." Dumbledore then looked at Harry in shock.

"No, I don't think I will take this conversation to your office, because I don't think it needs to go that far.. Because you already admitted to knowing about the prophecy. And you knew about my parents needing a secret keeper, and you will knew about Sirius and Peter Pettigrew the same night that I found out.. I TOLD you myself." Harry said, pain and betrayal obvious in his eyes.

"So tell me, professor.. How much of the rest is true, as well?…"

Dumbledore just looked back to Harry… Then glanced sideways to the rest of the inhabits of the school.. All waiting with baited breath. Then to Crowley, who tilted his head sheepishly at the headmaster with a smug grin on face.

It was then that Harry realized why Dumbledore was acting like this. He had been caught and cornered. His manipulations where now out in the open, every lie was now exposed. He was going to be ruined, if he didn't handle this right. If he didn't make sure that came out on top, and with Harry on his side or still under his control. The ministry hadn't even given him back his titles yet. As of now, he was only the headmaster of Hogwarts everything else was pending. Harry was also sure that his father had planned this public controntation as well... Just to make sure that it stuck.

Dumbledore was only worried about covering his own ass. Harry glared hatefully at the old man, and Dumbledore stumbled back, as if struck.

"Feel free to contact me when your ready to tell the truth!" Harry then snapped out, as he turned and walked right up to Crowley. His father. The evil black dog trailing after him like a Puppy.

"You said you'd help me defeat the dark lord?" Harry said, meeting him eye-to-eye.

"Yes…" Crowley then said, his face then turning serious.

"Alright.. But I want to remain in contact with my friends, and I reserve the right to leave anytime I wish…" Harry countered, his face going just as serious as his fathers.

"Then I'll insist on having an amulet put on you, so that I can find you anywhere you are, as well as a charmed cell phone… You'll have to promise to keep them both on you at all times. Plus.." His father said, looking down at his clothes. A Ratty pair of sweat pants and t-shirt that Harry called pajamas. "I get to burn any and all unsuitable clothing, and replace them with fashions I see fit…"

Harry blinked, and looked down as his outfit, now frowning. Well.. Okay, they where Very (Very, VERY) Old… So…

"Alright. Deal." And with that, Crowley smiled proudly and put a hand on Harry's shoulders.

"That's my boy.. knows a good deal when he sees one."

And with a rush of wind, Harry and Crowley where gone. And Dumbledore looked on in horror as his life and all of his plans where ruined.