Hello all. This is my first True Blood fic and I am terribly excited. God, he's so hot and since I can't have him, I'll be a gracious woman and let Sookie have fun for me. This is taking place after Bill's lies are exposed. After Eric's almost suicide attempt. I am done with the second season but youtube cheat because I can't get enough of Eric Northman so I do have a bit of an inkling of what goes down in season three. Plus, I've read some fabulous True Blood fics here and got a few spoilers that way. So it might not coincide entirely but it's still going to be fun. On with the show.

I pace around my bedroom as if the simple act would calm my nerves. My heart's racing and I bite my lip hard enough to draw blood. I force myself to sit down on the edge of my bed, not quite looking at what lies behind me. I wish Gran was here. She would give me advice, regardless if I wanted to hear what she had to say or not.

I sigh, pulling my thin cotton robe tighter around my body. I glance at my phone, pulling up the text he sent earlier before succumbing to sleep this morning. Am I his last thought before he slumbers? He's always mine. Does he dream of me as I do him? Does he wake up aroused beyond all comprehension, forced to pleasure himself as I do?

Lover, celebrate Halloween with me tonight. Fangtasia. Dress appropriately.

The words had made my blood boil and my palms sweat. They are the first words he has said, written, since the fiasco of my relationship with Bill blew up all around me. Since he almost killed himself in the same fashion as Godric. Almost sacrificed himself to save me; okay I exaggerate slightly. I am not as naive as people might believe. I know that his issues with Russell always had more to do with the retribution of his family than with me but he did save me nonetheless. He also withheld from me to save me. I always tell you the truth. I may not tell you everything I know, but what I tell you…it's true. He drives me insane. Then again, Eric always walks to the beat of his own drums. He didn't tell me because he wanted to make sure nothing messed his plan up, me included, that would lead to Russell's demise. The name still makes my skin crawl. The text are the first words since I rescinded both his and Bill's invitations to my home. First words since my little, what's the word, vacation? trip? retreat? to the Fae.

Bill tried to kill him, well, bury him along with Russell. Yet, as always, Bill never gives Eric enough credit. It would take more than some silver and some concrete to keep Eric Northman down. This is the man willing to die a True Death to stop Russell and save me. If I meet the True Death without even having kissed you Sookie Stackhouse, it would be my biggest regret. What did that mean? Is it because of our blood bond? The man has over a thousand years of kissing females and males alike, how could kissing me matter so much? I do not know. All I know is that visiting the Fae and getting over, yet another one of, Bill's lies and betrayals opened up my eyes a bit.

Eric Northman is a mean sonofabitch but he is not cold. He is not the heartless bastard Bill made him out to be or who I thought he was. He loves. Deeply, even if he claims not to know the meaning of the word. His quick response when I told him he loved Godric plays in my head. Don't use words I don't understand. I believe that one sentence has been his only lie to me because I saw, with my own eyes, how he loved, and still does, Godric, how he loves Pam, and how he might almost care for me. Wait, that's not true. He might have fibbed before Dallas but Dallas is where things changed between us. I saw him with Godric and bore witness to how the man can love beyond himself. I think that is what scares him. That he can still feel that one singular human emotion. Well, I think it's only fair since he causes a maelstrom of emotions to brew up inside me whenever I'm in his general vicinity. Pissed, pissed off, more pissed off, torn between gouging out his eyes and throwing myself on top of him and giving into the desire that burns my blood and between my legs and, finally, confusion. I know him to be curt, crude, vulgar, sarcastic to the point where even Jesus might want to slap him, and sometimes kind. I saw it with Godric. I've seen it with Pam. Sometimes even me. Especially in my dreams.

I brush off imaginary dust off the tops of my thighs and take in a deep breath. What good are dreams when they don't satisfy my desire that is ever-growing? What good are dreams if I cannot truly feel his lips upon mine? Since our kiss, my dreams have only gotten more and more sensual and, dare I say, erotic? Things I could never imagine doing in real life, I have no qualms about them in my subconscious. Sex with Bill had been...good. I will not lie or cheapen what we shared, well more than finding out it was all an intricate plot to capture me as his Queen's pet, but it was good. Then again, he is the only man, dead or alive, I have ever been with. Our sex, I can no longer in good conscience call it lovemaking when there was only love on my part, was straight-laced. Him on top. Me on top. Sure there are variations of both but nothing like what I walked in on that night Bill went missing. That night when I had my first fully awake sighting of a naked Eric pumping into some girl. His ass? Sweet Jesus, I'm pretty sure Gran whistled up in heaven. It's perfection. His whole body is perfection. It took all my willpower and strength not to peek at his manhood when he left that poor girl dangling there to speak to me.

I rise off my bed to untie my robe. I let it drop from my body before turning around to get ready. I've never been more ready.

Fangtasia - - -

I park my car, smirking at just how much Eric despises it. I get out, pleased that the lot isn't that full yet. It is early though and in an hour or so, the place will be packed. I pull down the back of my skirt, if it can even be called that, before reaching back inside for the other necessary props of my costume. I close my door and head to the line, bypassing those already waiting. Their thoughts of annoyance, anger and eww, lust, bombard my brain. I quickly suppress them to walk straight up to Pam. My steps falter when I see her costume.

"Little Bo Peep?" My voice is full of teasing.

She wags a finely arched eyebrow at me before raking her eyes over my attire. I fight the urge to cross my arms in front of my chest as her eyes linger there for a bit too long. Her eyes finally meet mine and I see approval. "How else can I herd my sheep to slaughter?" She places a hand on her hip, holding onto her staff in the other. "Well, well, Miss Stackhouse, what a deliciously surprising choice of attire." She moves to the side. "Please, do come in."

I enter Fangtasia, surprised to see that it is more crowded than what I thought. I feel him sense my arrival. The immediate pleasure. The annoyance that follows right behind it. I'm sure he can feel my nervousness. I walk through the crowd to where his throne is. It's like a movie, when the crowd shifts and he's in my line of sight. No costume for the Sheriff of Area 5. Instead he wears his usual outfit of a black wife beater that conforms to his every muscle. I can't tell if his jeans are black or a very dark blue but it doesn't matter. All that matters is when he gets up, they'll be molded to his perfect thighs and mouth-watering ass. I feel my arousal start to burn me from the inside out.

"God, you're beautiful." I whisper the words but judging by the small smile playing upon his lips he feels my words; perhaps hears them.

He's looking down. He picks his head up and his breath catches. I giggle because I find it absurd that although dead, he does such human things sometimes. I am finally standing before him. He steps down from the small platform to stand before me.

His voice is husky as he grabs my arm to pull me closer to him as if we're the only people here. "Älskarinna, du behagar mig."

I have no idea what has just passed his beautiful lips but it warms me nonetheless. I smile, flirtatiously of course, before replying, "I hope that means you approve of my costume."

His hand leaves my arm so he can take a step back and better appreciate the costume. His signature smirk is in place when his eyes meet mine. "I like the hat."

I roll my eyes, enjoying his playfulness. There hasn't been enough lightheartedness in my life recently. Mostly death and heartbreak. This is a welcome reprieve. "Just the hat?"

He considers my question and motions with his hand for me to spin around. I do so slowly, well aware that people are staring but I don't care about them. I only care about him. I feel the short skirt flare up a bit, perhaps revealing the nude colored, lacey hipster underwear I have on underneath. I stop and put my hand on the butt of my fake plastic sword. We just stare at another before we both burst into a fit of giggles. Well, not him. He's just too much man to giggle but he does laugh deeply. His blue eyes are so bright, twinkling like sapphires. "A Viking, Sookie?"

I give him a small curtsey. His eyes never leave my cleavage which is on prominent display in this outfit. It's a faux suede dress, barely covering my lady parts. Fur trims the sweetheart neckline bodice that meets in a knot in the middle. There is a cut out section in the front that had some nylon material that was supposed to cover one's skin but I cut that away. I wanted my nicely tanned skin to peek through the buckles that cross my torso to just above my belly button. It comes with a faux fur chain hip belt with a buckle closure and attachment that I can hang my sword from. Arm bindings trimmed with fur along with fur trimmed leggings to put over my boots complete the ensemble. Oh, can't forget the hat. I smile at him. "A Viking, Eric."

His eyes narrow, losing a bit of the light that had just been there. I feel my heart break a tad bit. Maybe this is a mistake. Maybe I should leave. Maybe I read too much into a simple, flirty text message. Maybe I hoped too much. I excuse myself but before I can make my way to leave, his hand finds mine. His voice is low but tense. "Do not run from me Sookie. Not now. Not tonight. Not ever."

I try finding my voice but am cut off my the annoyingly accented Yvetta. "Eric, why is she here again?" I glance at her, not at all surprised by her choice of clothing or lack thereof. She looks every bit the stripper skank she is.

Eric's mouth lifts as he ignores her. His words are for me and me alone. "Jealous lover?" Curse the damn bond.

Yvetta thinks he is speaking to her. "Jealous? Pft! Of her? She is...ughhh..." His grabs her arm with his free hand, making her fall to her knees.

I shriek, "Eric!" I try to pry his hand off of her with my own but it's useless.

Eric lowers his face to hers, hand still wrapped around one of mine. "You will apologize to her." Yvetta just stares at him wide-eyed. "Now!" The roar in his voice leaves her no choice but to obey. Others start to stare.

Yvetta glares at me. "I am sorry." She doesn't even look at me but he does release her. She scrambles back up, rubbing at where he grabbed her. "Now I will bruise and look ugly when I must dance."

Eric shrugs, "Now, don't you worry about that." She smiles smugly at me. I feel like throttling her. Eric smirks as he pops her bubble. "You're fired. No dancing. No more fucking and no more money. Well at least not from me. Go clean out your locker and be gone in ten minutes. Chow will make sure you've vacated the premises. Do not let me find out that you've lingered past the allotted time."

Yvetta's stuck on stupid and so am I. Yes, I came here to claim him and be claimed by him but this is unexpected which is dumb because I don't share. Make up, shoes or men. I feel like a cat that's found a dish of cream to gobble up. Yvetta glares at us both. "Fuck you." Not sure if that's directed at him or at me.

Eric just pulls me closer to him. Places me in front of his body, nibbling along my neck. He just has to get the last word in, "Tsk, tsk, now I just told you that's no longer an option. Not when I have Miss Stackhouse in my arms."

She stalks off. I resist the urge to wave goodbye. He's such a horrible influence on me. The girl just lost her meal ticket and her sex god. Goading is not necessary. Suddenly, I am spun around so I am now facing him. His mouth hovers an inch from mine. "Tell me why you are here Sookie."

I swallow, finding my throat suddenly constricted. I clear my throat and answer him, "I thought the reason to be obvious."

He shakes his head before leaning forward to gently rub his lips against mine. He pulls back, "Obvious? Perhaps, but I need to be sure. I need to hear you tell me instead of me just surmising why you're here, dressed like that."

I nod, well aware that he's right. He needs the words and I need to say them. Enough hiding. Even in a cute Viking costume. I take in a deep breath, "I am here because I'm yours Eric Northman. Yours alone."

His eyes widen and we're moving. So fast that everything is a blur. I am pressed against the door that leads to his office. His eyes are searching my face. For what I do not know. I said the words. He has yet to say anything in return. Finally his eyes lock with mine. "Vad gör du med mig?"

I lick my lips, enjoying the small clicking sound of his fangs descending slightly. "I wish I knew what you just said." One of my hands softly stroke his cheek. He moves his head to tease my palm with his fangs and tongue. One hand snakes, well not really since it's so short, under my skirt to massage my bottom. I moan at his touch.

My hand falls to land on his shoulder. He grins before devouring my mouth. There is no other word to describe this kiss. The one in his office? Before when he thought he was going to burn to a crispy critter? That was passion and desperation. That kiss can't hold a candle to the one we're sharing now. It's all consuming and I am gladly drowning in it. He pushes my behind forward so I am now in full contact with his body.

My eyes snap open. Good Lord in Heaven, that cannot be what I think it is. Just to show me it is in fact what I think it to be, he grinds himself against me. I groan once more, desperate for all of him. My hands wrap themselves around his neck to deepen the kiss if that is even possible. I can feel him smirking against my mouth. I finally pull away when I start to feel woozy from the lack of oxygen.

Sure enough, the smug bastard is smirking at me. The smirk turns into a full on smile when he sees the pout on my face. He takes a step back and I am about ready to whimper at the loss of his body against mine. He presses his lips chastely against mine. "Shh, lover. I am not about to take you against the door of my office." My eyes widen. I forgot where we are. He kisses the tip of my nose. "Well, at least not on this side of the door."

He reaches around me to pull open the door but my hand stops him. His questions me, and I believe I hear a bit of panic in his voice, "Sookie?"

I take his hand and bring it to my mouth. I kiss his knuckles before sucking on one of his digits. His mouth opens to release a small hiss. I repeat the action with two more fingers before releasing the last one with a small pop. I look down the hall to where the door to the basement resides. His eyes follow mine before turning back to me in a rush. I slowly nod.

He shakes his head, "No. I will not sully our first time with taking you..."

I cut him off, desperate for him to understand, "Please." His eyes narrow. "Please, just...take me down there so I can explain."

He nods and presses his mouth against mine once more. The kiss is short but fierce. He grabs my hand and quickly pulls me to the door. He yanks it open and switches on a light before closing and locking the door behind us. He bends to sweep me off my feet. A second later, we're down the steps, chains and whatnot surrounding us in the dank, dimly lit space. He watches me as I survey the room. Finally our eyes meet once more. He simply leans against a column before speaking, "Explain."

I fidget with the handle of my sword. I close my eyes to gather my thoughts. I open them and look at him, "Bill is the first, and only, man I have lain with." His eyes narrow into slits and I can feel his anger surge through me. I roll my eyes, "Oh stop it. You already know that and I did walk in on you banging that two dollar hooker from those chains to the left of you."

Eric's anger dissipates and is replaced with amusement. "Jealous lover?"

I look him square in the eye before replying, "Yes." I am rewarded with him looking absolutely dumbfounded so I continue, "Insanely so. I want you. But even more than that, I trust you, crazy as that sounds. I want you to trust me. Confide in me and let me be enough to warm your bed and feed your hunger. Just me. I can't handle anymore deceit. Anymore lies so that's why I came tonight because, dang it to hell Eric Northman, you're who I want. So I asked you to come down here so you can make love to me here because this is a part of you. I want you to know that I want all of you. Sheriff, smart ass, Mr. Vampire that fucks women in his basement, Child who is brave enough to offer himself so his Maker and I can live, destroyer of Russell and the man that, somehow through the crazy mess that is my life, captured my heart. This is why we're down here."

He moves so fast, standing before me before I even finish my little speech. His hands trace the fur on my bodice before moving down to cup my breasts in his hands. My breathing hitches as his hands ghost along my body. He whispers to me, "I will never let you go Sookie. No woman can hold a candle to the unique specimen you are. You are mine."

I let my lips trail along his bared neck. I speak against the smooth skin ignoring that he has yet to say he is mine. I let it go for now. "I am yours."

He growls and his hands are everywhere. Touching, teasing, rubbing, kneading. My body is in sensory overload and I want more. I feel him tear away the costume. I huff out, "You owe me fifty dollars Eric."

His mouth is on mine once more. He breaks away, leaving me panting. "The best fifty I have ever spent Miss Stackhouse." He takes a step back to admire me in my panties, boots with fur trim bindings and the bindings on my arms. "Du är den mest gudomliga kvinna som jag någonsin har haft nöjet att röra vid."

I feel so exposed standing before him in boots, bindings and my knickers. He quickly takes off his wife beater. I remove the arm bands, dropping them to the floor. He bends down to undo his boots. This is unbelievable. How does one look sexy taking off their boots? Yet, he manages to do just that. He is now kneeling before me. He tells me to place my right foot on his bent knee. I do so and he removes the leg warmer, because really that's what it is, from the boot. Soon the boot follows. He repeats his actions with the other foot.

He stands and his hands go to the buttons of his jeans. Now only in thin socks and my underwear, I walk over to him, cursing out loud at how cold the floor is down here. He starts to laugh but it quickly dies when my hands find the zipper of his jeans as I step on my ruined costume. His breath catches when I lower his jeans, freeing his...oh sweet Jesus of Judea, he is huge. How on God's green earth is that going to fit in little old me?

He steps out of his jeans and pulls me back up. I raise my face to him so our mouths can meet. He speaks against my lips, "Do not worry Sookie, it was made specifically for you."

I smile at the sweet sentiment before he plunders my mouth like the Viking he is. Soon my panties join the ruined fabric under my feet. I think I lose my socks. He hoists me up, kissing and nibbling, his beyond impressive erection trapped between our bodies. I run my nails down his arms making him groan as he enjoys their sting. A chain bumps my back lightly. I flinch at its coldness. He notices and puts me down. I resist the urge to stomp my foot.

He snickers at me, "Patience lover."

I cross my arms in front on me, "Patience is highly overrated." I watch him grab my costume off the floor. "What are you...?"

He rips long pieces of it off to wrap around the shackles. He uses the fur to pad the inside of them. This is why I am here. Plain and simple. He holds out a hand to me which I gladly accept. He secures the handcuffs around my wrists. I am not as tall as the stripper who he had in these before me. I have to stand on my tippy toes. He yanks on the chains above to give me a bit more length so I can stand on the flat of my feet.

He brushes some hair away from my face, "You are such a petite creature Sookie. I want to tell you a few things before I pleasure you and want you comfortable. But when we begin, I have to yank you up." My nether regions clench with hungry anticipation. "I am not into heavy BDSM..."

I interrupt, "BD-what?" Oh Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

He grins at me, "Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and slave and master. Or sadism and masochism, whichever you prefer. I do like my sex a bit rough sometimes, well most of the time, but only if my partner is willing. A little spanking, biting and pulling never hurts." My face must be four shades of red right now. He runs one finger along my cheek before continuing. "We will only go as far as you want my lover. I will never push. I meant what I said. I am not into the heavier side of it. Some of my past...partners have been and I have participated but that was to please them, not for my own benefit."

I nod, slowly. "I don't think I want full on whatever you called it but I think a little spanking, nibbling and pulling would be all right."

He just stares at me, before yanking my feet off the ground with the chains. I yelp at the unexpectedness of it. Before I can say anything, he drops to his knees. He leans forward and I realize where his mouth is at. I struggle a bit, uneasy with such an intimate act. "Eric?"

He looks up at me, a serene look upon his face. His fangs are fully elongated and, curse it all to hell, look so fucking sexy. "Lover, Sookie, you smell heavenly. You truly are exquisite." He tilts his head as he takes in my look of discomfort. Understanding dawns on his face. "You and Bill..."

I shake my head, further embarrassed. "No we have not. He has not. He, I, thought it to be too vulgar or unladylike or whatever."

He laughs which just irks me. I mean, seriously, I just...ohhh, oh my. He pulls my legs over his shoulders and runs his tongue along my lower lips. "Sookie, you taste like...even your blood doesn't compare to how you taste. All woman. All mine."

I have no words. Hardly any voice. The sounds that escape from me can hardly be called noises but they are. Grunts, groans, whimpers, perhaps his name. I get lost in the feeling of his tongue licking, probing and finally entering me with such force I orgasm right on the spot. I throw my head back, screaming his name, "Eric!"

He doesn't stop, once more teasing my sensitive nub with his tongue before grazing it with his fangs. I look down, turned on beyond all belief, by the erotic sight of his head between my thighs. He looks up, his eyes asking. I nod thinking he means to drink from my thigh. Imagine my surprise and extreme pleasure when one of his fangs pierces my clit. I howl as the orgasm rips through me. My body convulses but he keeps me steady. As I ride it out, I feel him pierce the skin of my inner thigh. He pulls for my blood and it feels...so unlike how it did with Bill. This is so much more intense. Magical even. It hits me then; I love him. The good, the bad, the worse, I love all of him.

He must sense my uneasiness because he stops drinking. He uses his tongue to close the wound. That's perplexing. Bill would do no such thing, leaving me with a vampire version of a hickey on my neck or wherever he fed from.

Eric rises, "Do not think of him when you are with me Sookie." His eyes are dark with irritation.

He grabs my hips, lining my entrance up with his hardened dick. I shake my head, "I wasn't. Well, I was but not how you think. Bill never...closed my wounds. He let them dry up on their own. I didn't even know that was possible."

He looks at me, "That's why you were feeling so perplexed? I stopped because your emotions were all over the place."

I open my mouth to answer but promptly shut it. What can I say? No, I was, am, feeling like that because I love you. I have given myself to you yet you won't do the same. Yeah, that might kill the mood. Instead I answer with, "I am sorry. You're right. Thinking of him when with you is rude. I was just caught off guard by how good it feels when you drink from me. Nothing in comparison to what it felt..oomph..."

His mouth is on mine. One arm wrapping around my waist to steady me while the other one goes to my hair so his fingers can grab it. He gives my hair a firm tug making me moan. He yanks it harder to pull our mouths apart, "He is not the man I am, Sookie. He never will be and I won't be compared to him." I can feel his exasperation through our bond. And the hurt.

I shake my head, "I know you aren't. There isn't even a comparison. You're who I want. Only, and forever, you. Forgive me?"

His eyes twinkle once more. I feel him feeling lighter and then lust. Pure lust. He pushes forward and the head of his dick teases my opening. I gasp. He takes notice and smiles. "Are you sure Sookie? This cannot be undone. You cannot go back from this."

I grab a hold of his hips with my thighs. His hands move to cup my bottom. "I know and there's nowhere else I want to be than here with you. Only you."

Through the bond and through the lust, I feel his happiness. Pure happiness. He speaks again in his native tongue, "Jag är din, älskarinna, bara din." Then he slides into me.

I throw my head back as he pounds into me. Hard slaps of skin fill the room along with my screams of ecstasy and his grunts of pleasure. His grip on my bottom tightens, almost painfully but with the royal fucking he's giving me, it only adds to the thrill. Good god, he's so good at this. Then it hits me. Green-eyed monster? Pleasure to make your acquaintance, once again.

He stops moving. I have no choice but to look at him. His chest is heaving as is mine with the exertion of our coupling. His voice is soft, "Sookie, everything with you feels like the first time again. Everything with you erases my past. None of that compares to how I feel when I am with you." He starts to move again, so slowly. Pulling almost all the way out to go back in slow and deep. "No one tastes like you. No one feels as good as you do wrapped around my cock. Your pussy trying to milk my cock with everything it has. Trying to go so deep inside your tight pussy...fuck."

I blush, unused to such language. Well, at least spoken out loud. I am speechless and ridiculously turned on.

Eric smirks again as his thrusts get a bit harder, faster. "I take it..." He lets the sentence trail off.

I shake my head, moving my hips to take him in even deeper. He growls. I stammer, "N...no, he...he never."

He starts to move vampire quick, "But you like it, don't you lover?" His one hand finds my clit.

I throw my head forward and bite down on his shoulder. I growl out against his skin, "God yes." I open my mouth and bite down, hard enough to draw blood. The thick liquid of his blood tastes more delicious than the best tasting chocolate that God himself could have made. I feel his fangs sink into my neck which triggers both of our orgasms. Him screaming my name is muffled by him drinking my blood but I hear him just fine. I lick at the wound on his shoulder as I feel him do the same to me. I know it's futile since his skin is already healing by itself but I enjoy the little act of sweetness.

I feel him lower my feet to the ground. He takes of the cuffs and rubs my wrists. They feel a bit numb but I don't care. He moves away from me. "Where are you going?"

He moves to the more dark part of the basement. "There's a linen closet back there. I'm going to get you a blanket if we're lucky." He comes back with a towel and one wrapped around his waist. He looks at me sheepishly. "Sorry lover, this is all I could find."

He wraps the towel around my body and gathers me in his arms. He walks us over to the stairs where he sits with me in his lap. Holy crap, we're cuddling. I'm cuddling with Eric Northman.

"Shut up woman. You're ruining my buzz with your emotions." He says it jokingly. I shift to get a better look at him. He's leaning against the step behind him, eyes closed as he strokes my bare shoulders. He opens them and I am at a bit of a loss. His eyes look...sad. I feel apprehension from him. "I am afraid that now that you've had your fun, you will want to leave. Now that the haze of desire has been cleared away, you will think me to be a poor choice for you."

I shake my head before placing my mouth on his. The kiss is almost sweet. I pull away, intertwining my fingers with his that are on my lap. "No. I know there are things we need to talk about and decide but no, Eric, I am not going anywhere."

He nods and presses a kiss to my shoulder. "How can you be down here with me knowing what I've done?" There is no shame in his voice, just curiosity.

I shudder, remembering the day I found a battered Lafayette down here. I look at Eric. "I don't forgive you for that but, as sick as it sounds, I sort of understand. You're Sheriff of Area 5 and your vampire rules are different from my human ones. You hurt him, I know that, but you healed him afterwards."

He turns away from me before nodding. He looks back at me, "You know why?"

I nod, "Lafayette told me. I didn't even look inside him. He told me that you said whatever I care for, you find curious."

He smiles. "I should have known then."

I purse my lips, "Known what Eric?"

He smiles; it lights up his whole face. "That I am yours just as much as you are mine." He kisses me deeply and I feel my body responding. I move to straddle him. Towels are moved and when I slide him inside me, I cry out as he growls. I try to move slowly but he starts to thrust his hips up making me move faster. I can feel the heat building along with his desire. God, this is incredible. I lean back so he can take a nipple in his mouth. He's now doing most of the work, pounding into me. I grab his thighs to brace myself. His fangs sink into the flesh of my breast. I cum around him triggering his orgasm. The force of which he spills into me threatens to knock me off him. His hands grip my waist to keep me steady. I come down from my high, pleased to see the skin already healed where he bit me.

He strokes my cheek, "Sorry Sookie that was quick but Pam's waiting outside the door."

I slap his chest, scrambling off him to cover myself. He looks as pleased as punch. I glare at him, "God, you're incorrigible."

He just rolls his shoulders back. He stands to go unlock the door. I call out his name and chuck the other towel at him. "Could you please cover up?" He seems confused by my request. I huff, "I get it that you're all okay with your nakedness and that she won't give a shit, but I do. That's mine and mine alone."

He wraps the towel loosely around his waist, "I like a possessive Sookie."

I grin at him, "That's just dandy because that's what you're getting. Now see what she wants. The floor is cold."

He sweeps me back in his arms. He opens the door as I try to keep my legs closed and the towel firmly under my butt. Pam gives me her trademark smirk. "Why, Sookie, don't you look even more ravishing than before." I blush. She turns her attention to Eric. "So I gather you're done for the evening."

He looks at me while answering her, "Not in the least. I plan on making love to her for the rest of the night."

Pam rolls her eyes as I blush even more. "I meant here Eric." Then she looks at me and licks her lip. "Can I watch?" He growls and I feel the streak of possessiveness shoot through us both. "Spoilsports." She walks away.

We're in his office now. He drops his towel and walks around naked. I'm not complaining. He sits on the edge of his desk looking at me. "Eric?"

He smiles at me, pondering. "Sookie, I am not even close to be done with you. I'm going to find you something to wear, although I admit the towel does look quite lovely against your tan skin."

I roll my eyes, "I am not going outside to my car in a towel. I don't care that you're a sex god or not."

He rubs his chin thoughtfully, "Sex god is it? Yes, I can live with that. Will you be addressing me like in front of others?" I unhook my towel and throw it at him. He, of course, catches it. "I'll take that as a no then? Pity. It's a rather suiting term of endearment."

I nod. I see his eyes roam over my quite naked body. I allow my eyes the same courtesy. We're eye sexing now and I feel my wetness start to gather between my legs. His dick is rising and I drop my eyes when I see him grasp it in his hand. "Look at me lover." I have no choice but to obey. "I love when you blush. There is nothing to be embarrassed about Sookie. I can smell your arousal as you can surely see mine. Now the question is, how I am going to take you?"

I gulp, actually gulp. How can he talk so nonchalantly while jerking himself off? God, it really is a sight to behold. The head is peeking through his pale fingers. The shaft darker than the rest of him, rigid and thick. So wonderfully thick. I don't even realize I'm running my hands along the sides of my body until I brush the sides of my breasts. My hands immediately drop to my sides. His voice is demanding, "Touch yourself. Show me how you want me to touch you Sookie. Show me and I'll fuck you on my desk 'til we're both screaming."

How can a lady resist such an offer? I timidly run my hands along my sides once more until I am able to cup my own breasts. I pinch one nipple and pull on the other. His eyes narrow as the speed of his hand increases. I moan when I see the first drops of his seed glistening on the head. He moves so fast, now standing in front of me. He releases himself to swipe away the precious liquid that has gathered. He brings his fingers to my lips and I open my mouth to clean them. He tastes so good. Is it a sin that he always tastes so good?

He curses. At me? Who knows? He grabs me, pulling my body to his so he can fuse our mouths. His hands are everywhere. Pulling my nipples as I had been. One hand grabs mine to slide between my legs. "Show me."

I cannot help but obey. I slide one finger inside me, cursing out loud when I know it's not enough. I slide in two more, still yearning for his thickness. My fingers are a tease, not giving me what I need. He watches me, nibbling on my skin here and there. I feel myself tensing, knowing an orgasm is just within reach yet I can't bring myself to fall over. I whine, "Eric..."

He looks at my face. "Yes lover?"

I pull my fingers out of myself and offer them to him. He moans when my juices touch his tongue. I prick my finger on one of his fangs and the blood combines with my juices. His eyes flare and I'm backed against the desk. He moves back and an evil gleam comes into his eyes. "Not quite like that lover."

He turns me around causing me to brace my palms on the desk. He bends me over and kicks apart my legs. They buckle slightly knowing what's to come. He grabs my hips and slides into in one brutally hard thrust. I scream out, "Fuck!"

I hear the smugness in his voice, "Yes lover, scream for me. Tell who you belong to."

Each word is punctuated with a hard thrust. Hard and deep to the point I feel he just might come out of my mouth. God, I can feel him everywhere inside me. "You...I am yours...Oh sweet...yes...yes...more...more...goddamn it Eric..."

He laughs, sounding more twinkly than his usual deep one. "Yes, Sookie, you are mine...ughhh...yes...damn you to hell woman, what do you do to me?" His movements are so sure. So precise. I groan along with him. Imagine my shock when I hear the next words out of his mouth. "Pamela go away, this is not for you."

I hear her muffled response, "Oh you killjoy. Have fun Sookie. Well, more fun." Her signature laugh is heard as she walks away. Well, I'm hoping she's walking away.

I am mortified. I try pulling away but he just grabs my arms bending me in a weird angle like a taut bow that somehow allows him to push even deeper into me. I manage to cry out a strangled, "Eric!"

"Fuck Sookie...fuck yes...baby, you have..." Then he sinks his fangs into my shoulder making me cum so hard I black out for a second. I feel him pulse inside me. He releases my arms leaving me to collapse forward onto the desk to catch my breath. His weight follows as he presses small kisses to the back of my neck while stroking my hips. "I am sorry lover."

I manage to squeak out, "For what? That was incredible. God, who knew sex could be so...just so much fun?"

He laughs before continuing, "I am sorry for the bruises you're sure to have on the beautiful pale skin of your hips that the sun never sees." I miss his weight as soon as it's gone.

I get up and look down. Sure enough the skin there is beginning to darken. I shrug my shoulders, "They are well worth it. Shame I can't tan naked."

His eyes crinkle at the corner. "If you want, you are more than welcome to come to my place to do so. I have an indoor solarium with an open skylight in the ceiling above the pool. No one would see. Pity though, neither would I."

I hear the longing in his voice. I find that as surprising as the offer itself. I find my voice, "Thank you. That would be lovely. Perhaps on my next night off? I can meet you here and spend the night and day with you?"

Joy is evident on his face and through our bond. "Yes lover, that sounds just about perfect. You have to let me know so I can make sure there is more than True Blood in the fridge. Sookie, are we making plans?"

I nibble on my lower lip before answering. "Tentative ones it seems. I'm off on Wednesday and Thursday this week coming up."

He smiles as he approaches me. "I have to be here Wednesday night. College night and there's a wet t-shirt contest you could help me judge."

I raise an eyebrow at him, "Really now? Are guys allowed to participate as well?"

His nostrils flare before he answers, "I believe they can if they want but Pam doesn't particularly care for them."

I cross my arms in front of me, "Well if you're going to be staring and drooling over some sorority girl's tits then why shouldn't I be able to gaze upon the male variety?"

He retorts, "Because they will never be able to make you feel like I do. They won't be able to make you cum or fuck like I do. Besides, the only tits I've been drooling over are yours. Now that I have them, nothing else will ever suffice. I am yours woman. Yours alone."

The words make my heart melt a little. Yes, he'll never be a Hallmark card of sentiment or feelings but he does just fine in his own way. "Then I'll be more than happy to help you judge, provided men can participate as well. It's only fair. What's the prize?"

He is suddenly interested in a spot on the wall. Oh no, this isn't going to make me happy. He throws out, "A cash prize of five hundred dollars."

I march up to him and grab his chin in my hand so he has no choice but to look at me. "But that's not the regular prize is it, Sheriff?"

He shakes his head, trying to keep his face passive. I can feel his amusement through our bond. "No lover. Usually the winner gets to be my snack."

He excepts me to be upset but I refuse to give him that satisfaction. "Well then, I'm glad it's money now. You drink from no one besides me and a bottle. I think we've been over that."

He tips his imaginary hat, "Yes ma'am." He goes to the closet in the corner. He pulls out a Fangtasia t-shirt. It's larger than the one I woke up in the last time I needed one. I look at him pointedly. "I wanted to see your legs last time."

Incorrigible isn't the word for him. Nor is pervert. He gets dressed quickly. The t-shirt reaches my knees making the fact that I have no underpants on a moot point. He sits behind his desk, rummaging through his drawers. He stands and reaches out his hand to me. He opens his door and I see my boots against the wall. I put them on, imaging I must look quiet fetching at the moment. Hair a mess. Make up all ruined. Fangtasia t-shirt and my, as Lafayette lovingly refers to them, hooker boots. He pulls me in the direction of the basement. "There's an exit back here."

I nod, remembering how we had run out that exit the first time I visited the club. He drapes a track jacket on my shoulders that he had grabbed before we left his office. See, sweet and gentlemanly. The man makes my head spin. I stop him. "My car?"

He makes an obscene noise. "I should have it towed away. It's a disgrace Sookie and I can barely contort my body to fit inside. We're going to have to get you a new one."

I shake my head at him, "The hell we are. I am not going to be a kept woman Eric Northman. You just go and erase that thought from your head. It might be ugly but it's mine. I paid for it all on my own."

He looks at me and I look at him. We start walking once more. We reach his Corvette. He opens the door for me. Before closing the door, he squats down. "How about I buy you a new car and we work out our own personal payment plan?"

I glare at him, "So now I'm a hooker?"

He laughs, "No lover. You're my woman and I will find a damn way to get you a new car. I am quite determined when I need to be, you know?"

He closes the door. Yes, I do know. The drive to my house is quiet, minus the soft music that plays in the background. I look at him when we pass the Bon Temps Welcome sign, "I wouldn't think you would listen to this type of music."

He looks at me briefly before returning his eyes to the road, "The music we play at Fangtasia can get boring quite fast. I enjoy all types of music. Hip hop, metal, grunge, the occasional pop song and even some country." Thoughts of him in a cowboy hat and gun belt and nothing else pop into my head. I lick my lips at the thought. He takes his eyes off the road once more to glance at me. There is a wicked smile on his face. "Lover what are you thinking of?"

I am saved by us pulling up in front of my house. I hop out after replying in my sweetest voice, "Nothing."

No sooner I close the door, am I wrapped in his arms. "You lie but I'll just have to find a way for you to make that up to me." He scans the dark night and presses his forehead against mine. He picks his head up and looks at me, "You have a guest. Show yourself."

Bill comes out from behind a tree. He looks down right pissed. I guess I can hardly blame him. Eric's all but draped on top of me. We must reek of sex and my clothing, or lack thereof, is just further proof that we hadn't been playing golf on the Wii tonight. I square my shoulders and ask him pointblank, "What do you want Bill? I thought I made it quite clear I do not wish to see you."

He sneers at me, "But you also rescinded your invitation to Eric yet have no qualms about allowing him to lie between your legs like another one of his whores."

The audacity of the man. Before I can get a good old heaping of mad to reply back with, Bill's flying backwards and Eric is standing in the spot Bill just vacated. My anger along with his courses through me, "Compton, you are to leave. Not just her property but my damn town. By tomorrow night so you can get your affairs in order. If you ever speak to her like that, or in any way, I will rip your head off and piss down your throat before setting you outside to meet True Death."

Bill stands, brushing dirt off his personage. He looks at me and I can see his heartbreak but really, he brought this on himself. How dare he speak to me that way after all the bullshit he's put me through. All the lies and half truths. He slowly nods his head and walks away. I shudder at the look in his eyes. Eric is back by my side in an instant. He strokes my hair, "Shall we?"

I nod, taking his hand. We're on my porch when I realize I forgot my keys in my car. The costume didn't really have any place to hold them. I turn around and smile at him. "I forgot my keys. Just give me a minute." I start to walk to the end of the porch to get the spare but my Viking's quicker. He pulls open my screen door for me. "Going to invite me in?"

I gape at him, "You picked my lock?"

He nods, "Yes, I have skills that go past the bedroom Sookie."

I laugh, "I'm sure. Please, Mr. Northman, do come in."

He does, grabbing me as he enters. The door is shut behind us as we start stripping each other of the unnecessary clothing covering us. I bite his nipple making him hiss. He grabs my legs, hoisting me up. He carries me upstairs to my room.

We're on the bed, kissing and teasing one another like horny teenagers. I pull away to gaze at him. He smiles and lowers his mouth to mine once more, settling between my legs. He breaks the kiss this time to look into my eyes. "We're going to take it slow this time lover."

And we do. He slides into me, grabbing one of my thighs to push in deeper but never rushing. His lips and tongue do sinful things to my earlobes, throat and shoulders. I tease his lips with my teeth. His fangs prick my tongue so he can suck on my tongue. I move under him, running my hands along his back to grip his perfect ass. I feel myself falling, slowly falling as the orgasm takes me.

He still moves inside me, slow and deep as I come back to myself. I twist my head, offering my neck. He shakes his head. "I want you to drink from me as I do from you."

I nod quickly, the thought of his rich blood flowing down my throat as he pumps in and out of me making my head spin. He bites his wrist before bracing himself on one elbow never breaking his stride. I roll my hips to meet each thrust. He brings his wrist to my lips and then breaks the skin of my neck. We cum together as our blood flows into the other. I can't help but cry out in the heat of the moment, "I love you."

Instead of addressing my words, I lick his wrist as it heals under my tongue. I feel him close the wounds on my neck. I expect him to roll off me but he doesn't. He just keeps his face buried in the curve of my neck. Finally he faces me and there is a look on his face that I am not familiar with. "Eric?"

He shushes me with a fierce kiss. He pulls away, eyes bright. "Say it again."

I open my mouth but no words come out. Can I say them again? Right now and not in the throes of passion? I look at my Viking lover and realize yes, yes I can. I smile, "I love you."

He sighs, pressing his lips gently against mine. I feel him harden inside me. He starts to move. "I now understand those words Sookie Stackhouse. Only with you. Only for you."

I can't help but smile at his words. "I need you to say them Eric. I cannot just surmise..."

He laughs, cutting me off. "I love you. Now shut up so I can fuck you proper."

Well, I do because what else can a girl do?

Now should this be a one-shot and stand alone or should I make it a short fic? Hmm...

Älskarinna, du behagar mig. - Lover, you please me.

Vad gör du med mig? - What do you do to me?

Du är den mest gudomliga kvinna som jag någonsin har haft nöjet att röra vid.- You are the most divine woman I have ever had the pleasure of touching.

Jag är din, älskarinna, bara din. - I am yours lover, just as well, only yours.