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We pack our bags quietly, simply enjoying one another's company. He told me to bring enough for three nights, knowing he could truly care less what I wear during the day. It does sadden me that some of my sightseeing will be done when he's dead for the day, but I stifle those feelings down.

I can feel his eyes on me and sense his concern through our bond. I sigh, dropping whatever is in my hands to make my way towards him. I wrap my arms around him, barely managing. "I'm just being a bit pouty about going around New Orleans during the day without you. That's all. I promise."

He kisses the top of my head. "I too, Lover, long to spend every moment of the day with you. It saddens me as well that there are some things we just cannot share."

I kiss his lips softly, brushing away this pointless sadness. I'm his and he's mine and I'll take him in any way I can. "Enough of this. Let's just get going."

What should be a five hour car ride is done in three, maybe less. We pull up in front of some massive wrought iron gate. Eric pulls his sleek Porsche up to the callbox, impatiently biting out his name. The fear my Viking instills is evident in the meek voice that responds back.

The gates swing open revealing a ridiculously long winding driveway. Seriously, we're on it for close to five minutes. Grand marble statues adorn the grass that sits on both side of the driveway. Some are beautiful. Most are gaudy. Eric tells me humorlessly it's the perfect representation of Sophie Anne.

We finally reach her house. It's opulent yet modern. Eric hisses at the valet who dares to try to open my door. The vampire cowers before my husband and I have to admit, it's a bit mouthwatering.

Eric opens my door, holds out his hand and helps me out. I take a look around and am glad I had the foresight to wear the appropriate attire. Slim cut dark gray trousers, soft pale pink sweater and low heeled boots. Eric, of course, looks dangerous in his usual black attire.

We walk the stone pathway that goes to the front door, but it opens before we reach it. A short man in what I assume is a butler's outfit stands to the side. I realize he's human when his thoughts, well prayers more like it, of Eric not killing or maiming him swim through his head.

"Mr. Northman." Robert bows.

Eric simply nods his head in acknowledgement. I say nothing, hoping not to embarrass Eric or myself because there are too many dang things to remember about vampire etiquette.

Robert closes the door behind us, addressing Eric. "The Magister is in Queen Sophie Ann's office."

Eric gives him a curt nod, but I can feel his surprise. I say nothing like a good little human. Eric quickly takes my hand in his. Eric surprises Robert with the simple gesture. I smile at my husband as he leads us to Sophie Ann's office. Dead or not, well "really dead" dead, she's not my queen, so I won't be using any titles in reference to her.

Robert opens the door and stands to the side as we enter. Damon's sitting in what I assume is Sophie Ann's chair behind an obscenely huge and ostentatious desk. I mean the thing looks to be covered in gold for crying out loud. It's so tacky that I'm barely able to bite back my laugh.

Damon dismisses Robert after asking him to bring me food and some Royalty Blend for the two of them. Damon looks at me with a smile on his face. "Not quite your taste, Sookie?"

I finally let out the laugh I had been holding in. "Not at all. I mean, I guess it's lovely, but I just don't see it. It's flipping as big as a whale and, Sweet Lord, are those real diamonds?"

I walk over to the desk and gingerly touch one of the legs. Eric answers me as he plops his fine ass on some ridiculous velvet looking chair. "Yes. And if you look at where our Magister is sitting, there are black diamonds encrusted in the knobs for the drawers."

I straighten my back and lock eyes with Damon, who smirks at me. My eyes widen for a moment before I run around the desk. I slap a hand on the desk. "Holy crap, there are. This is..."

Damon supplies, "Gaudy? Tactless? Tasteless?"

Eric throws in, "Obscene? Garish? Over the top? Fucking ugly?"

I can't help the snort that escapes me. Both vampires' eyes widen before, they join me in a fit of giggles. I finally get myself under control. I sit myself on Eric's lap, loving the feeling of his hands twirling my hair. "I guess Gran was right."

His voice is just a whisper in my ear, making my lady bits tingle. "Why is that, Wife?"

I cheekily reply with the truth, "Money cannot buy taste."

Damon nods. "Nor can it buy one brains or an ounce of discretion."

Eric grows bored with this. I can feel his irritation. "Why is my presence required, Magister, if you're here? My being here seems ... redundant."

Damon says nothing. He simply stands with a file folder in his hand. He walks over to us and hands Eric the file. Eric begrudgingly opens it, his eyes quickly scanning whatever it is. I can feel irritation growing in him.

Damon has gone to stand by the window. Eric tosses the file to the floor, the papers inside flying about. Eric states loudly, "That's just bullshit."

Damon nods before walking to the door where Robert is waiting with the bottled blood, tea, and some biscuits on a tray. Damon informs him, "I want her accountant here before morning."

Robert swallows nervously before replying, "Sir?"

Eric nudges me oh so subtlety. I open my mind and listen in.

Fuck. Fuck. What the hell ... ugh...

I snap back to reality to find Damon holding Robert by the scruff of his neck and the loud clanging of the tray falling to the floor. He pulls away, blood dripping off his fangs, and quickly glamours him before sending him on his way to get the accountant and someone to clean up the mess. Damon walks over to the wall, pulling out a few books – well, more throwing them over his shoulder. A small keypad becomes visible and he quickly types in a code. A slight whirling sound is heard before a small panel in the floor opens.

I feel Eric's amusement. "That clever bitch, putting the safe in the floor."

Damon squats down to pull out some papers, CDs and things that look like invoices and receipts from the writing I can see. "She didn't get to become queen by being a total idiot. The panels of wood provided the perfect camouflage. Anything in the wall would be visible to vampires."

He rises and hands us some of the stuff. One invoice falls to the floor visible to my vamp blood enhanced eyes, subsequently blowing my mind. I jump up, crying out, "That piece of crap cost close to a million dollars?"

Eric nods like it's nothing. "So it would seem. My curiosity runs more along the lines of where she acquired the funds. My tributes went straight to pay her debts with the IRS. She provided me with remittances that were to go out monthly to pay what she owed with me providing her copies of everything."

Damon shrugs. "That will be answered when the accountant arrives. Perhaps it would be best for you two to go check in at your hotel until tomorrow evening."

The tone of his voice lets me know that what I saw him do to Robert a little bit ago was just a taste. Plus, I haven't forgotten his interrogation with Andre. I'm grateful that he's taking my feelings into consideration. Eric rubs my arms soothingly.

Damon smiles as he starts to leave. "Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Northman."

With that, he exits the room quickly. Eric says nothing, but I can feel agitation and a stronger sense of curiosity running through him. He quickly goes through the papers once more as I gingerly look through the books in her collection. Some seem so old that I'm afraid to touch them. Some are newer best-sellers. Some are in languages I can't identify. Most, regardless of age or condition, deal with the supernatural.

Eric comes up behind me. His tongue tickles the side of my neck, promising very little sleep this fine night. "Come, Wife, let's get the fuck out of here. I have some pillaging to do."

He cups me while grinding into me, his ever-ready erection teasing my body. I groan as one of his hands slides under my sweater to tease my aching breasts while the other lowers the zipper of my trousers. His impatience rips the button as he slides his skillful fingers under my panties.

I can't help but let my head fall back onto him, exposing my neck. Someone can walk in on us at any moment, but the deliciousness of his touch pushes that fear away. His fangs scrape across my neck as his fingers work my clit. In a few minutes, I'm riding his fingers, pushing my ass against him as he makes me cum. He pulls his fingers out, immediately bringing them to his mouth. The sound of his tongue licking my essence off makes me want him even more.

He turns me around to fix my clothing. I mock glare at him when he pulls my sweater down enough to cover the broken button. He presses his lips to mine in a chaste kiss, his signature smirk on his face. "So, Wife, are you ready to start our honeymoon?"

I smile lovingly at him, "Yes."

So thanks if you're still reading. Hopefully this will get my ass back into gear.