I lay back staring at the ceiling as he strokes my hair. I can actually count every crack in the paint. See every peeling fleck. Hmm, seems I will be putting my compensation for finding Godric to very good use. I wonder how much it costs to paint the inside of an entire house. How much to have the entire house cleaned to erase the filth of Maryann from its walls. He tugs on my hair not at all pleased that I am ignoring him. He nibbles on my bare shoulder which of course does all types of things to my libido which is slightly daunting after the three orgasms I just had.

"Lover whatever are you thinking so hard about?" His voice is like silk wrapping itself around me. I don't miss the slight inflection of his voice in regards to the word hard. I want to lay here with him every night.

I turn my head to face him, "Just thinking about the work that needs to be done to the house. Cleaning. Fresh coat of paint. See if I can stretch what you paid me to maybe refinish the floors."

He harrumphs at me. Yes, I said harrumph. It's one of those words that really doesn't get used as much as it should and was the word of the day on my calendar a few weeks ago. "Lover the floors need to be torn up. I can smell the rot underneath. The decay of whatever that maenad did here lingers."

I frown. Good gosh, brand new floors? I don't think ten thousand dollars is enough to cover all that. Especially since I was hoping to get myself a new washer and dryer. The ones I have now are about as old as Gran. I manage to squeak out, "Oh."

He just presses a kiss to my lips. "Dearest one, we can call some of my men tomorrow to see what the cleaning and painting will run you. Then inquire about the floors being replaced. I am more than willing to help you if the funds you have are not sufficient enough."

I shake my head vehemently, "Oh hell no, Eric. You said it yourself. You take care of the outside and I'll handle the inside. I'm sure I can manage without a new washer and dryer until I get my taxes done next year."

He opens his mouth but promptly shuts it. I just look at him. I can feel his indecision and wonder what he's thinking about now. He rolls onto his side to look at me. "Sookie, you desire a new washer and dryer correct? How about for Christmas I give those to you as your gift? Now before you go forth spewing how much they cost and la-di-da, consider for a moment, what I would get you if left to my own devices. Consider what I would get that would show you how much I value you. How I find your worth to be indefinable and no gift would ever be good enough."

He lets that linger. Oh my, I could just imagine what kind of gifts he would lavish upon me. They probably would sparkle and glitter and damn him to hell. I see the smirk grow on his face. I pout at him. "You're such a sneaky dog sometimes."

He frowns playfully at me, "Sometimes?"

I swat his face with my pillow. He laughs and tackles me to the bed, ripping it from my hands. We play around for a bit until he is on top of me, nestled between my spayed open legs. I feel his erection pressing against my already dripping core. The pillow is thrown to the side as he nuzzles the space where my neck and jaw meet. I moan out his name. He presses forward to tease my wet slit with the head of his penis. Unexpectedly he is gone causing me to sputter and sit up gaping at him at the foot of my bed.

His eyes twinkle in mischief. He shakes a finger at me as if scolding me. "Now, now lover. No more sexual distractions. You and I know damn well, I can spend the entire night licking and fucking you but you have yet to inform me of what exactly you've been up to since the night you rescinded my invitation to your home."

I groan and wrap the sheet around my body. There is no way on this green Earth I am having a conversation about visiting the Fae naked. I smooth it out around, looking everywhere but him. He just sighs but I can feel his amusement. He asks if it would help if he were to put something on. I mumble a quick yes to which he chuckles. He throws me his shirt which I quickly put on. Okay, still no panties on but better than being naked.

I pat the bed so he can sit next to me. He leans against the headboard with his legs splayed open. He pats the space between them. I crawl on over and settle my back against his chest. A content sigh rumbles through his torso. I just start talking, "I was so mad. At Bill. At vampires and the supernatural world in general. Hell, even at you."

His voice is sardonic, "Well Sookie, I did not believe you rescinded my invitation because you were smitten with me." Ever the sarcastic one, my vampire lover is.

I roll my eyes and continue, "I just might have been which is why I was just so pissed at you. I really don't understand half of what I was feeling that night. I am not sure who I wasn't mad at. Furious at finding out all his feelings and vows of love and devotion were utter bullshit. Lines. Lines like the ones Jason feeds to the women he fucks night after night. I should have known better. I shouldn't have trusted Bill so quickly. So completely. Mad that after all I went through and all I lost, I wasn't even loved." My voice cracks with that last sentence.

His arms wrap around me. "No my lover, that is not true. You were, you are, loved. I just didn't know that is what I was feeling." His words soothe me.

I speak once more after getting a better grip on my emotions. "I mean, you weren't the one who lied to me. Hell, you saved me even though you could have let me in on your genius plan but to hear that? To hear how everything I shared with Bill was a fucking set up? God, that just killed me Eric. I knew that our relationship was unraveling yet I was not prepared to find that out. So yeah, I kicked both your asses to the curb." I fall silent once more as he strokes my arms. I add hastily, "I will admit now, seeing you leave hurt more than I thought it would. I wasn't ready for that. I wasn't ready to admit that what I thought to be an attraction based on blood could be more."

Eric sighs. It's a human gesture I find oddly endearing when he does it. "Lover, the attraction you feel for me has nothing to do with my blood or the bond we share. It is, and always has been, your choice. Yes, the blood can trigger dreams but it cannot create attraction. You could have had other dreams about me. Nonsexual ones. It can intensify desire only if it already there."

I turn around to face him, bewilderment all over my face. "Are you serious?" He nods before kissing the tip of my nose. I turn back around and mumble, "God, I am stupider than a kid teasing a gator with fresh meat sometimes. That does make sense. I was attracted to Bill before he gave me his blood. He was silence after a lifetime of yelling. Lafayette thought you to be sexy since you walked into Merlotte's that one night. The blood only built upon that. So if I got blood from Pam?"

He laughs, "Are you attracted to my Child lover? I will not be pleased if you are because I, like my possessive Sookie," His one hand slips between my thighs teasing me. "Do not share. This is mine and mine alone." He lets his fingers slide out, moaning as he sucks my juices off them. "Please, continue dearest."

Sure, no problem. Just let me try to get my breathing under control and resist the urge to beg you to fuck me to oblivion. I take a deep breath, okay, more along the lines of three and continue. "Okay so no wanting to bang Pam. Got it. Anyway I stepped outside to try to breathe. I couldn't take being inside the house after all the horrors inside. My Gran's murder. Maryann and her bullshit. Tara and her part in it. I just couldn't breathe so I went outside and wound up at my Gran's grave. Claudine appeared. She had told me before she was my fairy godmother. She failed to mention she was, is, also my fairy cousin."

Eric murmurs, "Well isn't that interesting. Lover, does she plan on visiting you? You must let me know ahead of time. I...I cannot be here if she is. I do not wish to harm your family."

I nod, "I know. I know all about the crazy bloodlust vampires experience when in proximity to a full-blooded fairy. She believes the more you drink from me, it will help with that. But the fairies have this spray that is supposed to mask their scent. Something a witch has concocted and made a pretty good dime on."

Eric's voice is by my ear, making me jump slightly. "Yes, I have heard about that. Hopefully your cousin is onto something. I cannot say that the idea of drinking from you offends me." Oh I can see, well feel, that it definitely doesn't. He presses his arousal firmly against my backside.

I smack his arm. "Oh stop. You keep that up and I'll never finish my story." He huffs but I know he's being playful. "So I'm in the Fae realm and meet another cousin, Claude. And I meet my great-grandfather, Niall Brigant."

Eric stiffens. "The Fairy Prince? Sookie, you are telling me that you are of royal fairy blood? Oh fuck my life, is anything ever simple with you?"

I am just about ready to jump up and slap him when his arms tighten around me. I struggle as he whispers sweet things in my ear. "Get off me!"

His response is simple and direct. "No. Feel what I feel Sookie. Feel me."

I know what he's talking about but right now I just want to snake some silver around his junk and call it a day. Then I let myself feel our bond and am shocked at the fear that fills it. It cuts me to the bone. I ask shakily, "Eric? Wha...what's wrong?"

He turns me in his arms to crush his mouth against mine. The onslaught is brutal and I welcome it. Finally he pulls away so I can breathe. His fingers trace the features of my face. He ripostes, "Lover, do you have any idea what this means in regards to your safety? First off, you're a telepath. That makes you desirable all on its own. Secondly, you are part fairy which makes you even more enticing. Now I come to find out that your lineage can be traced to the Fairy Prince himself. He has enemies that will make Sophie-Anne and Lorena look like puppies. Good lord woman, I have to think about this. Who else knows? I mean here in this realm and in the other."

I fumble with my words, "Um, no one, I mean besides you and the three fairies mentioned, no one else."

He nods, pleased with that answer. "We must keep it that way." He strokes my hair. It seems to calm himself more than me. "Lover, do you have a way to contact your cousin or great-grandfather? It would be best to speak to him directly. He is old enough to cover his scent without any kind of spray. Did he not tell you of the danger if any of his enemies were to find out?"

I bite my lip while shaking my head. "We really never talked about it. We were just trying to get to know one another. And he had Claudine and Claude teach me how to use some of my power."

He taps the tip of my nose with one of his elegant fingers. "Ah, the blast of power that sent Bill flying into a wall. Remind me never to piss you off dearest."

I laugh. Then I laugh harder at the absurdity of it all. I just found out that in meeting my fairy side of the family just opened me up to a whole other mess of dog poop. Lord, give me strength. There is something to be said when a thousand year old vampire is afraid for your life. I snuggle into his chest.

His words are string but laced with steel. "I will protect you Sookie. I will keep you safe. I have not loved in a millennia and now that I have you, there is nothing or no one that will keep us apart. I promise you this."

I nod against his chest, finding comfort in his words. I mumble, "I will call Claudine after I wake up later. She will get a message to Niall. I mean, I knew something was up when he would only meet with me in secret. Clandestine meetings kind of say something's up."

Eric huffs out, "Well at least he wasn't being careless. Are you tired my beloved?"

I glance at my alarm clock, shocked to see how late it is. I shake my head but the yawn that spills out of my lips gives me away. "I am but I only have a couple more hours with you. I can sleep when you leave. I'm off anyway. Plus, I need to be well rested for that wet t-shirt contest." I scoot up to trace the column of his neck with my tongue. Enough with the drama. Now is the time to enjoy ourselves. I ask him coyly, "Do you think I should?"

His voice is gruff with want, "Should what lover?"

I am kneeling between his legs now, using my tongue to trace his strong jaw. "That I should enter the wet t-shirt contest? I m...oomph..."

He has me on my back, head between my thighs with his fangs out. Lord help me, I just want to take a picture of him like that. His eyes are so dark that it makes my belly clench in need. His hands run along my thighs, past my belly to cup my breasts under his shirt. "These are mine. For my eyes alone. For my pleasure alone."

I challenge him, "Prove it." And boy, oh boy, does he.

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