A Webkinz Christmas

By: Samantha (Cinderpelt1998)

I looked up. A list of things to do was nailed to my parents' bedroom wall. My parents stood behind me, and my sisters beside me. We're triplets, but we definitely don't like the same things. Cookie is quite the girly girl. She only wears skirts and dresses, and she never wears black, white, gray, brown, yellow, red, orange or green. Her entire wardrobe consists of the colors blue, pink and purple. The only exception would be her silver sequin flats. Then there's Blackberry. She's a tomboy. She wears jeans, plaid, and sometimes overalls. She wears all the colors of the rainbow besides pink and purple. Then there's me. I'm Frosting. I am a mix of the two. I wear all the colors of the rainbow, but I don't play with dolls or remote-control trucks. My mom, Cinderpelt, looked at Blackster, my dad. They laughed. "This is our Christmas to-do list." My dad said. I forced a smile on my face. "Alright." I said. We piled into our Webkinz Road Trip van and left.