Buying Christmas Gifts

Chapter Three

"Next, we have to buy Christmas gifts." I read. Blackberry cheered. She really likes getting gifts. We walked next door to the W-Shop. "Okay, girls. Here's 200 KinzCash each. Go buy some gifts." Mom said. I squealed. I love to pick out gifts! I ran to the toy aisle. I picked out a set of toy cars for Blackberry, a giant dollhouse for Cookie, a pearl necklace for Mom and a coffee maker for dad. I still had 32 KinzCash left, so I decided to buy something else. I went to the music aisle and bought the "Best of KinzTunes" CD for the whole family, and two packs of gum so I can add them to my sisters' gifts. After I bought them, Dad gave me extra money so I could have them wrapped. I did, and we got back into our Road Trip Van.