Hey, everyone, Narutofan318 again. I know my Pokemon fiction isn't out yet, but I really wanted to start this story first. As you know I have poor grammar. The reason I don't go over my stories is I don't like to read things twice. It makes me bored, sleepy, and it takes twice as long. I am thinking of Naruto Newgate story( I am full of ideas, aren't I ) with the juuryoku-juuryoku no mi ( gravity-gravity fruit ) or the yami-yami ( Luffy deserves this fruit ) but lets talk about it in that fiction. Well here's my first chapter in this story.

The Sandaime Hokage was a famous man because of his knowledge. He didn't get the the name ' The Professor ' for no reason. But what he just did made him wonder if he really deserved that title. He had just revealed Naruto status as Jinchuriki to the whole village because he thought he would be treated as a hero. That thinking went down the drain when everyone told him to dispose of the demon. They were gonna start a riot when he told them no and released K.I. He was thinking of placing Naruto in a orphanage until he was old enough to fend for himself but when he got there he saw a woman holding Naruto. He got into a fighting stance until the woman looked at him. She had silver hair and red eyes wearing some type of black and red dress he has never seen before. He notice on Naruto's neck is a choker ( I think that's what a Rosario look like ) that's black and blue.

" Who are you! And why are you here? " Asked the Sarutobi. He knew he was outmatched in a battle between her. He can literally see the aura of power around her very being. The lady smirked cutely. If the old kage was in a dire situation he would of fainted.

" My name is Akasha Bloodriver. I'm here to pick up my new son. You have just a made a mistake in this child's life and I'm gonna make sure you don't mess it up anymore. "

" What do yo-" The old man was cut off by a kick to the ribs. As he fell to the ground he saw the woman pick up Naruto and a portal open. Naruto started crying as if something was wrong. She then started whispering to him

" It's okay Naruto-kun. You're gonna be safe now. Mommy is here. " With that she stepped into the portal. The Sandaime blacked out with thoughts among the line as, would he really fail?

Akasha walked into the room where her just born daughter Moka was at. She smiled softly at the thought of Moka and Naruto getting along. She grabbed her other Rosario that was red and white and put it on Moka's neck. She would only active it when he daughter truly wanted or needed it on. Issa walked into the room and saw his daughter next to some boy that looks like a human. His eyes flared at the idea of a human inside his castle. He was about to dispose of him when he felt a slender hand on his arm. He turned and saw it was Akasha.

" Akasha! What is the meaning of a human in our castle next to our daughter no less? " She put her hand over his eyes and concentrated on his brain. Issa started to understand why.

" I wanna inject some vampire blood in him. I believe he would be a powerful heir with his soon to be knowledge and power. " He thought about it. He would need and heir soon and a boy would be more suitable then a girl because they have more leadership.

" Very well. If he can survive the ritual then I'll treat him as my own son. " With that Issa left to ho back to his business. Akasha picked up Moka and Naruto. and bit into Naruto's neck and injected some of her blood. Naruto's hair turned silver and eyes turned blood red with a pattern in them. It was a closed box with a four point star with it's four ends overlapping the box. In the middle of it all was a ten point star. Akasha was confused as to why his eye had a pattern in it, but it grew even more when his eyes turned back into the regular red slitted. She threw away her thoughts not knowing her blood had caused him to unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan. She then proceeded to inject some blood in Moka to help her survive the world against future enemies. Their Rosario would turn on when they needed or wanted them on. She set them back down in their cribs and walked out the room not knowing how things have change

...Time skip...

Over the last seven years Naruto and Moka bonded very well. Two years after birth their half sister, Kokoa was born. As Naruto liked to call her, Cocoa-chan. They were trained by their mother and sometimes older half sisters Kahlua and Akua. Naruto was fast learner and had his mother's rapid healing, but he likes to show mercy to people he beats which is mostly his sisters. Unlike Naruto, Moka doesn't like to show Mercy and has only her mom's fighting style.

Naruto then figured out the way to activate his eyes. Everyone was amazed as to how had a few extra set of abilities. He always knew when someone was going to do something to him before they do it if he was faster and copy their moves. He always had the special abilities from both his eyes that can make people go mad in his own little world and use a ability called that makes things disappear from one world to another. He called it Tsukuyomi and Kamui. Also, he has youkai that can match his mother and father's. ( doesn't know he's adopted ) He was definitely skilled with swords too.

Just like his father he was rather obvious to things, but can become serious when needed to be. For example, he would notice his sister would always blush when he was around. He always thought she was getting sick, but his mother told him not to worry about it. He always goes on missions for his father... just like now.

Naruto walks into his father's throne room and bows to him.

" You needed me, Tou-San? "

" Yes. I need you to go into the world of ninja to a place called the elemental countries. I need you to find out about every basic of their world and how strong are they. And if they are too strong, you have the choice to eliminate or copy there life style. Understood? " He nodded and left the room.

As he was walking he came upon Moka looking depressed about something.

" Moka-chan what's wrong? " She sniffled then looked up and hugged him. Naruto was caught of guard for a second before hugging back. He was two inches taller then her.

" I wanna go to the outside world. But I don't wanna leave you here! " She sniffled. Naruto smiled sadly before rubbed her back soothingly.

" It's okay. I have to leave anyway. I probably wont be back for a few years, seven years top. And besides it's nice on the outside world. I don't know much about human ways, but it would be nice to know what they do. And if father refuses then I'll talk to him and convince him one way or another." Moka was openly crying now. He would risk a fight with their father just for her freedom. Naruto wiped away her tears and started to walk away.

" Naruto. wait!" She walked up to him and kissed him. Saying goodbye, she ran the other way while Naruto looked bewildered. Of course he thought about Moka and she was cute, but wouldn't it be weird since he was brother and sister? He pushed aside these thoughts and looked for his mother to activate his Rosario. He found her in one of the living rooms sipping some blood as if were tea.

" Ka-San." She turned and smiled.

" Yes, sochi."

" Can you activate my Rosario? I'm going on a long term mission and I might need it for an disguise. " he asked. He never use the Rosario but he knew his youkai might alert and scare people.

" Sure, I can." She got up and walked over to him and put in some of her youkai. " Your Rosario is different from Moka's. Unlike hers you can remove yours, just by pulling it." Naruto was confused as to why she would do that to her Rosario and not his." Hers is different. Only one type of person cam remove it and I am positive their will be one where she is headed. And yours might break if you overload it with youkai." Naruto silver hair turned to blond and his eyes turned blue.

" Thanks, Ka-San " He hugged her and backed a few things to get ready to leave. He of course grabbed his sword and it turned into a black fox. His sword was able to turn into a animal of choice. The first thing that came to his mind when he got the sword was a fox. Naruto was also able to create portals by either using his eyes or the one his older sisters taught him thought he never tried Kamui on himself. As soon he was done packing her opened a black portal and walked through it.

The seven years was torture for Sarutobi. After the loss of young Naruto to the young woman, everybody was in a uproar and more paperwork kept coming in. After he reported Naruto was missing the council kept telling him to find Naruto. Of course he did it anyway by sending friends of Minato after Naruto. They immediately excepted because they knew he chose to give his life up.

A few years, he called off the search. He knew that if Naruto grew up with that woman he might think she's his mom and he can't afford to lose any shinobi. The civilian council started to bug him even more when they found out about his parents. They stated that their Namikaze Uzamaki Uchiha prince was important to them.

At first he didn't know that Kushina was Uchiha until he was at the meeting. The shinobi council side started to bug him about that too when they found out. He thought of retiring the position to Jiraya or Tsnuade, but he couldn't find either one of them. Right now he was doing paperwork when a young boy came that looked like a miniature Minato. He looked up and saw the boy start addressing him.

" Hey, old man! Are you the leader of this village!" The boy yelled pointing at old man. The old kage only gaped because that's the same thing Kushina did when she came from the whirlpool. What made him wonder is how a boy got into the village without a escort or him sensing him.

" Yes, I am. May I ask what your name is?" He really hoped this was Naruto. He acted like Kushina and looked like Minato.

" Shinzo Rikujo! Believe it!" He grinned rather foxily. Sarutobi looked depress, but was mostly curious. This boy did seem oddly familiar He had to keep an eye him.

" Well Shinzo-kun, what is it you need with me?" He asked politely.

" Well, old man I wanna be a ninja! I know nothing of them though." Sarutobi sweat-dropped. Why would this boy wanna be a ninja if he knew nothing of them. It made no sense. That made him even even curious.

" Well, did you ask your parents? "

" Sorry, I'm an orphan. They died during a mission. That reminds me can you lend me an apartment? I'll pay you back"

" Oh, sorry for that and sure. And ow about I sign you up for the ninja academy?" Naruto yelled thank you, took the key and address from his hand before leaving the office. The hokage sighed tiredly.

" That is one weird kid. Wait. Were those fangs? "

Once Naruto left the Office. He went outside to set a lot of moving around. When he saw a couple of people walking around with head bands he assumed that they are ninjas. He then started looking for the apartment on the paper slip. As he was passing by he notice that some of the ninjas have eyes like his only they have commas in them. He walked up to one person and tugged on his shirt. The ninja looked down.

" Yes?" Itachi asked. As he looked over the boy he saw that he looked like the fourth hokage in a way.

" Um, why is your eyes like that?" Naruto asked curiously. He knew their eyes had to be connected somehow. They had the same color and everything.

" Well these eyes are called the Sharingan. It's a bloodline that can appear in only that family which is the Uchiha family. Their are only two levels to it. The first level lets you copy your opponents techniques and can tell when people attack before it happens and you can tell by the comma marks. It is even said you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them. The second level is called the Mangekyo Sharingan. You can tell if a person has this by looking in their eyes and if it has a pattern. The pattern is different depending on the person. The only way to get this is by killing your friend. And over usage can make the user go blind/ " Itachi explained. Naruto was shocked and confused. How could he have those eyes if his whole family was confused as to what it is. " Well I must be going Naruto-San, goodbye. "

" Wait! How do you know m-" When he looked up, what he saw made him gasp. He saw that the guy had a three sided star and his eye and he disappeared in a poof of smoke. " I am going to have to check the hospital records. " Naruto muttered. With that he found his apartment and got a night's sleep.

Over the eight years Naruto learned a lot about the village and himself. He learned that these ninjas use a power source called chakra like witches. In the academy he learned how to do the basics and a few other things. He knew he didn't need it, but it could become help in situations where he could use a boost or if he's outmatch. The only thing that made him frustrated about being there was him being branded because his chakra control. He never could create a bushin. All the teachers called thought he was a loser because of that, so he made a jutsu that he used to prank them. The blood that came out of their nose was good for his meals. He was well fed because he did it on a daily basis and stored it a storage seal.

In the Konoha library at night he sneaks in learned everything they had to offer. He also learned some things on the Kyubbi's attack fifteen years ago. He knew the that the Kyubbi was one of the beings that his parents couldn't fight on even terms because of the stories his mom and dad told him about. The Kyubbi could be a nice leader unless provoked, so that made him wonder what did the village do to him. This lead him to think while he slept, making him meet the Kyuubi when he was nine.


Drip..Drip..Drip. That's what Naruto heard as he opened his eyes. " Where the hell am I? " He then suddenly felt a power burst that made his legs feel like jelly.

" Come here, vampire, " He was confused. No one on his mission was suppose to know he was a vampire. He started walking around noting he was in some kind of sewer. He started walking for a few minutes and came upon a cage with the word seal on it. " Come closer. " As he was he got closer, he jumped back before the giant red paw crushed him.

" What. The. Fuck. Is your problem! " He saw the shadow move in the cage and a giant fox revealed itself.

" Those accursed eyes! They are the reason I'm stuck in here!"

" Whoa, whoa, hold on a second. I'm sorry, but I never seen you in my life. " Naruto explained. He then saw the fox calm down then notice it had nine furry tails.' Kyuubi-sama? I thought he would be a bit nicer'

As if sensing his thoughts the beast spoke. " Sorry about that. It's just that It was a person with those eyes caused me to be sealed in here. He made me go on a rampage." Naruto was shocked that somebody with the same eyes had the ability to control demons. " Well since you're here anyway I guess I can tell you your parents aren't your real parents. They died on the day I attack. Your father by sealing me in here and your mother from the strain."

You see Naruto was a tough person. He has never cried since he was a baby because learned to never complain. But right now his brain was in overload. He kept wondering why did his mother and father kept it a secret that they weren't his mom and dad. He started crying. The Kyuubi's eyes soften at the boy. He knew his brain must be overloading cause he had seen the last time he cried.

" Back to the point kit. Since me being here infects your youkai you can use some of my fire abilities and I'm gonna train you to use them. Remember kit, no being is better then another. " With that he kicked Naruto out of his mind

...flashback over...

After that meeting Naruto immediately checked the hospital records and saw that his mom and dad are Kushina Uzamaki Uchiha and Minato Namikaze.

His training made his power go up. He could now use his Sharingan and Kitsune powers to the fullest. His training with Kyuubi and stealing from the Uchiha compound helped too. After a few years Naruto acted non-social so he wouldn't bond with anyone. He also dyed the tips of his hair red. He learned from his dad and the academy is that you don't bond with anyone on a mission. When he turned fourteen he left the village without anyone noticing, until it was too late for anyone to notice.

When he returned home his father told him that his sister also left home with her Rosario and his mother had disappeared. He then proceeded to talk to his father about his mom and dad.

Issa wasn't in the least bit shock when Naruto asked him why no one told him he was adopted. What he was shocked about was that Naruto had gotten those abilities from his eyes and contained the Kyuubi, and he was training him! He then understood why Naruto always had youkai to match him and Akasha. The thought made him smile knowing he picked a good heir. Naruto then told him he wanted to go find Moka. Issa told him to go try Youkai Academy because it takes about two years to make it there.

Naruto then started to make his way to Youkai Academy to cause some changes and some mischief.

Well, there you go. I know I am doing Outer Moka x Naruto, but I am wondering if you guys want Naruto x Mizore or Naruto x Kurumu with it. It cant be all three because I want Tsukune to have two girls. Unless you guys want him to be bashed and Naruto meets Moka before school. Also, Yes Naruto keeps his Rosario on and he doesn't have two sides. He does get more serious when it's off thought well that's it. Narutofan318, signing off.