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"So let me get this straight. I release you, and you enter my body and allow me your abilities?" said a blonde haired boy to what appeared to be a statue. After arriving back in the village from his mission to wave country, the first thing Naruto did was head up to sit on the head of the Fourth Hokage's head to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, the boy's short attention span lead him down into the emergency tunnels inside the Hokage Monument.

Naruto walked the twists and turns of tunnels, looking around as much as possible. Not the smartest idea he realized, as he eventually became lost. As he went deeper and deeper into the mountain, he eventually began to hear voices. One voice to be specific. It was a hoarse, raspy whisper that seemed to penetrate his mind no matter how much he tried to ignore it. As he went deeper, the voice got louder. He followed the voice until he met with a dead end. However, the voice seemed to lead behind the wall. Taking out an exploding note, Naruto ran around the corners as the dead end opened into a large room, though it seemed to be made of metal instead of stone, like the rest of the tunnels.

Walking inside, he noticed that the room appeared to be empty. That was until he saw a rather large statue hanging on the wall. The statue seemed to be of a long-bodied dragon with red eyes that seemed to penetrate him. Around its body were twelve equal sized holes with eight sides, as if something were meant to fit in them. Naruto got closer to inspect the dragon statue, when suddenly, the eyes glowed and the statue…spoke.

"You boy, you can help me." Naruto jumped back slightly. Last time he checked, statues did not speak.

"Do not fear me boy. As long as you do what I ask of you, we may both benefit. I am Shendu. Thousands of years ago, I was imprisoned in this form. Unfortunately, there are only two ways for me to escape" said the statue. Naruto took the time to notice that it was the same raspy voice from earlier.

"And what are they? What do you want from me?" asked Naruto. "How can I trust you?"

"Perceptive boy. Approximately four thousand years ago, the most powerful demons in existence ruled the world. Aside from the weakest, known as the one-tailed beast, Shukaku, my brethren and I served these tailed beasts. We were their advisors. We were the eight original Demon Sorcerers. And we were rewarded greatly for our loyalty. The Biju eventually entrusted my seven siblings and I to rule in their stead. However, it did not last. My brethren were banished to the netherworld, and I almost joined them. However, instead I managed to escape imprisonment in one form for imprisonment in another. I was sealed in this statue form, my powers scattered to the winds in the form of twelve talismans" said Shendu.

"Then," the statue continued, "900 years later, I was finally released from my imprisonment, only to be destroyed at the hands of the Chan family. Through a series of events that would require hours of explanation, I am once again trapped in my statue form. The only ways I can escape, are for my confines to be broken so that my spirit is released, or if my talismans are returned to me" he finished.

"So, what does this have to do with me?" asked Naruto, slightly unnerved by the statue.

"Think boy," the Shendu said. "My brothers and sisters along with myself, serve the tailed beasts. My mistress is sealed within you, boy. Meaning that if I am freed, I can prove more useful than anything you could learn. With the strength of Kyuubi, My knowledge, and the magic of my talismans, you could be invincible."

"So let me get this straight. I release you, and you enter my body and allow me your abilities?" asked Naruto, beginning to like the sound this Dragon was making. He could finally prove that he was strong, and for that matter, he could majorly beat Sasuke.

Naruto smirked and took out a few explosive notes. "Well then. Let's get things started" he said, placing one on the statue's head.

"Excellent. Once I am free, you may feel a bit of pain once I enter your body" said Shendu once the note began to smoke and Naruto ran out of the room. Naruto turned a corner and covered his ears as an explosion rocked the tunnel. He waited for a few seconds as the dust settled and went back inside.

"What, did nothing happen?" he asked aloud. He was answered when he felt a giant pain that felt as though he took a boulder to the chest. He also felt as though his head was splitting in two and all was dark.


Shendu appeared, body fully restored, inside a dark, sewer-like tunnel, barely large enough for him to fit inside. He walked the tunnels just as Naruto had the ones within the Hokage Monument, following the signature of his Lady's powerful demon energy. He eventually found a large room, one side lined with bars, and locked with a tiny piece of paper with the kanji for "Seal."

The fire demon bowed deeply as the eyes of the great Kyuubi no Kitsune opened.

"Well, well, if it isn't my no-good, traitorous, snake of an advisor" said the fox.

Shendu merely looked at the ground, fully prepared for the verbal lashing he would take from the Lady Kyuubi.

"You worthless piece of filth. Why do you disgrace me with your presence, let alone tell lies to my container?"

"I've only ever served you my Lady Kyuubi" replied Shendu. Kyuubi merely hit him with a hard glare.

"Do NOT play games with me Shendu. We trusted you to watch over the lands while I and my brethren slept. We trusted you to return the lands to us by awakening us. Instead, you attempt to keep the world for yourself, even going so far as to mess with the forbidden Book of Ages. And still, you refused to relinquish control of the world back to us." Shendu was nearly thrown back into the wall by the burst of wind that accompanied the lecture.

"But my Lady, we were sealed, and I was turned into a statue. I wanted revenge for what had happened" Shendu pleaded. His pleadings were cut short however, when a red tendril of youki escaped the cage and engulfed the now screaming dragon.

"I care not for your reasons. However, I am feeling merciful. If you give the boy your talismans, and teach him your magic arts, I may just forgive you. For now, I am using the seal that confines me to confine you as well. You will not leave the boy's body unless he grants you permission, and even then, I limit you to a human form."

Kyuubi's eyes suddenly disappeared and a beautiful red-head walked toward the bars, arm extended and controlling the youki. She wore an elegant red dress, had damn near perfect…assets, and like Naruto, had three whisker marks on each cheek. However, she also had elongated fox ears on her head instead of human ones. She also had nine flowing tails swaying behind her. With a flick of her wrist, the flow of youki subsided and Shendu was dropped to the floor.

He weakly got up, uttered a faint, "As you wish, my Lady" and disappeared.


Naruto, or at least his body, got up slowly. Shendu was in control now, as evidenced by Naruto's eyes becoming nothing but two glowing red voids. No iris, no pupils, just the glowing red. Shendu flexed a bit to get used to using the body, and then proceeded to look for another exit to the room. He was still in the ruins of Section 13, and as such, the talismans had to be around somewhere. And if he was lucky, perhaps a few books from that blasted chi wizard as well. He eventually found what he was looking for, and ripped the doors off an elevator, before dropping down the shaft.

Once he reached the bottom, he entered the elevator and exited, entering a long hallway. Walking through, he eventually found several old generators. Turning them on, he found they still worked, as evidenced by the lights turning on. He continued on and found the books he was looking for. He made a mental note of where the room was and continued his search, eventually finding a large steel door, obviously guarding something. Luckily, even in the body he was in, he still had immense strength as if he were in his own. Though it was a struggle, he managed to pull the door open to reveal his prize.

"Ah…My talismans" he uttered, and quickly gathered them up. He was about to leave, but noticed one other thing. A very old, slightly creepy looking mask.

"Could it really be that easy?" he muttered, before taking the mask as well. Once he made contact, several shadows began to move and flow as if they were alive. Finally, his army was his own again. The Shadowkhan where once again under his control.

"Fan out and search every inch of this place for any items of value. There are also several books left behind by the chi wizard. Undoubtedly, there is a spell cast over them, not only to preserve them, but to keep dark magic from using them. Do whatever you can to transport them to the boy's home, and then seal the entrance to this place. If we need it again, I don't think making a new one will be much trouble" said Shendu, holding the dragon talisman in his hand and blowing up the wall before walking away.

"It appears that the talismans were not as hard to find as I thought Shendu" came the voice of Kyuubi.

"Yes my lady. However, the fact remains that they ARE talismans. And as such they could be easily…taken from him…at his current level. Perhaps something drastic is needed" replied Shendu in his thoughts.

"The hell do you mean "my current level?" Are you saying I'm weak?" rang the voice of Naruto.

"Ah, so it appears you are aware. You are far cleverer than my last vessel. However, the fact remains that the talismans are currently objects. As such, you will need to find a way so they will not be taken from you" replied Shendu.

"What do you suggest?" asked Kyuubi.

"I am able to absorb the talismans into my being. Perhaps with the right…adjustments, to the boy's body, he could also be capable of this" said Shendu.

"I have a name, you know" said Naruto, this time taking control of his body in order to say it aloud.

"Yes, and a fine one at that, but it appears that Shendu may be on to something. With our combined youki and the proper spells, we could alter your body into something capable of absorbing the talismans into your being at will, like Shendu can" replied Kyuubi.

"Perhaps if you use enough power, we could also join the mask with him. The Shadowkhan are powerful allies, even in this day and age" continued Shendu.

"If it makes me stronger, I'm all for it" replied Naruto.

"Then it's settled" said Shendu, who stopped walking just as he exited Section 13 into the tunnels of the monument. Quickly searching Naruto's pockets, he finally found some ink and a brush, more than likely for the purpose of making basic seals and exploding notes.

"This spell should bind the talismans and the mask to you boy. However, it will be very weak. I will need time to find a spell capable of fully binding you" said Shendu, while placing the talismans on the floor around him, keeping each an equal distance from himself and keeping them an equal distance from each other. Taking the ink, he scrawled a few strange markings in a circle around each, before putting more symbols in lines leading up to Naruto's body.

"How long?" asked Naruto.

"Only a few days, if this spell works properly" replied Shendu, finishing his seals on the floor, before removing Naruto's shirt and putting seals on Naruto's arms.

"Be ready for pain, boy. This is really going to hurt" said Shendu, before beginning a chant and bringing the Shadowkhan mask to his face. Kyuubi sent a huge burst of youki into Naruto just as the mask was placed on, and Naruto, even though he was not in control, felt the most intense pain he had ever felt in his life surge through him. The talismans on the floor suddenly shot up at him, rocking his body with intense pain as they hit, and then seemed to absorb right into his skin.

Inside the mindscape, where Naruto's form lay writhing in agony, Kyuubi merely watched her container. Had she been able to do something to dull the pain she would have. However, the seal prevented her from even touching the boy without his express permission, which he was not likely to grant in his condition.

Shendu was in similar pain, as he was actually in control of the body at that time. Had anybody been in hearing range, they would have heard two distinct voices cry out as one. As the mask itself was finally absorbed, both felt a horrible headache and Naruto's shoulder began to burn as an odd marking that looked eerily similar to the mask formed there. As quickly as it happened, it stopped. Naruto was unconscious, but Shendu was totally fine. A benefit of once more having the power of the horse talisman. He was however, rocked by an explosion behind him, as the Shadowkhan followed his orders and sealed off Section 13 from the rest of the tunnels.

Standing up, he walked out of the tunnels and into the night of the Leaf Village. Using what he could from looking at Naruto's mind, he quickly found his apartment and upon walking inside, found it spotless, aside from the many books taken from Section 13. Several were on bookshelves he was certain were not there before, and many more where merely placed on the floor.

Walking up to one, Shendu picked it up, only for a feeling of pain to wash over him, just as would happen when he touched the Pan'Ku Box. Fortunately, the old chi wizard's spells had one weakness. They could be broken. Shendu was a demon sorcerer after all. Even without his talismans, he was very powerful in his own right. And so, he got to work breaking the good chi spells that protected the books from his evil chi.

It took until morning, but he finally broke the spells and found a binding spell strong enough to fix his bastardized spell he had cast the night before. Luckily, while a normal binding spell needed several things he did not have, nor thought he could get, he had already bound the items to the boy, and as such, only needed a finishing spell, which he cast over himself quickly and efficiently. The deed was done. And now it was time to get Naruto practice in the use of his talismans.

As he shifted control to Naruto, the boy yelled in fright. Naruto looked around to find himself in his own bed. He wondered if it had all been some crazy dream, until he saw the books. Picking a few up and skimming through them, he found that several were in a language he couldn't read. Giving up, he went into the bathroom and splashed some water on his face. Looking up into the mirror, he nearly had a heart attack when he saw not only his own face, but Shendu's as well, in a transparent form over his own.

"I see you're awake" said the dragon, and Naruto saw that both faces in the mirror spoke. He also took the time to look at himself. Most of his fat had been trimmed off, and his hair had grown significantly. It was incredible, but he strangely liked the look.

"So, did everything go as planned after I passed out?" asked Naruto, who also noticed that when he asked it, his eyes became normal, and only his own mouth moved in the reflection.

"Everything went perfectly. Now, it would be prudent to find a secluded area so you may train in the usage of the talismans" replied the fire demon, handing control of Naruto's body back to the boy. Naruto quickly ate, and went to get dressed, but found his jumpsuit burned to ashes. It appeared that his newest tenant didn't like his clothing choice. So Naruto instead put on some clothes the old man Hokage had giving him. The outfit looked very similar to a Jonin's but didn't have the vest. He didn't really like it, but kept it anyway, just in case. And he was glad that he had. He also tied his hair back, just because he thought it looked pretty bad-ass.

Jumping the rooftops and over to the training ground he and his team utilized, he made sure nobody was there, and then got to work. By the middle of the day, he had mastered the uses of all talismans but the rat, as "motion to the motionless" sounded like more trouble than it was worth. The talismans were much easier to use than he had originally thought. Another thing he had realized is that Shendu's mock-binding spell, combined with the finishing spell, allowed him to release talismans from his body as well, meaning he could allow others to use them. However, Shendu warned him to only do it when the Dragon deemed it appropriate. He had betrayed enough people to know that many people do not keep promises. Especially when the promise is to give up power.

Deciding to get some lunch, he walked over to Ichiraku's, but found himself being tailed by…a square rock? Turning around, he knew that it was someone's pathetic attempt to hide themselves. He knew only one person pathetic enough to stalk him in a square rock disguise.

"You can come out, Konohamaru. I know it's you" he said.

"So, you saw through this disguise. You really are a great ninja, boss!" came the voice of Konohamaru from under the box before it exploded in a cloud of smoke, revealing the coughing forms of Konohamaru and his two academy friends. Apparently, they were all looking to "Play ninja" with him. It was around that time that Sakura showed up. She did a double take at Naruto, not recognizing him because of the way he was dressed and how long his hair was. It was only the whiskers that even made her think it could be Naruto.

"Naruto, is that you?" she asked, looking him up and down.

"Yep," he replied, "New and improved. What do you think?" he asked, and Sakura could have sworn she saw his eyes glow red for a split second.

"Hey boss, who is this? Is she your girlfriend, because you could do way better. Just look at the size of her forehead" said Konohamaru, who was unaware that he had just caused Sakura's anger to overflow, and was soon running for his life, along with his friends. Shendu, who had taken control, merely followed at a leisurely pace. Eventually he followed them around a corner and Naruto reasserted control. It looked like Konohamaru had gotten himself into even more trouble, as he was being held in the air by some make-up wearing guy dressed like a cat. He had an odd item wrapped in bandages tied to his back. Next to him was a girl with blonde hair tied into four pigtails with a giant metal thing strapped to her back.

"Kankuro," the girl said, "Just put him down before Gaara gets back."

"No way Temari," the boy replied, "This kid ran into me, and now I'm gonna teach him some manners." The boy, Kankuro, reared back his fist, but was suddenly hoisted into the air by some unseen force. This same force took Konohamaru out of his grip and placed him gently on the ground.

"Are you looking to start an international incident?" Said a voice. Everyone looked around and saw Naruto walking up to Kankuro. "You're lucky I stopped you. I don't think you want to go through the repercussions of hitting the Hokage's grandson" he continued, causing both Kankuro and Temari to go wide eyed.

"Um…Naruto? How are you doing that?" asked Sakura, looking slightly frightened at Naruto, whose eyes momentarily glowed bright red again.

"I told you," he replied, "I'm new and improved. I won't explain how, but I've gained some remarkable abilities. Among them is levitation. Another…and my personal favorite so far…" he said, bringing his arm back, which began to glow.

"Is combustion" he finished, sending a beam of fire flying at Kankuro. Just as the fire was about to hit the boy, Naruto let him fall to the ground, letting the beam just narrowly miss him.

"What the hell was that?" shouted the voice of Sasuke. Everyone looked up and sure enough, standing in the tree was the last Uchiha himself, looking at Naruto with a gleam in his eye.

"Naruto's eyes suddenly took on the red glow again and he turned away before saying, "THAT, is none of your concern." Everyone was slightly creeped out at the way his voice changed into a raspy, hoarse one.

"Wait" came an emotionless voice, one that caused Kankuro and Temari to go stiff. A tornado of sand erupted in front of the two, revealing a thin, red-head, the kanji for love tattooed on his forehead, a gourd strapped to his back, and a glimmer of barely restrained animosity in his eye. Both Shendu and Kyuubi recognized the energy the boy was radiating. It was that of the one-tail, the Ichibi no Shukaku. The boy was obviously the biju's container.

"I apologize for my brother's stupidity," the boy said, still in that same emotionless tone. "We are new here, as we hail from Suna. We are here for the upcoming chunin exams. I am Gaara, and these are my brother and sister, Kankuro and Temari. And you are?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I hope that I will see you in these exams you're talking about" said Naruto, all traces of the glowing red in his eyes gone, his voice back to normal. He then turned around once more and walked away.

He kept walking until he found himself at his usual weapon shop. The owner was really nice to him, and sometimes gave him discounts on his supplies. He walked in and saw the owner's daughter, Tenten, minding the shop. He knew Tenten from the academy, as she had graduated only a year before he had. She apparently didn't recognize him, and so he went about his business, looking for a weapon. He was originally looking at swords, but Shendu refused to allow him to have one. He seemed to utterly despise them for some reason. So in the end, he decided on a nice bo-staff. It was light-weight, yet sturdy and durable.

He went to pay for his purchase, and Tenten still gave no sign that she recognized him. So, he decided to make himself known.

"Geez, Tenten, I've been in here for how long, and you don't even say hi? I'm hurt" he said, smirking.

"I really don't know what you…" began Tenten, but then she noticed the whisker marks. "Naruto?" she said, finally realizing who he was.

"In the flesh" he replied, holding his arms open as she pulled him in for a hug.

"I can't believe it, I didn't even realize it was you. What happened?" she asked.

"I'll tell you some other time Tenten. For now, I need to buy this and then I need to see the old man Hokage about something" he replied, getting only her tongue stuck at him in return, before they began laughing and once again hugged and Naruto proceeded to exit the store. Before he did, he had to ask her something.

"Hey Tenten, are you and your team taking the chunin exams?" he asked.

"Yeah, Guy-sensei just gave us our entrance forms this morning. Are you?" she asked.

"I don't know. Kakashi-sensei hasn't said anything about it. If we do, I'll maybe tell you what's new then, ok?" he replied.

"Sure thing. You need to come in here more often. This is the only place I get to see you anymore now that we're both out of the academy" she said.

"All right. I'll see you later," he called over his shoulder.

Hiruzen Sarutobi looked out over the village. It was a fine day. And it was a fine time of year to be hosting the chunin exams. However, he had a lot on his mind at the moment. He had felt an enormous surge of Kyuubi's energy the night before, and he had yet to see Naruto. He had attempted to locate the boy using his crystal ball, but something seemed to be interfering with the orb's vision, and he could not locate the boy. Suddenly there was a knock on his door, and without waiting for him to answer, a strange, blonde boy walked into his office.

"Can I help you?" asked Sarutobi, before hearing the very voice he had been hoping to hear for the past eight hours.

"Wow, not even you recognized me. This is the perfect disguise, and I'm not even under a transformation jutsu" said Naruto.

"Naruto? What happened my boy? When I felt Kyuubi's energy, I feared the worst" he said, sitting down and feeling as though a great load had been lifted from him. He was still weary however, as the boy in front of him now radiated a new power, one that he had never felt before.

"Old man, do I have a story for you" replied Naruto.

And so, Naruto told Sarutobi a false story, about finding some strange rocks and a mask deep within the monument. He told him that they seemed to react with Kyuubi's youki, and fused with him, giving him some new abilities. He told him nothing about Shendu or the deal which was made, and he knew he would have to eventually, but for now, he didn't think Sarutobi would take to the idea that he was sharing his body with a demonic spirit…well…another demonic spirit.

Sarutobi looked at him oddly for a moment before hesitantly accepting the story which was told. "Well, I think if that's the case, you should be put to a test to determine how powerful you really are. If some of these abilities you've told me about are real, we could automatically promote you to chunin."

"No," said Naruto. "There are a few people who I want to test myself against in the upcoming chunin exams." Sarutobi raised an eyebrow at this.

"You mean Sasuke, don't you? How do you even know about the exams? I have no doubt that Kakashi hasn't told you yet. He probably will wait until the last minute" said Sarutobi, shaking his head.

"Well yes, but I have someone else in mind as well. A certain Suna Shinobi by the name of Gaara" said Naruto, once more getting an eyebrow raised from Sarutobi.

"The Kazekage's son? Is there any reason you want fight him?" asked Sarutobi.

"According to my…tenant," said Naruto, getting a nod of understanding from Sarutobi, "he is the container of one-tailed beast, Ichibi no Shukaku."

This announcement made Sarutobi's eyes widen. He was unaware of the boy's condition. Having an alliance with the nation of Wind meant that something as important as this information should have been mandatory to tell them. That could only mean one thing. The boy was being sent in as a weapon against the leaf village. But it didn't make sense. Why would Suna want to destroy the leaf when they were allies?

"All right Naruto, you may do as you wish. However, I would like a list of these new abilities of yours" replied Sarutobi in defeat.

"That seems fair. Like our jutsu hand seals, each talisman seems to be derived from similar animals. The dog provides youthful energy and immortality. The horse grants me instantaneous healing powers. The snake allows me invisibility. The rooster gives me the power of levitation. The rabbit allows for super-speed. The dragon grants the power of combustion. The sheep allows astral-projection, pretty useless if you ask me. The ox grants me incredible strength. The pig grants me the ability to fire beams of heat from my eyes. The tiger grants spiritual balance to the holder. The monkey allows me to turn anything into any animal of my choosing. Apparently if I'm close enough to the thing I'm transforming, I can even give inanimate objects life. And the rat provides "motion to the motionless." Also pretty useless, but hey," said Naruto.

"What do you mean by motion to the motionless?" asked Sarutobi.

Naruto looked around for a moment before seeing a miniature tiger idol on the Hokage's desk. Putting his hand over the idol, glowing lines formed on his forehead, forming the picture of a rat. A bright light seemed to flow over the tiger statue, before it receded. It appeared as though nothing had happened, when the statue suddenly growled and jumped onto Naruto's shoulder, much to Sarutobi's amazement.

"Incredible," stated Sarutobi in awe. "You also mentioned something about a mask?"

"Ah, yes. Actually, I haven't tried this out yet. Apparently, the mask grants the user control of a ninja army known as the Shadowkhan." Sarutobi once more raised an eyebrow, until he shadows around the room seemed to move, several rising up out of nowhere. The ANBU in the room quickly revealed themselves, but were overpowered by the Shadowkhan.

"Ok, I see what you mean Naruto, you may dismiss your army" said Sarutobi, barely suppressing his surprise at the Shadowkhan for overpowering his ANBU so easily.

"As you wish" replied Naruto. With a wave of his hand, the Shadowkhan disappeared into the shadows in the office and were gone.

"Well, that was…interesting" said Sarutobi. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Nope, I think that's it old man. If you'll excuse me however…" said Naruto, getting up and de-animating the tiger statue, he walked to the window, before leaping out. Sarutobi ran to the window in time to see Naruto seem to glide in the air, before he became a blur of motion that even Sarutobi's trained eyes couldn't follow.

Chapter End.

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