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"No...Not rat," he announced, his eyes glowing red again, though Shendu hadn't taken control, and was taken in by the light. "DRAGON!" When the light died down, most of the genin gasped and Kiba took a step back at the large being standing before him. Kiba could have fit easily in the palm of his hand. No longer was it Naruto standing before him, at least in body. Now he had to deal with the blonde, who had transformed himself into the most appealing form he could. He had turned himself...into Shendu.

Kiba took a step back in shock. Up in the stands Ino let out a shrill scream in fright and even the Jonin senseis had to keep their own instincts under control that told them that whatever Naruto had transformed into was a threat that had to be taken down. Taking a step forward, the dragon smirked as he saw Kiba's eyes move toward his massive foot, knowing full well what the boy was thinking. He was thinking how easily Naruto could crush him underneath.

In his new form, Naruto's face was a bit longer, with four horns on each side of his head. His eyes were that glowing red, and inside his mouth were a set of razor-sharp teeth, which looked like they could rip the boy in front of him to shreds. His neck was very long, and in order to look in front of himself, he had to bend his neck over, giving him the appearance of having something of a hunch in his back. His now scaly hide was a grayish-green color, except for his underbelly, which was something of a mix of yellow and tan.

His body itself was somewhat humanoid, with the physique of a body-builder. While he was already massive in size, it was greatly enhanced by the giant musculature in each arm, the ends of which each had four-fingered claws that were no doubt as sharp as his teeth. Wrapped around his waste was a large cloth, tied with a rope belt, out of which flowed his large tail and enormous, digitigrade legs.

Akamaru whimpered, his previous courage having faded at the site of the large dragon. Naruto, who remained in control, only chuckled.

"Now then Kiba," he began, his voice deep and booming, befitting his large form. "Normally, I wouldn't do this, but considering your recent humiliation, I am giving you the chance to surrender here and now. If you don't, I'm afraid I won't show an ounce of mercy."

"I'm not afraid you," said Kiba, but his stumbling over his words told a very different story. It was at this point Shendu took temporary control and he laughed.

"More ignorant words were never spoken," he announced, before once more surrendering control to his host. Moving at unbelievable speeds, Naruto closed the distance between Kiba and himself, spinning and knocking the boy and his dog with his tail, sending them slamming into the wall of the arena with a sickening crunch, causing most of the Konoha genin to flinch, both from the painful sound, but also the brutality Naruto was now displaying.

"Come now," said Naruto, his eyes glowing brighter in emphasis of his words. I knew you were weak Kiba, but I expected a better fight then that." The Inuzuka boy shakily got to his feet, but found his partner was down for the count. Seeing Naruto begin to inhale, a deep red glow forming in his mouth, Kiba's eyes widened. Acting quickly, he grabbed Akamaru and dashed away, narrowly avoiding the furious flames which Naruto blew from his gaping mouth. Leaping up, Kiba carefully tossed the unconscious puppy up to the stand, and Kurenai grabbed him, making certain to hold Akamaru gently.

Kiba landed on the wall and quickly leapt off. Not a moment too soon either, as Naruto had used his talisman to dash to where Kiba was, punching through the solid stone wall where Kiba had been standing only a second earlier. Kiba was forced to leap from point to point, lest he be cut to ribbons by the ridiculously-sharp claws the dragon was sporting, or worse yet, burned alive by the energy-blasts he was launching from his eyes.

Kiba jumped up onto the large statue of the two arms in the ram-seal, standing atop the massive stone fingers as Naruto sent a punishing fist crushing into them, leaving a large chunk ripped out.

"You wanted a rat, Kiba?" said Naruto, touching the massive piece of art with a single claw, which began to glow. As Kiba just looked on in curiosity, the stone arms shook, before before the shocked eyes of everyone, the Hands came to life, separating from each other, causing Kiba to lose his balance and fall, before the hands moved quickly back together, capturing Kiba in their grip as they once more became statues, the rat power removed by Naruto the moment Kiba was caught. Only the boy's head was exposed, and you could tell by the expression on his face that he was trying desperately to escape the confines of the giant hands.

He stopped his struggling as Naruto got in close, his glowing eyes mesmerizing the boy with fear, and he began screaming, shouting that he was finished, he forfeit the match. He even begged Naruto to spare his life, much to Shendu's amusement. As the proctor called the match, Naruto animated the hands once more to let Kiba down. The minute he was free, Kiba ran as fast as he could, stumbling a bit at first, not even waiting to get proper footing. Naruto merely watched the boy flee before reverting to his human form, which hovered in the air using the rooster power. He silently floated up to where Sakura was, the pink-haired girl cowering before her teammate. Outside of Guy's team, the other genin backed away from the blonde, before the next names began to flash up on the screen.

"Wow, Naruto..." stammered Tenten. "That was a bit brutal, don't you think?" Naruto just snorted, his eyes flashing red for just a moment before he spoke.

"Better to beat the cockiness out of him while he's still a genin, so it doesn't come back to bite him in the ass later on," replied Naruto. This time, it was Tenten who snorted, trying to repress her laughter.

"Um, Naruto," she countered. "You're not exactly the most humble person in the room." Naruto faceplanted with such force it actually left cracks in the concrete floor.

"What?!" he cried, indignant. "At least when I boast, I can back it up. I know my weaknesses and limitations."

"Beg to differ." Naruto cursed under his breath at Shendu's horribly bad timed possession. Tenten's eyes widened in shock at hearing the voice come from Naruto, not only completely different to his own, but contradicting himself, as though it was another being entirely that had spoken. And it wasn't just she that noticed. In an instant, Neji had two fingers aimed directly at his heart, his Byakugan active.

"I knew there was something strange about you," he announced, and Naruto could began looking around, seeing Guy looking at him suspiciously, while even Lee's gaze was filled with scrutiny. Naruto knew for a fact that the genin had no clue about Kyuubi, that knowledge being hidden. But Guy and the other senseis...that was a different story all together. Perhaps Tenten would come to understand, knowing about the Talismans, but it would be very difficult to explain to the adults that he had yet another demon spirit sealed within him. Unfortunately, he didn't have a chance to salvage the situation, as the Fire-demon once again usurped control over the boy.

"You want to try something? Go ahead," he said, smugly. "Let's see if you can kill someone gifted with the powers of immortality and regeneration." The sensei for the Sound-genin team narrowed his eyes, having turned his attention from the current match to the confrontation amongst the ranks of Konoha genin, applying chakra to his ears to hear the heated, yet rather hushed converstation.

"Hmmm..." he thought. "Regenerative abilities and Immortality? If such claims are true, your usefulness to me has just increased, dear child."

The other leaf-genin who had distanced themselves from Naruto only now began to take note of Neji's aggressive stance toward the blonde. But it wasn't just the leaf genin. Before Neji or the smirking dragon in disguise could come to blows, a burst of sand forced them apart, before beginning to swirl, Gaara seemingly materializing out of nowhere, his arms crossed, his gaze seeming to indicate that he was more focused on the match.

"A much better view from over here, wouldn't you both agree?" Even in his even monotone, the manor in which he appeared gave extra weight to his words, silently daring either of the two to say a single word against him. Neji just turned and began to walk away, casting one more offhand glance at the two with his Byakugan, using it to a greater extent than ever before. And each person, boy or demon, knew that the Hyuuga had seen through them, at last.

"An excellent match, Uzumaki," Gaara announced, shaking off the confrontation as though it never happened, with Guy and Lee finally beginning to lower their own guards and watch the match. "The power and speed you demonstrated was quite impressive."

"Thank you," Naruto replied, Shendu wisely returning to him control over his body. "I hope your match is just as good."

"And what of my sister's fight?" Gaara asked, and Naruto knew exactly his meaning.

"Quite the impressive display, and an excellent control over the wind element. Though with as big and bulky as her fan is, couldn't that be a dilemma, given the situation?" he replied, and Gaara shook his head, his eyes momentarily flashing a glowing red, much as Naruto's would do.

"True," the red-head acknowledged. "But in her case, beggars can't be choosers." Naruto nodded his agreement. While it would be obvious to any jonin that they weren't merely talking about Temari's proficiency with wind, it was painfully unclear what exactly the two boys were conversing about. The two other Sand genin looked across the arena at their brother in fear and concern. While it was true that the blonde had helped their brother become far more stable, they weren't sure the two hanging around each other was a good thing. The two villages were allies, but having Gaara of all people accept someone as an equal, or even more frightening, a friend, could only bode ill as to his intentions. And if that friendship was acted upon, and Gaara revealed some of their secrets, then it could be mean the destruction of all their plans and work.

"I believe I'm going to go take a nap until my match," the red-head announced. "I hope we can speak more later, Uzumaki." Just as he had arrived, the boy disappeared, a whirlwind of sand signaling his leaving. A similar sand-storm appeared next to his two siblings on the other side of the room, revealing as it died down, their brother, who already appeared to have gotten comfortable leaned against the wall, his sand acting as a pillow of sorts.

"Damn it, Shendu!" thought Naruto. "The last thing we need is people suspicious of us!"

"You used the power of the Monkey to transform yourself into me, and you think that's subtle?" replied the Fire Demon, comfortable within his room in Naruto's mind, sipping some herbal tea, his eyes closed and the eyes on his statue glowing brightly. Naruto was going to retort, but stopped himself. It was true. He had effectively blown his own cover this time. When he had explained his powers to the Hokage, it had been out of necessity. Before, his showing off to Sasuke had actually helped. Not only did he get to punch out his rival, but he had inadvertently also given him the ability to win his match.

This time his showing off to Kiba, he had effectively pulled the the attention of everyone to him, but he neglected to think of who everyone was. Leaf Village Jonin knew about Kyuubi, and Guy now knew something was up.

"Well, that was no reason for you to open your big mouth," he thought. Shendu just took another sip of tea, smirking.

"I didn't," he replied. "I opened yours." A smack to the back of his head alerted him of Kyuubi's presence. He looked up to her expecting her to be angry, but quirked an eyebrow seeing the look of mirth on her face.

"Calm down, Naruto," she said. "Shendu was actually very helpful in this case. If you had met up with Gaara again, it might have raised suspicion even higher among the leaf AND the sand. And considering after the matches, you most likely won't get a chance to see each other until the finals, now was the best chance for you and he to converse about his sister...and while I don't agree with what he did, he gave you a viable excuse to speak to each other, without drawing attention to the talking itself."

"I guess..." said Naruto. "But I think it was more trouble than it's worth. Why couldn't Gaara just contact the demons himself and inform them of Temari?" Shendu shook his head.

"My brother may be a spirit now, but without the power of the Sheep Talisman, he is more than likely bound like myself, if Shukaku took a page from the Lady Kyuubi's book," he explained. "And traveling to the Demon nether-realm is necessary. My brethren need someone to guide them to their proper host. The world is larger than you may believe, Child."

"I'm afraid he's right," Kyuubi continued. "The task of leading them to their proper hosts is yours and Shendu's responsibility. They cannot help you." She let the words sink in as the Blonde watched the match go on before him, his eyes slowly fading to red.

Chapter end

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