How Everybody Hates the G.E.D Should've Ended

by MarioMario54321

This last episode of Everybody Hates Chris is where Chris was late too many times and had to repeat the 10th grade. So he dropped out and got a GED. The episode ended without us finding out the results, and that was the end of the series. However, on Julius's truck, the camera zooms in on the number 735, which is thought to be and is Chris's GED score. This fanfic is how the series should've ended, as it's the first episode in a long while without the chorus going "Everybody hates Chris!" at the end.

Note: Everything that Chris Rock says while narrating is italicized in this fanfic.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Everybody Hates Chris

All right let's go back to the part where we find out how I did on my GED. said Chris Rock, narrating.

Rochelle took the paper with Chris's GED results on it and looked at it.

"What's it say?" said Chris.

This is the part where the series ended. But now we'll see how I did.

"It says you got a 735." said Rochelle, reading the paper.

"735? That's the same number that's on my truck." said Julius.

"And what score does he need to pass?" asked Tonya.

"He needs a 450 or higher to pass." Drew said.

"Do you know what this means Chris? It means you passed!" Rochelle said smiling.

Rochelle, Julius, Drew and Tonya all cheered for Chris.

At that moment, I've never been happier. At least until I became famous and got my own TV show.

"So what are you going to do now that you've passed your GED?" asked Julius.

"I'm going to college!" Chris said.

"My man!"

"Whoa whoa whoa wait a minute." Rochelle said, interrupting Chris's happy moment. "What kind of college is he going to get into with a GED?"

Then Julius said, "We'll worry about that later!"

And by later, he means sooner.

The next day, while I had just passed my GED, I saw Greg passing by while I was going for a walk.

"Hey Greg! Guess what!" Chris said to Greg, excited.

"Whoa, what is it dude?" Greg replied.

"I passed by GED! I'm going to college!" Chris said excitedly.

"Dude! This is awesome! For you at least!" Greg said happily.

"Yeah! This means no more teachers, no more being picked on for being black, and more importantly, no more Caruso!" as Chris said this, Caruso was passing by, and overheard Chris and Greg talking.

"Hey. What are you dweebs talking about?" Caruso said.

Chris turned to Caruso and said, "I got a GED!"

"A what!" Caruso did not like hearing this, because the reason that he's been picking on Chris all these years, is because he'd been jealous of Chris's determination and accomplishments.

"I thought you were dropping out. I thought you were leaving school." Caruso said.

"I was. But now that I got a GED, I don't have to go. I can go on with my life." Chris said.

Less than 20 years later, that's exactly what I did.

"You know what? Forget it. Maybe we can hang out after you flunk out of college." Caruso said, getting his hopes too high. Then he punched Chris in the face and knocked him down, being the same old Caruso he always was.

"Anyway, see you later, Tyler." He said to Chris. You too Fernando." he said talking to Greg.

That's all folks!

Everybody Hates Chris!

...sang the choir in the background.