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In this Fic Harry was born two years early so yes its AU and will differ from Cannon Pairing will be Harry and Female twins (Weasley)

A new Marauder is Born

"James, Lily, Harry" Sirius yelled as he found the remains of the Potter House only hearing a baby wail in the distance. He followed the sound and came across his godson Harry Potter lying in a clearing with a perfect circle of debris around him like he was shielded from it. "Don't worry Harry We will get that Rat" just as Sirius was about to apparate to Saint Mungos he saw a giant of a man heading toward him. "Hello Hagrid" he called to the giant of a man. " 'ello Sirius give Harry Here professor Dumbledore asked me to retrieve him." Just as Sirius was about to hand Harry over to Hagrid he felt a small amount of pain which reminded him of his oath to Lily.


In a hospital bed laid a lovely red headed woman and a newborn baby. Sirius stood watching as his brother in all but blood James Potter named him the godfather and left to tell the rest of the Marauders about the new addition to the Potter Family after James left the red head woke up from her "sleep" She said "Sirius I want you to Swear an oath to me that if anything happens to me or James you'll raise Harry" Sirius thinking nothing could happen to the Potters swears the oath. After being satisfied by the oath Lily went to sleep.

Flashback ends

Sorry Hagrid I promised Lily I would watch after Prongslet and I intend to keep it after Saying this he took Harry with him as he took off on his flying Motorcycle with thought of future pranks and woman on his mind thus a Marauder was born.


Alright my idea is to have Harry start Hogwarts with the twins and create the new Marauders with them.