Title: Acute Spawn
Author: Jessica M.C.
Rating: pg-13, just in case
Show/Genre/Characters: Buffy/general/Spike and Dawn
Warnings/Spoilers: Warning don't read if you haven't watched seasons 1-7. 'Cause I don't know where I might go with the stories
Summary: Small fic-lets of Dawn and Spike. I think they're acute couple.(tehehehe I'm sorry for the horrible pun!)

I also don't own the characters, unfortunately. I only own the plot.

Title: Kiss it Better
Author: Jessica M.C.
Rating: PG


"Owe, owe, owe! Dam it!" Dawn hobbled through the door of Spike's crypt.

"Dawn?" Spike asked alarmed, "You alright?" He started to get up, but didn't when Dawn waved for him to sit back down.

"Yeah," Dawn told him, and hobbled to the couch. She sat on the couch facing Spike.

"Le' me see" He told her patting his lap.

"Are you going to touch it? You're just going to look, right?" She asked timidly.

"Le' me see," He patted his lap again and she put her hurt ankle up on his lap to inspect. "Looks like you twisted it good n' proper. Think it may need ice." He told her, placing his cold hand on her sore ankle.

"No, no" She said "I don't need ice. I will be fine."

"Well you should put some ice on it, but if you don't feel you need to," he pulled her across his lap, careful to not make her ankle worst. "Then maybe you want me to kiss it better?" He smiled mischievously.

Hope you liked it!