Title: Missed you

Author: Jessica M.C.

Rating: PG

So, I hope you like this, more to come!

"Buffy?" Dawn called as she came down the stairs.

"In the kitchen!" Buffy's voice emanated from the kitchen. Dawn headed in that direction.

"Hey, ummm, you remember that Spike and I were going to LA tonight, right? To celebrate?"

"Yeah, I remember." Buffy said with a bit of attitude.

"Just reminding you and mayIborrowyournewboots?"

"No, you may not." Buffy opened the fridge.

"But, I don't have anything that will match my new dress, and besides you said it yourself you didn't really like them, please?" Dawn begged, adding puppy dog eyes for effect.

"Fine," Buffy rolled her eyes at Dawn as she put left over chicken in the microwave.

"YAY!" Dawn squealed as she ran for Buffy's room.

Few hours later Dawn was dressed for a night out. She had her new dress on as well as Buffy's boots. She had spent an hour curling her hair, and the amount of hair spray she had used probably made a hole in the ozone over the summer's house. She was just adding the final touch, the heart necklace he had given her, when Spike appeared in her doorway.

"Ready, love?" He asked her, taking in the sight of her. He almost didn't want to take her out, but instead stay in….

"Yea! I'm sooooo excited!" Dawn squealed. "We are really going to see 'Rent' on a huge stage, with real actors!"

"Is that all your excited for, love?" Spike asked her, teasingly looking hurt.

"Well, that and it will be my first night out since forever ago."

"That it?" Spike waved his hands at himself.

"Oh, yeah," Dawn said playing dumb for a few moments longer. "I' get to wea-." Spike leaned into her. She forgot what she was saying. All she think of was Spike being there, with her."I missed you." She whispered.

"Missed you to, bit." He leaned his head towards her, brushing their lips.